May 5, 2015


Hey everyone, I might as well go ahead and make it official -- I have a new ALL-21st CENTURY Spit and a Half site sleeping over at  go check it out and buy some stuff!

I have only about half of the titles I carry moved over to the new site though, so in the meantime you can order from this one or or that one or both or whatever.  When I get back from Toronto next week I'll get back to transferring all the remaining books on this site to the new one.

John P.

April 1, 2015



The NEW Spit and a Half site is all designed, it's just taking me awhile to upload the OVER 600 Kool Komix and Zines I have in stock to the new system.  Right now I'm about 1/3 of the way there.  Jeez.  I will of course let you know once it goes live.  I'm hoping for late April.

Meanwhile, here are some grand new titles I have in stock JUST FOR YOU!  No descriptions, but feel free to order!

Niv BAVARSKY: Piggy (Retrofit/Big Planet) - $4
Josh BAYER/Pat AULISIO: The Greater Good (SAW/Yeah Dude/IAMWAR) - $4
Box BROWN: Sock (SAW Editions) - $3
Gabriel CORBERA: Days Longer Than Long Pork Sausages (Space Face) - $15
Antoine COSSE: Harold (Retrofit/Big Planet) - $6
Max DE RADIGUES: Bastard #1 (Oily Comics) - $5
Eamon ESPEY: Wormdye #5 (Self-published) - $6
Kelly FROH: Nasty Day (Self-published) - $3
Kelly FROH: This Body is a Lemon (Self-published) - $3
Marthe JUNG: Substrat (Space Face) - $6
Alex KIM: Dumpling King #6 (Oily Comics) - $1
Akino KONDOH: Nothing Whatsoever All Out in the Open (Retrofit/Big Planet) - $6
KUŠ #20: All-Portuguese Issue! (KUŠ) = $12
Tim LANE: Abandoned Cars Softcover (Fantagraphics) - $19
Matt MADDEN: Drawn Onward (Retrofit/Big Planet) - $5
John F. MALTA: Baboom #2 (Space Face) - $6
MINESHAFT #31 by Various (Mineshaft) - $9
Olivier SCHWAUREN: Mowgli's Mirror (Retrofit/Big Planet) - $8
Ben SEA: Eyelash Out (Retrofit/Big Planet) - $4
Josh SIMMONS: Dip Your Dock (Sketchbooks) (Oily Comics) - $6
Josh SIMMONS/James ROMBERGER: Daddy (Oily Comics) - $2
Liz SUBURBIA: Cyanide Milkshake #6 (CZAP Books) - $2
Jack TEAGLE: The Unmentionables (Retrofit/Big Planet) - $6
Noah VAN SCIVER: Blammo #8.5 (Kilgore Books) - $6
Steven WEISSMAN: Mutiny on the Mousey (SAW/Sweat Press) - $7
Julia WERTZ: Museum of Mistakes - The Complete Fart Party (Atomic Books) - $24

Added April 8, 2015:

Eamon ESPEY: Wormdye #6 (Self-published) - $6
Charles FORSMAN: Revenger #1 (Oily Comics) - $5
Dylan HORROCKS: Sam Zabel and the Magic Pen (Fantagraphics) - $30
Peter KUPER: The System (PM Press) - $20
Mini-KUŠ # 30: "Logbook" by Terhi Ekebom (KUŠ) - $5
Mini-KUŠ # 31: "It’s Tuesday" by Amanda Vähämäki (KUŠ) - $5
Mini-KUŠ # 32: "R.A.T." by Lala Albert (KUŠ) - $5
Mini-KUŠ # 33: "BFF" by Marie Jacotey (KUŠ) - $5
Melissa MENDES: The Weight #1 (Oily Comics) - $5
WORLD WAR THREE ILLUSTRATED: 1979-2014 by Various (PM Press) - $30

February 9, 2015


SCOOP: The new Spit and a Half site is almost all designed.  It will take me awhile to load the over 600 titles I have in stock, but let's say it will all be up and running by the end of this month.  Meanwhile, here are a bunch of new titles.  I'll have full descriptions and interior photos on the new site when it launches, but in the mean time feel free to order these!

Thanks everyone for your patience,
John P.

Added January 9, 2015:

ALABASTER: Mimi and the Wolves Act Two (Self-published) - $12
Lilli CARRÉ: Heads or Tails (Fantagraphics) - $25
Max CLOTFELTER: Pube Smoke (Self-published) - $2
Guy COLWELL: Inner City Romance (Fantagraphics) - $25
Joe DECIE: I Blame Grandma (Self-published) - $5
Joe DECIE: The Listening Agent (Blank Slate) - $15
DOUBLE NICKELS FOREVER: Minutemen Comix Anthology (Leaf and Signal) - $10
Michel FIFFE: Copra Volume One TPB (Bergen Street Comics) - $20
Kelly FROH: Motion Sick (Self-published) - $10
Julia GFRÖRER/ S. T. COLLINS: In Pace Requiescat (Thuban Press) - $5
Julia GFRÖRER: Palm Ash (Thuban Press) - $5
Julia GFRÖRER: Too Dark To See (Thuban Press) - $5
Simon HANSELMANN: Megahex (Fantagraphics)- $30
Tim LANE: Abandoned Cars (Softcover Edition) (Fantagraphics) - $19
Olivier SCHWAUREN: Arsène Schwauren (Fantagraphics) - $35
Noah VAN SCIVER: St Cole (Fantagraphics) - $20
Noah VAN SCIVER: Blammo 8.5 (Kilgore Books) - $6
Drew WEING: Set to Sea TPB (Fantagraphics) - $15
Sophie YANOW: War of Streets and Houses (Uncivilized) - $11

December 22, 2014


Whoa, okay.  So here's the deal -- I should have an ALL-NEW, ALL-USER-FRIENDLY, 101% 21st CENTURY distro website online sometime in January.  It's going to be a lot of work, so please bear with me.  Meanwhile, I'm pasting in a list of new stuff below.  Feel free to order.  Sorry no pics or descriptions, those will appear on the new site when it's up.  Thank you for your patience, and for your continued support!

John P.

Added December 22, 2014:

David B.: Incidents in the Night (Uncivilized) - $20
Olive BOOGER: Crash Trash (Oily) - $1
Simon BOSSÉ: Loiterers (Conundrum) - $18
Jon CHADURJIAN: The Bad-ventures of Bobo Backslack (Adhouse) - $15
Chris CILLA: Luncheonette/Labyrinthectomy (Revival House) - $5
Chris CILLA: Stun Nuts #10 (Sardine Can Press) - $3
Max CLOTFELTER: Buster - $1
Max CLOTFELTER: Andros 5 + 6 - $2 each
Antoine COSSÉ: Harold (Retrofit/Big Planet) - $6
Eleanor DAVIS: How to be Happy (Fantagraphics) - $25
Theo ELLSWORTH: The Understanding Monster Book Two (Secret Acres) - $22
Devin FLYNN: Hawd Tales #1 (Revival House) - $5
Kelly FROH: Nasty Day - $3
Kelly FROH: This Body is a Lemon - $3
Réal GODBOUT: Amerika (Conundrum) - $20
Trevor GRABILL: Another Instant (Flat Mountain Press) - $4
Trevor GRABILL: Paper Garden (Flat Mountain Press) - $3
Trevor GRABILL: Seven Mental Knots (Flat Mountain Press) - $1
Trevor GRABILL: Travel Drawings 2013 (Flat Mountain Press) - $4
Alex HOLDEN: West Side Improvements (Uncivilized) - $5
I HOPE THIS FINDS YOU WELL: Cartoonist Interviews ed. by Dan Stafford (Kilgore) - $12
Jess JOHNSON: Forward Looking Statement (Paper Rocket) - $2
Megan KELSO: Cats in Service - $10
Akino KONDOH: Nothing Whatsoever Out in the Open (Retrofit/Big Planet) - $6
KU(Š)! #19: (Various) Mathematics - $12
Mini KUŠ #22: Oskars Pavlovskis "Lucky" - $5
Mini KUŠ #23: Ruta & Anete Daubure "Domino" - $5
Mini KUŠ #24: Anna Vaivare "Swimming Pool" - $5
Mini KUŠ #25: Roope Eronen "Magnetism" - $5
Mini-KUŠ #26 Jyrki Heikkinen "Little Hilma" - $5
Mini-KUŠ #27 Jesse Jacobs "Mathematical Solutions for a Global Crisis" - $5
Mini-KUŠ #28 Zane Zlemesa "Collector" - $5
Mini-KUŠ #29 Disa Wallander "Remember This?" - $5
Tim LANE: Happy Hour in America #1 + 2 (restock) - $4
Tim LANE: Happy Hour in America #4 (restock) - $5
Nick MAANDAG: The Libertarian (Pigeon Press, new edition) - $9
Jason MARTIN: Covers - $3
Joe OLLMANN/Andy BROWN: Milo and Sam (Conundrum) - $2
Grant REYNOLDS: Don't Try to Save Me #2 - $3
Keiler ROBERTS: Powdered Milk #11-13 - $2 each
Ben SEA: Eyelash Out (Retrofit/Big Planet) - $4
Aron Nels STEINKE: Mr. Wolf #3 - $5
Liz SUBURBIA: Cyanide Milkshake #5 - $2
TINY REPORT: 2013 Micro-Press Yearbook (Paper Rocket) - $3
TUSEN HJÄRTEN STARK #2 (Various, Domino Books) - $3
Malachi WARD: Ritual #3 "Vile Decay" (Revival House) - $7
Nathan WARD: Fun-O-Planet - Failed Alien - $5
Scout WOLFCAVE/Penina GAL: Limp Wrist (Paper Rocket) - $4

December 8, 2014


Hey All,

I'm back from tour at last.  I took a week or so to recuperate and bust through the post-tour Blues, but I'm baaaacck.  Over the last several months I've gathered approximately One Two Zajillion Kool New Komix for the site, and I'll begin putting them up ASAP.

The other news is I might have an internet-savvy acquaintance who will begin helping me move the Spit and a Half site into the 20th Century, with searchable listings, a shopping cart, automated shipping calculator &c.  This will be a big project but hopefully one we can pull off soon.  Keep an eye out.

Meanwhile, continue to use this lovable old site as before.  And remember: KOMIX MAKE GREAT GIFTS™!!!

John P.

November 5, 2014


PLEASE NOTE:  I will be on the last leg of my King-Cat 25th Anniversary/Hospital Suite/Root Hog or Die tour from November 7 through December 1.  Please feel free to send orders in during that time, but be aware that they will be filled upon my return home in early December.  Thanks for your patience!  JP

- - -

Sad but true:  I can't multitask.  And I spent the last year working on my book The Hospital Suite and/or touring in support of it.  So this distro has hit fallow times.  The fields have turned brown.  But new, brilliant comics continue to be produced at a head-spinning rate.  Rest assured, these brilliant comics are sitting in boxes in my office waiting for me to spring them upon the Spit and Half Customer Base™.

Now, I have to leave for tour again in less than a week, after barely beginning to get caught up with stuff that dropped on my plate while I was on tour in September/October.

THUS:  When I get home in December I'll begin doing my best to get this site up-to-date.  AND: look for some big changes in the new year as I attempt to make the distro site more user-friendly.  I admit at times I took a willful glee in knowing how 20th Century this site is.  It's basically an alphabetical list of the Koolest Komics Going Today, but you have to like write them down and do some math and send me an email etc or whatever.  All that goes out the window next year when I add a SHOPPING CART, AUTOMATED SHIPPING CALCULATIONS, CLICK-AND-BUY/POINT-AND-SHOOT TEKNOLOGY ETC ETC.

Meanwhile, I have no time to add full listings with photos and descriptions etc and stuff for the following, but I do in fact have these remarkable titles IN STOCK NOW:

Sam ALDEN: It Never Happened Again (Uncivilized) - $12
Josh BAYER: Theth (Retrofit) - $10
Gabrielle BELL: Truth is Fragmentary (Uncivilized) - $20
Elizabeth BELLIVEAU: One Year in America (Conundrum) -$17
Simon BOSSE: Loiterers (Conundrum) -$18
Box BROWN: Number One #2 (Retrofit) - $6
CHIHOI: The Train (Conundrum) -$17
Max DeRADIGUES: Bastard #1 (Oily) -$5
Anne EMOND: Debbie's Inferno (Retrofit) - $6
Charles FORSMAN: Luv Sucker #2 (Oily) - $5
Sacha GOERG: Nu #1 (Oily) - $5
GRAHAM & EISENHOWER: Scaffold Vol. 1 (Hic + Hoc) -$15
Gretta JOHNSON: Star Fruit (Paper Rocket) - $10
HAPPINESS #4 Book/CD Anthology (Spit House) - $15
James KOCHALKA: Fungus (Big Planet Comics) - $12
KU(Š)! #18: "Poetry" Anthology - $12
Tim LANE: The Lonesome Go (Fantagraphics) - $40
Blaise LARMEE: Comets Comets (2D Cloud) - $5
MARINAOMI: Dragon's Breath (2D Cloud/Uncivilized) - $25
Carrie McNINCH: You Don't Get There... #30 (Self-published) - $2
Anders NILSEN: Conversation Gardening (Self-published) - $3
Anders NILSEN: God and the Devil at War in the Garden (Self-published) - $15
Joe OLLMANN: Happy Stories About Maladjusted People (Conundrum) - $20
John PORCELLINO: Root Hog or Die DVD (Kilgore Books) - $15
John PORCELLINO: The Hospital Suite (D+Q) - $23
PRATFALL Anthology Ed by Rob Kirby - $4
Jim RUGG (w/ Brian Maruca): Street Angel HC (Adhouse) - $20
Jess RULIFFSON: Characters (Paper Rocket) - $6
Jess RULIFFSON: Forward Looking Statement (Paper Rocket) - $2
Zak SALLY: Recidivist #4 (La Mano 21) - $20
Walter SCOTT: Wendy (Koyama Press) - $18
Daryl SEITCHIK: Missy #2 (Oily) - $5
Dash SHAW: Cosplayers #2 (Fantagraphics) - $5
Dash SHAW: Doctors (Fantagraphics) - $17
Noah VAN SCIVER: I Don't Hate Your Guts (2D Cloud) - $5
Sophie YANOW: In Situ #3, 4: (Colosse) - $5 each
Sophie YANOW: Sleepy Details (Colosse) - $4
Dan ZETTWOCH: Cut Away Comics #2 (Oily) - $1

As usual, titles are available to stores for 40% off SRP.  See WHOLESALE TERMS for more info.

October 2, 2014


Yo, so I got home from the first leg of my HOSPITAL SUITE - ROOT HOG OR DIE - 25TH ANNIVERSARY TOUR and slept for a day.  Then I spent three days furiously catching up on emails, orders etc.  Now I'm going back out on the road for another 5 days.

It's possible if not likely that I'll start updating this site once I get back next week.  I've got tons of EXCITING new comix to put up here, so let's do it.

Meanwhile, if you're a denizen of NASHVILLE, TN, BLOOMINGTON, IN or their environs, please drop by my upcoming events.


John P.


PLEASE NOTE: The Spit and a Half Order Desk will be CLOSED from Friday October 3 - Monday October 6 while I'm touring.  Feel free to continue to send orders in, but please understand that they will not be filled until my return.  Thanks!