SAM ALDEN is a comics wunderkind.

NEW! - ►THE MAN WHO DANCES IN THE MEADOW by Sam Alden (Space Face Books): A young office-slave sees a ghostly figure while out on lunch that leads her into an obsessive interior world.  Vague and beautiful, skirting the line between the mundane and the fantastic.  24 pages, b+w throughout, 6.25" x 6.75"; $5.00.

RINA AYUYANG's charming and lowkey comics have been a staple of the Bay Area scene for many years, and now two of Portland's best comix publishers, Sparkplug and Tugboat, have teamed up to release her first book-form collection, Whirlwind Wonderland.

WHIRLWIND WONDERLAND follows the life-altering exploits of a somewhat-normal Filipino American girl as she meanders through sleepy suburban sprawls, empty diners, fantasy-filled commuter traffic jams, misplaced football fanaticism, ethnic identity crash courses, and just good ole family hi-jinx. The book showcases new stories and old favorites that explore the humorous side of life's ordinary moments. 128 perfect bound pages, with full color covers; full color and b+w interiors, $15.00

ALABASTER is a Brooklyn (?) artist I know nothing about, except her (his?) comics are so lovely.

►NEW! -- MIMI AND THE WOLVES, ACT ONE by Alabaster.  "Mimi enjoys a quiet, productive life in her tree house in the Flat Fields with her companion Bobo until a mysterious and disturbing recurring dream of violent demons and a long-haired deity becomes too impelling for her to ignore. In the Evergreen Woods live dangerous creatures who can help her, but will she leave the comfort of her home and secure life with Bobo to pursue answers?"  Alabaster's follow-up to the acclaimed Talamaroo features her gorgeous, expressive artwork, more accomplished than ever, and her open-hearted exploration of love and fear.  Shaping up to be a great one!  56 digest pages, b+w interiors w/two-color covers..  Recommended!  $12.00.

►NEW! -- ANARCHY COMICS: The Complete Collection (PM Press):  This fantastic collection brings together every issue of this ground-breaking, high-quality Underground Comix series.  Originally published from 1978-1987 by Last Gasp, each issue featured a nice mix of political history, fiction, and commentary from such comics luminaries as Spain Rodriguez, Norman Dog, Matt Feazell, Melinda Gebbie, Jay Kinney, Steve Lafler, Paul Mavrides, Gary Panter, Sharon Rudahl, Gilbert Shelton, Steve Stiles, and many more.  This volume includes the full contents of all four published issues, plus a full-color cover gallery and other odds and ends.  Recommended for those hungering for a political focus to their comics.  TCJ Review.  224 pages, 10" x 7", color and b+w; $20.00.  ONLY ONE LEFT!

Above: Five spreads from Anarchy Comics

BALD EAGLES is one of the most challenging comics artists out there.

►NEW! -- BITTERSWEET ROMANCE by Bald Eagles (Drippy Bone):  In unflinching fashion, Bald Eagles depicts the insanities the sexes inflict upon each other, and burrows into the roots of the problem.  Psychedelic and monstrous full color work that shreds every inch of space culminating in pure visual mayhem/dischordia.  24 full color pages, 8" x 11";  $9.00.

DEREK M. BALLARD can lure you in with his genteel Southern manner, and then coldcock you with his intense and vivid comics.

►NEW! -- CARTOONSHOW 1: YOU WILL ALL DIE IN PAIN by Derek M. Ballard (Drippy Bone Books):  Weird, wonderful, sexually-charged comics and drawings with a lewd, futuristic sci-fi bent.  Wait What. Mongrel, Up In The Tub, and more.  Excellent.  24 half-legal pages, full color and b+w;  $6.00. FOR MATURE READERS.

►NEW! -- CARTOONSHOW 2: YOUR DAUGHTERS WILL BEAR OUR CHILDREN by Derek M. Ballard (Drippy Bone Books):  New issue has Where Am I, Paw Paw, Full-On Mech, Luv is 4 Eva, and more.  28 half-legal pages, (mostly) full color throughout;  $6.00.  FOR MATURE READERS.

JOSH BAYER is a wild genius of cartooning.  His scratchy and gestural comics reveal a complexity and subtlety that mightn't be noticed at first glance.  Funny, angry and smart, we could use more comix like these!

►NEW! -- RAW POWER #2 by Josh Bayer (Retrofit/IAMWAR):  Bayer's raw and brutal epic continues.  36 pages, 8.5" x 11"full color covers, b+w interiors; $6.00.

CARA BEAN:  Painter, cartoonist and arts educator, Miss Bean is a Boston-area artist whose work is gentle, sly, and lovingly crafted.

I KNOW YOU by Cara Bean:  A lovely complement to her new Gorilla Year series, this is a charming little sketchbook of Ms. Bean's black and white gorilla drawings.  Recommended!  24 pages, b+w, approx. 4" x 5"; $2.00.

GORILLA YEAR #1 by Cara Bean:  Cartoonist Bean presents the first in a series of Gorilla-related comics-- a dreamlike story of personal discovery featuring plenty of gorillas, natch, but also some cats, dogs, and squirrels.  Plus Gorilla Art, and a brief introduction in comics form to Cara's Gorilla-Mania.  28 half-legal pages, b+w interiors with a gorgeous full color cover;  $5.00

GORILLA YEAR #2 by Cara Bean.  New issue of this nice series gets into the origins of Cara's Gorilla fixation, including booze, no sleep, letters from home, and secret crushes.  Excellent issue!  36 half-legal pages, color covers, b+w interiors;  $5.00.

SQUEAKY NOISES by Cara Bean:  This beautifully rendered and sweetly composed comic features a curious squirrel interviewing a retired Greyhound about its old life.  Smart and lovely, dog lovers of all stripes will be moved by this one...  (A portion of sales will go to Greyhound adoption charities.)  36 half-legal pages, 2-color cover, b+w interior w/ full-color end-papers; $5.00.

►NEW! - MS. BEAN'S ART CLASS #1 by Cara Bean:  Cara is a High School art teacher, and this new zine collects a bunch of funny and sweet stories from her classroom experience -- from setting out on the wrong foot to what to do if someone's buttcrack is showing, this is a delightful collection of comics. 36 half-legal pages, b+w; $5.00.

JIMMY BEAULIEU is a stalwart Montréal cartoonist and publisher.  He has published dozens of comics and books, both of his own and for others, under his various imprints (currently, Colosse).

►NEW! - MY NEIGHBOUR'S BIKINI by Jimmy Beaulieu (Conundrum):  This classic Quebecois comic available in English for the first time.  In My Neighbor's Bikini, "during a major power outage in the heat of a Montreal summer, two shy young neighbours finally take the time to slow down, meet, and spend time together. Beaulieau takes a microscope to the lives of a few citizens at a certain time and place and weaves their stories into a romantic tapestry."  64 pages, 6.5" 8.5", three-color cover, b+w interiors; $15.00.

SUDDENLY SOMETHING HAPPENED by Jimmy Beaulieu (Conundrum).  "Jimmy Beaulieu is the founder of the publishing house Mécanique génèrale and the author of eight books in French. Suddenly Something Happened is his first book in English and collects the storylines from Quelques Pelures and Le Moral des Troupes (which won the 2005 Prix de l’Espoir Québécois), as well as many new pages, to form the definitive edition of this autobiographical work. Jimmy ponders the difference between living in Quebec City and Montreal with its bohemian nightlife. He starts to publish other artists, travels to comic festivals around the globe, settles down and watches the neighbourhood change. Told in richly rendered pencil lines in front of masterfully drawn backdrops portraying Quebec’s urban and rural landscapes, these are the complete non-adventures of Jimmy Beaulieu, an easygoing artist with an appreciation for the finer things in life—such as the balconies of Montreal in spring time and station wagons with fake wood paneling."  7×9 inches, 256 pgs; $20.00.

RAYMOND BEISINGER is a Canadian illustrator and cartoonist.

B+W by Raymond Beisinger (Belgravian Press):  Lovely overview of Beisinger's xerographic artwork: flyers, illustrations, and other excellent black and white design and imagery.  Anyone interested in underground graphic design, zines, or flyer culture will find much to enjoy in this nicely produced collection of work from 2002-2012.  212 pages, 8" x 8", all in glorious B+W!  $20.00.

GABRIELLE BELL is one of my favorite contemporary cartoonists. Her quietly detached views of modern life are sweet and smart. I can't recommend highly enough her recent book collections from Drawn & Quarterly... meanwhile, we have this small-press release in stock:
JULY DIARY by Gabrielle Bell (Uncivilized):  A comic a day from July 2011, by Gabrielle Bell, the best cartoonist in the biz:  Disorienting Day, Flyer, Old Diaries, Lost Keys lead the reader into discovering the remarkable within the everyday.  I don't know what to say, this stuff is tops, and couldn't come more highly recommended!  With bonus features in the back.  44 pages, 5.5" x 7", perfect-bound paperback;  b+w interiors.  $6.00 well spent.

THE VOYEURS by Gabrielle Bell (Uncivilized Books):  The Voyeurs is a real-time memoir of a turbulent five years in the life of renowned cartoonist, diarist and filmmaker Gabrielle Bell. It collects episodes from her award-winning series, Lucky, in which she travels to Tokyo, Paris, the South of France and all over the United States, but remains anchored by her beloved Brooklyn, where sidekick Tony provides ongoing insight, offbeat humor, and enduring friendship.  160 pages in full-color throughout, hardcover, 6" x 9";  $25.00.

►NEW! - LUCKY Vol. 2 #1 by Gabrielle Bell (D+Q): I bought out the rest of these beautiful, classic "floppies" produced just before Diamond shut the door on alt-comics pamphlets. "Gabrielle Bell continues the journal comics begun in her recent hardcover collection, Lucky, chronicling her life as an emerging professional cartoonist. Volume 2 #1 is filled with the simple excursions and technicalities of the lifestyle: guerilla photocopy runs, trips to comic conventions, slide presentations and panels, art shows, after-parties and poetry readings." 36 pages, 5" x 8", color covers, b+w interiors; only $4.00!

►NEW! - CECIL AND JORDAN IN NEW YORK by Gabrielle Bell (D+Q): Absolutely required reading, Cecil and Jordan is one of the great books of modern comics. "This collection represents her short comics work that has been published in various anthologies over the past five years, including Kramer's Ergot, Mome, and The D+Q Showcase. The surrealist title story, in which a young woman turns herself into a chair so as not to be too much of a bother to those around her, was being adapted into the short film, Interior Design, by director Michel Gondry." 112 pages, 9" x 7", full color hardcovers, full color interiors; $20.00.

MARC BELL is one of my favorite cartoonists of all time.  His loopy, giddy comics are populated with some of the strangest and most lovable characters you'll ever meet.  Absurd, with a delicious sense of wit and an openhearted gentleness, these are the kind of comics you read over and over, and savor every time.

MOJO ACTION COMPANION UNIT #1 by Marc Bell (Exclaim! Comics):  Whoa!  When this title first came out, in the mid-90's, and I picked it up for the catalog, I felt like I was in the big leagues.  Things were changing.  Black Eye was publishing Tom Hart's The Sands, Exclaim was publishing Marc Bell, and Tom Devlin's Highwater Books was just around the corner.  So it was with great delight that Marc let me know he still had a few boxes of these lying around!  MACU contains tons of crazy cool old comix, including early Shrimpy and Paul, the classics "Oh Happy Day" and "Stupid Goddamn Shitty Day," Where Is The Love, and much more.  32 comic-sized pages, full color cover, guts on good old newsprint;  $4.00.

NOG A DOD: Prehistoric Canadian Psychedooolia edited by Marc Bell.  As Marc writes in his introduction, "Nog a Dod is the filtering down of material that originally appeared in self-published booklets created by a loosely affiliated group of Canadian artists between approximately 1995 and 2005."  These artists were at the forefront of what was briefly known as "Doodle-Art," but that appellation doesn't do justice to the genius and variety of detourned photos, collage, zine art, painting, drawings and collaborations collected here.  This beautifully printed book from Conundrum gathers the cream of that crop, with extra notes and historical information provided by editor Bell.  Artists include:  Jason McLean, Peter Thompson, Marc Bell, Owen Plummer, Mark Connery, Maura Doyle, Julie Voyce, Tara Azzopardi, Amy Lockhart, Robert Dayton, Keith Jones, and many more.  This is a must have for people interested in the history of zines, comix, and/or underground art.  288 whopping pages (96 is full color!), 6.25" x 8"; $25.00.

Above: Various pages from Nog a Dod

SHRIMPY AND PAUL AND FRIENDS is Marc's first, classic, collection, from Highwater Books way back in the day.  I've managed to snag a bunch for you.  This book belongs on the shelf of anyone who loves cartooning.  212 6" x 9" pages, b+w with spot colors and full color segments;  $20.00.  ONLY A FEW LEFT, THEN IT'S OUT OF PRINT!

MIKE BERTINO's Trigger is a "one-man-anthology," published by Revival House.  Well written and nicely drawn, it runs the gamut from quiet fiction to out-of-control raunch.  I have the first two issues in stock:

TRIGGER #1 by Mike Bertino:  Features the stories "Grown-ups Part One," about a young, idealistic high school teacher as he navigates his new world of academic politics and intrigue; "Flannels Are Cool Again," a ridiculous barroom tale of bathroom sex, ex-lax cookies, and losers; and "Below Us," a harrowing short story about hallucinating.   28 pages, color covers/b+w interiors, 6" x 8"; $5.00.

CLARA BESSIJELLE is a young Swedish cartoonist, whose work in graphite is intricate, mysterious, and dreamlike.  We have ner new Domino Book Faceman in stock...

FACEMAN by Clara Bessijelle (Domino Books):  This fantastic new release is a great introduction to Bessijelle's work:  Dark and ominous, yet playful, and rendered in detailed graphite, Faceman is a weird and warped tour de force, returning one to the heady cultural days of the Weimar.  Highly recommended.  "A theater critic attends an incomprehensible play. Forced to write about the it, he finds he can't remember a single detail. He attempts to ask the box office clerk to summarize the plot but instead she misunderstands him and the critic finds himself forced to view the performance a second time. While sitting in the theater, a man begins to follow him, always one step away. Slowly  the critic becomes entangled with events that will force him to question his 'identity'---a problem that sets him onto a collision course with the powerful Identity Group."  24 pages, 8" x 10"; color cover, b+w interior;  $5.00.

THE LOBSTER KING Part One by Clara Bessijelle:  The odd yet compelling introduction to the rude and confusing Lobster King.  Beautifully drawn in a strange black and white pencil style reminiscent of silent movies and German expressionism.  Ignatz nominated.  16 full-sized pages, black and white;  $4.00

THE BIG FEMINIST BUT (Ed. by Shannon O'Leary and Joan Reilly):  This Kickstarter funded anthology of cartoonists musing on the "F" word includes such talents as Lauren Weinstein, Dylan Williams, Jeffrey Brown, Sarah Oleksyk, Gabrielle Bell, Justin Hall, Ron Regé Jr., Vanessa Davis, John Neufeld, as well as many many more.  A great collection of interesting and well-done comics.  200 pages, 8.5" x 11", b+w; $20.00.

Above: Four spreads from The Big Feminist But

Longtime Spit and a Half patrons may remember the wonderful comics of ART BIGGS.  Absurdist, shakily scratched comics that are full of heart and wisdom.

►NEW! -- JOY AND SPIDER XIV by Art Biggs:  After 15 years Joy and Spider are back!  Joy is a star, Spider is a spider, and in these comics they hang out together and comment on the stupidity and charm of everyday American life.  Scathing, funny, and wise, these comics are pretty darn great.  20 digest pages, scintillating b+w; $3.00.

BLACK AND RED is a radical book publisher out of Detroit.  Their Reproduction of Daily Life was the book that prompted me to quit my factory job in 1992 and start Spit and a Half.  They also publish a good amount of Situationist literature, of which I carry a few below.

ON THE POVERTY OF STUDENT LIFE:  Classic Situationist tract, written in 1966, addressing the complacency and co-optation of the college-age youth of the time, but still applicable to all of us:  "In modern capitalism, reification becomes a spectacle where everyone is assigned a specific role within the collective passivity.  The student is no exception to this role.  His is a temporary role, a rehearsal for his proper role when he will serve actively to preserve the commodity system.  Being a student is just an initiation."  Not as dense as Society of the Spectacle, but loaded with zingers.  36 digest pages, all text, with notes.  $3.00

 THE REPRODUCTION OF DAILY LIFE  by Fredy Perlman.  "What sustains Capitalism?  Our acceptance of everyday activities.  The text offers a clear introduction to basic Marxist concepts like commodity fetishism, and surplus value;  it also traces the transformation of human activity into capital."  Reading this pamphlet when I was 23 years old and driving a forklift was one of the most powerful moments in my life, and led directly to me starting this distro.  24 digest pages, NOT COMICS; only $2.00.

SOCIETY OF THE SPECTACLE by Guy Debord.  One of the seminal texts of the Situationist International, from one of its founding members, Society of the Spectacle is a penetrating critique of modern Western society.  In it, Debord lays out his case that we've been turned into suckers, passively viewing the antics of politicians and celebrities instead of living our own lives.  This is the original English translation of this 1967 text, which, sadly, only grows more relevant over time.  120 pages of dense French philosophy and lightning-like insights.  NOT COMICS;  $6.00.

ANNA BONGIOVANNI is a young cartoonist out of Minneapolis.

►NEW! -- OUT OF HOLLOW WATER by Anna Bongiovanni (2D Cloud):  Bongiovanni's first book is a dark and disturbing story of assault, loss, and grieving.  A young girl takes her sister's baby on a journey deep into the woods, as elusive shadowy forms play their nightmarish roles.  Well done and affecting.  112 pages, 6" x 6", color covers, b+w interiors; $11.00.

ARIEL BORDEAUX is one of the most beloved cartoonists of the 90's Revolution.  Paper Rocket Minicomics has just re-released her work!

►NEW! - THE COMPLETE DEEP GIRL by Ariel Bordeaux (Paper Rocket):  This lovingly produced collection compiles all of Bordeaux's self-published Deep Girl comics from the 90's, plus a foreword by Adrian Tomine, lots of color photos, an essay by editor Robyn Chapman, and a new interview with Bordeaux by Rob Clough.  One of the seminal greats of minicomics finally gets her due!  Wow.  128 pages, 8.5" x 7", hand bound with silkscreened dust jacket.  20.00.

BOULET is a prolific French cartoonist known originally for his work on the web.

NOIRNESS (Darkness) by Boulet (Adhouse):  Noirness (they had to change the name from its original Darkness) is Boulet's first solo work published in English, and features a funny and crazy story of roommates at odds, which was originally created as a 24 hour comic.  Pretty, amazing, and full of gorgeous cartoon work.  Includes a selection of lovely sketchbook drawings.  36 pages, 7" x 10", color covers, b+w interiors; $7.00.

BOUND AND GAGGED #1 edited by Tom Neely. This catalog/comic book commemorates a Gag Cartoon art show held at Secret Headquarters in LA, curated by Tom Neely. includes cartoons and art by Andrice Arp, Marc Bell, Elijah Brubaker, Shawn Cheng, Chris Cilla, Michael Deforge, Kim Deitch, J.T. Dockery, Theo Ellsworth, Austin English, Eamon Espey, Julia Gfrorer, Robert Goodin, Levon Juhanian, Julaicks, Kaz, David King, Tom Neely, Anders Nilsen, Scot Nobles, Jason Overby, John Porcellino, Jesse Reklaw, Tim Root, Zak Sally, Gabby Schulz, Josh Simmons, Ryan Standfest, Kaz Strzepek, Matthew Thurber, Noah Van Sciver, Dylan Williams, and Chris Wright. Whew! 5" x 6.5"; 76 perfect-bound pages, with full color covers by Chris Cilla, and b+w/full color interiors; $10.00.

MELINDA BOYCE I met Melinda at the 2010 Portland Zine Symposium, and wow-- her comics blew me away! She has a really distinctive voice, and a riveting color gouache style that is scrumptious to look at. One of my favorite discoveries in years, these comics are completely awesome!

AOA #1 - Wonderful collection of Melinda's daily diary comics, covering March-August of 2009, all in gorgeous full color! If you are into autobio stuff, you will NOT be disappointed, these are some of the best comics to come down the pike in awhile! 5.5" x 6"; 180 full color perfect-bound pages with color covers; $18.00.

NIC BREUTZMAN is a native Minnesotan cartoonist, living in New York.

►NEW! -- DEEP IN THE WOODS by Noah Van Sciver and Nic Breutzman (2D Cloud):  Two stories in a tabloid format:  In "The Cow's Head," Noah gives a weird fairytale about a girl who escapes her sinister stepmother into the woods where she finds a strange shelter and a stranger guest.  In "The May Fly," Nic Breutzman presents a story about a decrepit, drug-addicted family.  32 pages, 11.75" x 17", 2 color covers, b+w interiors;  $6.00.

Top: Noah Van Sciver and Bottom: Nic Breutzman, from Deep in the Woods

JOHN BRODOWSKI's comic Curio Cabinet features pop culture tropes run through the surrealist wringer.  Drawn in a milky, smeared style, with graphite, and, lately, woozy digital effects, his comics are one of a kind tales of violence and transcendence.

CURIO CABINET COLLECTION by John Brodowski (Secret Acres):  Weird-ass and lovely comics with a crooked-eye towards heavy metal, horror movies and D&D, these exquisite pencil-rendered stories evoke the contemporary surrealism of John Hankiewicz, but have an absurdity and focus all their own.  144 pages, color cover, $15.00.

BOX BROWN is the mastermind behind Retrofit Comics and an accomplished cartoonist in his own right.

MINI-KUŠ #6:  "Killman" by Box Brown:  In this epic space drama full of cosmic fisticuffs, Killman is trying to destroy all the gods while maneuvering between friends and foes alike.  28 mini-pages, full color throughout;  $5.00.

►NEW! -- BEACH GIRLS by Box Brown (with James Kochalka) (Retrofit):  New Box Brown release features beach girls, summer guys, killer waves and puke.  You know you want it!  Ten page backup feature by James Kochalka, "Dweeb", is the story of two beachfront creatures who stumble upon a sleeping beauty, with hilarious results.  48 pages, 8" x 10", 3 color covers, b+w interiors; $6.00.

TESSA BRUNTON is a cartoonist

PASSAGE by Tessa Brunton (Sparkplug):  A heartfelt ode to growing up with well-intentioned but embarrassing parents.  Framed by her brother's coming-of-age ceremony, Tessa recounts with minute details the experience of an oddball adolescence.  Beautifully illustrated and perfectly toned. 36 comic sized pages, full color covers, $6.50.

NATHAN BULMER is that Eat More Bikes guy.  He's Canadian lives in Brooklyn.  His comics are funny.

CAT HANDS by Nathan Bulmer.  The sad but funny tale of a super-hero named Cat Hands who has cats for hands.  12 pages, 5.5" x 5.5", two color cover, b+w interior; $5.00. OUT OF STOCK

EAT MORE BIKES FUNNY BOOK #1 by Nathan Bulmer.  Bulmer's oddball, off-hand comics are funny, weird and charming.  This collection features Alice Cooper Confusion, Awaken Skeletons,  Monsieur Truck, and more ridiculousness.  24 pages, 5.5" x 5.5"; $5.00.

EAT MORE BIKES FUNNY BOOK #2 by Nathan Bulmer.  Funny comics full of pop culture references and absurd puns:  Stoopy, "Wonder" Woman, Scrabble Wizard and more!  28 pages, 5.5" x 5.5", full color cover, b+w interior; $5.00.

EAT MORE BIKES FUNNY BOOK #3 by Nathan Bulmer.  Gross Butt, Doin' the Worm, Snail Lassie and much more!  24 pages, 5.5" x 5.5", full color cover, b+w interior; $5.00.

EAT MORE BIKES FUNNY BOOK #4 by Nathan Bulmer.  Dachshund Poop, Butt Brain, They're Playing Our Song, and more!  24 pages, 5.5" x 5.5", full color cover, b+w interior; $5.00.

►NEW! -- EAT MORE BIKES #5 by Nathan Bulmer:  More Fun Comix!  In this issue:  Long Legs, Pulsing Music, Stick Figure Snake, Offended By Eyes and lots more.  24 pages, 5.5" x 5.5", color covers, b+w interiors;  $5.00.

►NEW! EAT MORE BIKES Comic Book by Nate Bulmer (Koyama Press):  This new comic book-sized release features ALL-NEW Eat More Bikes funnies, the kind men like (and women too!).  Like:  Cool Dudes, Sheriff Duck, What He Says Goes, and lots more.  40 comic-sized pages, color covers, b+w interiors;  $10.00.

MICHIEL BUDEL is a Dutch cartoonist whose Schechte Meisjes (Wayward Girls) webcomic, collected in print by Secret Acres, is one of the most outrageous and original comics of our time.

►NEW! -- WAYWARD GIRLS #1 by Michiel Budel (Secret Acres):  Budel's brilliant comic features pubescent girls in various states of undress as they discuss imperialism, economics, and constant war, among many other global-political topics germane to the 21st Century.  Drawn in a scratchy and lovely post-modern style (paste-ups and errors are all gleefully embraced and reproduced), and colored in a lovely range of gentle pastels, Wayward Girls is maybe the quintessential comic of the two-thousand-and-teens.  28 pages, 7" x 9", full color;  $9.00.  FOR MATURE READERS

►NEW! -- WAYWARD GIRLS #2 by Michiel Budel (Secret Acres):  More: Dystopia, Customer Service, Haunted Dollhouse, Bikini Carwash, and much more.  28 pages, 7" x 9", full color;  $9.00.  FOR MATURE READERS

"NINA BUNJEVAC's style can be described as a cross between Drew Friedman’s early, pointillist work, Kim Deitch’s intensely cartoony drawings that immerse the reader in his stories, and Phoebe Gloeckner’s hyper-realism that dips deeply into the realm of the strange and terrible."  --Rob Clough, and I couldn't have said it any better myself, so I won't!

►NEW! - HEARTLESS by Nina Bunjevac (Conundrum):  This excellent full-length introduction to Yugoslavia native/Canadian transplant Bunjevac's work includes six short stories featuring her trademark exquisite pointillist rendering and dark and intense yet humorous storytelling, plus a selection of illustrations.  Beautifully printed and designed, from one of our most interesting contemporary cartoonists.  126 pages, 6" x 9" hardcover with an introduction by Jay Lynch; b+w interiors with some color;  $20.00.  Rob Clough review.

 Above:  Selections from Heartless.

BILLY BURKERT is a cartoonist.

NOISE #1 by Billy Burkert (Oily):  Noise #1 begins with a stand-up comic bombing through his routine and then abruptly switches to a fantastic wilderness where a strange person travels with his caged bird and unleashes some powerful energy.  12 mini-sized pages, b+w;  $1.00.

NOISE #2 by Billy Burkert (Oily): In this installment, artist Abe Raxas suffers through some humiliating, dangerous, and surreal moments only to "produce" some of his finest work!   12 mini-sized pages, b+w; $1.00.

NOISE #3 by Billy Burkert.  In this concluding installment, Darren gets lost in his RPGs and Calder draws a laugh.  12 mini-sized pages, b+w; $1.00.

ANDY BURKHOLDER is one o' dem wild, new cartoonists.  His Oily comics feature shades of the Hairy Who and Camus.

BACKGROUND by Andy Burkholder (Oily):  A freaky dude sees a movie in a mall, with horrific and surreal results.  12 mini-sized pages, b+w;  $1.00.

FOREGROUND by Andy Burkholder (Oily):  A poet finds a dead man on a beach, with Kafkaesque results.  12 mini-sized pages, b+w;  $1.00.

►NEW! -- MIDDLEGROUND by Andy Burkholder (Oily):  A lesbian girl comes of age.  12 mini-sized pages, b+w; $1.00.

CAKE is the annual Chicago Alternative Comics Expo.  The following two titles are fundraisers for the festival, and they're frikkin' awesome.

►NEW! - 2014 CAKE Anthology Book, ed. Ben Bertin: This fundraiser for the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo features work by such comics lovelies as Keiler Roberts, Nate Beaty, Kevin Budnik, Sarah Drake, Noah Freiheit, Beth Hetland, Corinne Mucha, Scott Roberts, Marian Runk, Sam Sharpe, and many more.  36 full-sized pages, printed in various lovely colors with a four-color silk-screened cover; $12.00.

Above: Three spreads from the CAKE Anthology Book

CAKE Anthology Zine (Various Artists):  New zine anthology edited by Max Morris features charming and challenging work from Lale Westvind, Andy Burkholder, Otto Splotch, Jo Dery, Ben Bertin, Max Morris, Krystal DiFronzio, and Grant Reynolds.  28 digest pages, 2-color cover, b+w interiors;  $4.00.

Above: Three spreads from the CAKE Anthology Zine

JESSICA CAMPBELL is a Montreal artist living in Chicago, and all-round swell human being.  Chuck Forsman's Oily Comics has released her latest zine, Sincerest Apologies.

SINCEREST APOLOGIES by Jessica Campbell:  Inky, brushed text provides deadpan readings of incidents "Jessica"'s sorry for (not sure if this is fiction of non-fiction), like "I'm sorry I put on Juggalo makeup, drank 8 beers and professed my unrequited love to you."  Sweet and funny, with nice inkwash illustrations.  12 mini-sized pages, b+w;  $1.00.

THE PUBLIC LIFE OF BEES by Corinne Mucha Jessica Campbell (Oily):  Jessica's new zine is a hilarious guide to bees and the people who love them/are controlled by them.  Charming, deadpan, and funny to boot.  Includes a list of "bee" puns that were not used in the making of the zine.  12 mini-pages, b+w;  $1.00.

►NEW! -- MRS. CONNIE DUTTON by Jessica Campbell (Oily):  Mrs. Connie Dutton travels to Nigeria to meet barrister George Alex, with  heart-pounding results. 12 mini-sized pages, b+w; $1.00.

►NEW! -- RAVE #1 by Jessica Campbell: Mary James is an artistic weirdo surrounded by cool kids.  In this first episode she gets made fun of and walks home from school with Onyx.  12 mini-sized pages, b+w; $1.00.

LILLI CARRÉ has been self-releasing beautiful little comics for some time now, as well as having her work published by companies like Fantagraphics and Top Shelf.   Everything she does is worth looking into-- have you seen her beautiful animations?  I carry the following titles:

NINE WAYS TO DISAPPEAR (Little Otsu): The charmingly peculiar short stories collected in Nine Ways to Disappear revolve loosely around the theme of disappearance and mark a new form for Lilli Carré. Skillfully drawn single panels explore a rich imagined world where actions have unexpected consequences and loneliness pervades, but not without a sense of the absurd. Each story unfolds quickly and features characters that run the gamut: joke-writing sisters gone awry, a wandering sleepwalker, a pearl with curious properties, an elusive coughing neighbor, a wide-eyed girl of questionable appeal, even a storm drain. Whether animate or inanimate, sweet or monstrous, Lilli has the ability to infuse them all with pathos, humanity, and humor. 192 pages, blue ink; 5" x 5.25"; $13.00. 

TALES OF WOODSMAN PETE by Lilli Carré (Top Shelf).  Tales of Woodsman Pete is a collection of vignettes and stories about a solitary albeit gregarious woodsman with a loose grasp on his own personal history and that of the outside world. He forms relationships with his inanimate surroundings and muses to a dead audience, specifically his bear rug, Philippe. His own tales eventually become entangled with that of the legendary Paul Bunyan, and the two become indirectly intertwined, illuminating the discrepancy between the character of the storyteller and the character within his stories. 80 pages, $7.00.

►NEW! - HEADS OR TAILS by Lille Carré (Fantagraphics):  Lilli's lovely new collection brings together her work from the past five years, for MOME and elsewhere, and includes joyfully surreal and brilliantly melancholy stories such as The Thing About Madeleine, The Carnival, Rainbow Moment, and The Flip, all drawn in variously styled but always hypnotic approaches.  You get the sense she's an artist that is constantly experimenting, but with a keen critical eye, and very high standards.  Excellent.  200 pages, 7" x 9", color and b+w; $23.00  OUT OF PRINT


LISA CARVER has been one of the anchors of the American underground scene for decades.  Her performance art as a member of SUCKDOG is legendary, and her 90's zine Rollerderby has long stood as one of the high points of that decade's small press movement.  In her new self-published book, "________________", Lisa tells a powerful, personal story of childhood sexual abuse.

 "________________" by Lisa Carver.  This book hurt my heart, and opened my eyes to a world I barely knew existed.  A few years back, Lisa began painting, not to make pretty pictures, but to explore her subconscious, and what she found there was devastating-- memories of systemized sexual abuse at the hands of her father, who forced her into prostitution at the age of four.  Lisa's story is presented in brutally honest prose, alongside the paintings themselves, and she concludes with a withering attack on the institutions that allow such abuse to go unnoticed and unpunished.  This is not a fun book to read, but I think it's a necessary one.  Read a recent interview with Lisa about the book here.  84 full color pages, 8.5" x 11"; $20.00.

A page spread from "___________"

GENEVIÈVE CASTRÉE is a French-Canadian cartoonist living in the American Northwest.  A longtime staple of the DIY music and comics scenes, her stunning debut graphic novel Susceptible was published in 2013 by Drawn and Quarterly.

►NEW! - SUSCEPTIBLE by Geneviève Castrée (D+Q):  Drawn in Castrée's intoxicatingly detailed yet simple style, "Susceptible is the story of Goglu, a daydreamer growing up in Quebec in the '80s and '90s with a single mother. From a skillful artist comes a moving, beautiful story about families, loss, and growing up. Whether she's discussing nature versus nurture or the story of her birth, Castrée imbues her storytelling with a quiet power and a confidence in the strength of imagery." 80 pages, 10" x 7"; color covers, beautiful b+w interiors; $20.00.

CATHON is an artist I know nothing about at all.  Except his/her comics are fun to look at and he/she can draw the hell out of raccoons.

RACCOONS by Cathon (Colosse):  Short, fragmentary comics and sketches-- crying during Titanic alone, Killer Rat, Seashells;  Puking joggers, adorable infants, and yes, raccoons.  Plus, more!  Nice loopy, soft cartooning.  24 digest pages, b+w;  $5.00. ONLY ONE LEFT!

CHIHOI is a self-taught Hong Kong artist.  The Library is the first English edition of his work.

►NEW! -- THE LIBRARY by Chihoi (Conundrum International):  Dreamlike short stories drawn in a beautiful pencil (and scratchy ink) style, Chihoi's first English collection includes "The Library", "Father", "I'm With My Saint" and five other surreal tales. Includes a nice introduction by Christian Gasser describing the Hong Kong comics scene and its relation to European comics.  Recommended.  184 pages, 7" x 9.5", b+w interiors with 2-color covers; $20.00.

Above: Two spreads from The Library

COLE CLOSSER is a CCS graduate.

►NEW! -- LITTLE TOMMY LOST VOLUME 1 by Cole Closser (Koyama):  "Separated from his parents on a trip to the big city, a lost little boy unknowingly sets out on a great adventure as he searches for a way home."  Closser pays homage to the classic newspaper adventure strips of the 20's with this lovingly produced collection of "daily" strips and full-color "Sundays" in which Tommy and his rat friend encounter friends and foes alike.  76 "full color" pages, 7.5" x 10";  $15.00.

CLUTCH McBASTARD's long-running diary comic is one of the classics of the genre.  His loopy, lovable characters and deadpan look at daily life make Clutch always a joy to read.

CLUTCH #19 ("The Lost Years") by Clutch McBastard. Greg "Clutch" Means, besides running the great Tugboat Press, has also quietly been inspiring legions of daily cartoon diarists with this long-running strip. Simply drawn and impeccably paced, Greg's comix are standouts in this genre. This book collects daily strips from 2003-2006, including Blazers games, Zine Symposiums, friends and flat tires. You can't go wrong with Clutch! 320 perfect-bound mini-sized pages, $8.00.

 CLUTCH #22/INVINCIBLE SUMMER #19 by Clutch and Nicole Georges. Every once in awhile, Greg and Nicole team up for an amazing split diary zine, and this is one of them! It's very cool to see how they each spend the same days, sometimes 1000's of miles apart. In this issue Greg bites his lip and Nicole goes on tour. So good! 7" x 7"; 32 pages in maroon ink; $2.00 

CLUTCH #23/INVINCIBLE SUMMER #20, by Clutch and Nicole Georges.  Their latest split zine gives you daily strips that cover May 1 - 14, 2011, and features such thrillers as:  Toronto Trip, Expensive Vet Bill, and Raccoon Infestation, plus more.  This one is a lot of fun.  32 pages in blue ink, 7" x 7"; a steal at only $2.00.

►NEW! -- CLUTCH #25/INVINCIBLE SUMMER #22 by Clutch and Nicole Georges:  These diary comics cover May 1-14, 2013:  Never Got Around to Putting on Pants, Korean Nachos, Studio Pug, Unusually Hot, and lots lots more.  28 pages, 7" x 7";  $2.00.

AARON COCKLE is a cartoonist.

WORD AND VOICE #1 by Aaron Cockle (Oily):  A armed, ski-masked man runs through a torn up city in search of...  12 mini-sized pages, b+w; $1.00.

WORD AND VOICE #2 by Aaron Cockle (Oily):  The ski-masked man brings his new partners through the city.  12 mini-sized pages, b+w; $1.00.
WORD AND VOICE #3 by Aaron Cockle (Oily):  They find some wheels.  12 mini-sized pages, b+w; $1.00.

WORD AND VOICE #4 by Aaron Cockle (Oily):  Out of the city.  12 mini-sized pages, b+w; $1.00.
WORD AND VOICE #5 by Aaron Cockle (Oily):  The Word Virus strikes.  12 mini-sized pages, b+w; $1.00.
WORD AND VOICE #6 by Aaron Cockle (Oily):  Loss of Communication.  12 mini-sized pages, b+w; $1.00.

►NEW! -- WORD AND VOICE #7 by Aaron Cockle (Oily):  The sub-surface facility is still operational;  plus, a tender moment.  12 mini-sized pages, b+w; $1.00.

►NEW! -- WORD AND VOICE #8 by Aaron Cockle (Oily):  "I just had this dream."  12 mini-sized pages, b+w; $1.00.

►NEW! -- COLIBRI #5 (Apa Apa Comics):  Latest issue of this great Spanish language comics anthology (with English subtitles) includes work on the theme of SPORTS from Cristina Daura, Gabriel Corbera, John Porcellino, Chema Peral, Marlene Krause, Manuel, Donada, Sergi Puyol, and more!  Goofy, lovely, and fun.  48 full color pages with French flaps, 5.5" x 7"; $10.00.

Above: Four spreads from Colibri #5

DAVID COLLIER is the Greatest Living Royal Canadian Mounted Cartoonist.  His charming and highly personable comics have been a mainstay of the North American comics scene for decades.  "There is simply no contemporary comics creator who is more down to earth than David Collier." -- Robert Crumb

CHIMO by David Collier (Conundrum Press):  "Chimo is an autobiographical account of Collier’s decision to re-enlist in the Canadian army and go through basic training again at age 40, leaving his new family behind. His goal is to get to Afghanistan and follow in the footsteps of artists (such as Alex Colville) who produced a body of work while serving in the Canadian War Artists Program. It is a poignant account of aging and mortality but, in true Collier fashion, digresses into scenes of jumping rope, kayaking in Hamilton harbour, and the story of his childhood hero, skier 'Jackrabbit' Johannsen."  136 pages, 7" x 10"; color covers w/ b+w interiors; $17.00.

COLLIER'S POPULAR PRESS by David Collier (Conundrum Press):  "This book collects Collier's work published over the last 30 years in various publications such as: The National Post, The Nerve, The Globe and Mail, The Saskatoon Star Phoenix, Geist magazine, The Comics Journal, and many more. With new introductions by the artist himself and plenty of added ephemera..." Collier's lovely, straightforward reflections on and depictions of contemporary Canadian life draw a larger portrait of both a culture, and of himself.  208 pages, 8" x 10", color covers and b+w interiors;  $20.00.

NEW! -- COMICS AS POETRY ed. by Franklin Einspruch (New Modern Press):  This lovely collection highlights some of the best cartoonists working today in a more poetical vein -- full color stories from Derik Badman, Warren Craghead, Julie Delporte, Oliver East, Franklin Einspruch, Jason Overby, Paul K. Tunis, and Kimball Anderson.  With a foreword by William Corbett.  Thoroughly unique.  80 pages, 8.5" x 11", perfectbound, full color; $25.00.

Above: Four spreads from Comics As Poetry

MARK CONNERY is a longtime Canadian zine artist.  He's been producing his strange little books at least since the early 90's.  His Rudy series is a zine/comix classic.

►NEW! - RUDY by Mark Connery (2D Cloud): Edited and arranged by Marc Bell.  Photocopied in small batches and usually left for free around Toronto, or traded through the mail, Connery's work has been hard to come by, but this "career"-spanning collection brings together the best of his zines featuring underground legend Rudy the Magic Cat, from 1993-2012.  Connery's work is raw but delightful, menacing but a comfort, skipping from comics to drawings to poetry to cut and paste and collage in an effortless wave from page to page.  The stories are mystical, psychedelic, absurd, full of energy and love, and were years ahead of their time.  As a longtime fan I'm beyond delighted that this book exists.  I thought the day might never come.  Highly recommended.  244 pages in glorious black and white with two color covers and endpapers; $22.00.

Above: Six wonderful spreads from RUDY.

MELAMINE CAR BOMB by Mark Connery (Half World Books):  Wild, scattered doodle art and word salad imagery fill this new collection of Mark's work; with a lovely afterword by editor Marc Bell.  "... a punk rock hippy-dippy mellow nightmare made of words and weirdoes and warnings..."  48 pages, 5.25 x 7.25 inches, color covers/b+w interiors;  numbered edition of 350;  $10.00.

For more MARK CONNERY, see also NOG A DOD (Marc Bell, above)

JOSH COTTER is the author of the acclaimed Skycrapers of the Midwest and Driven By Lemons.

SKYSCRAPERS OF THE MIDWEST by Josh Cotter (AdHouse Books): Observing the isolated existence of an adolescent cat, his younger brother and their overactive imaginations in the American Heartland, Skyscrapers of the Midwest serves as an intimate chronicle of their stories of childhood hope, panic and loss. Filled with belligerent cowboys, lumbering automaton deities and wide-open spaces, this comic gives voice to a highly respected new creator in the field of sequential literature.  288 pages, 6" x 9", hardcover;  $20.00.

WARREN CRAGHEAD is one of the premiere, but undersung experimental cartoonists of our generation.

►NEW! -- OUTSIDE #1 by Warren Craghead and Marc Geddes (Oily):  A delightful exercise in comics as poetry, Craghead and Geddes combine forces to depict a morning on the surf.  12 mini-sized pages, b+w; $1.00.

CYCLOPS is a fantastic anthology from Conundrum Press, covering the diversity of the Montreal underground comics scene. It features such great artists as Michel Rabagliati, Billy Mavreas, Bernie Mireault, Hélène Brosseau, Jimmy Beaulieu, Marc Bell, Peter Thompson, Line Gamache, and many more. All in English, many for the first time! 224 pages, $17.00.

Line Gamache, from Cyclops.

KEN DAHL is the pseudonym of Gabby Schulz, which is the pseudonym of.... ????  In any case Gabby makes amazing, funny, angry and heartfelt comics that belie his punk rock soul.  One of the best cartoonists going.

MONSTERS by Ken Dahl (Gabby Schulz):  This amazing book delves into the personal side of a disease few people want to discuss-- Herpes-- in a brutally honest, yet side-splittingly funny way.  While accurately rendering the emotional swings of dealing with chronic illness-- its profound effect on the individual as well as all those around them, their relationships, self-confidence, and self-perception-- Schulz has pulled off the seemingly-impossible:  this book had me laughing out loud. "Part fiction, part deranged educational film strip, Monsters explores the physical and emotional traumas of an STD that affects no two people the same. Dahl cements his status among the best cartoonists of his generation with this brutally sincere account of disease and self-acceptance." (Secret Acres).  One of the best books of recent years.  212 pages, 7" x 7", perfect-bound;  $18.00.

WELCOME TO THE DAHL HOUSE by Ken Dahl (Microcosm):   "Alienation, Incarceration, and Inebriation in the new American Rome."  The collected 1997-2007 comics of Ken Dahl include such stories as airport security, the demeaning experience of being arrested, having to sell off his earthly possessions at a yard sale to pay the slumlord, the creative process of trying to write comics about "important" subjects, and much more.  Additionally, we are treated to helpful guides to putting bananas in your cereal, peeing in the shower, and swinging at night.  Savagely funny, and a 2006 Ignatz Winner!  128 pages, 5.5" x 7", b+w with color covers;  $9.00.

DARK TOMATO #1 by Sakura Maku (Domino Books).  "'Prince Tamlin Tomato is a unionized subway driver for the MTA. She drives the Irifune Machi line, the local, from Jamaica Queens, to the LES to Coney Island....' So begins Sakura Makus mini-epic DARK TOMATO."  Hallucinogenic urban tales told in a frenetic painted/collage-based style.  24 oversized pages, color covers, b+w interiors;  $5.00.

ELEANOR DAVIS is one of my favorite artists.  Her exquisite drawings seem to exist in a perfect world (a perfectly weird and sometimes frightening world) but a perfect world nonetheless.

►NEW! -- 31 DRAWINGS THAT HAVE SOMETHING TO DO WITH BEING IN LOVE AND NOT BEING IN LOVE by Eleanor Davis:  Beautiful, sad, joyous, wordless drawings:  trees, couples, peeing, music, chimneys.  I don't know what to say really, just this is one of my favorite books of the year.  Highly recommended, and I'm very glad to be able to offer it here in the catalog.  44 pages, 4.5" x 5", in luminous b+w; signed and doodled in by the artist;  $5.00.

MIKE DAWSON is a classic alt-cartoonist: great, loopy drawing, real storytelling, solid chops.

►NEW! - ANGIE BONGIOVANNI by Mike Dawson (Secret Acres): "Angie Bongiolatti is a 20-something political activist with the International Socialist Organization. Her day-job is at Global Learning Systems, an internet company looking to develop online college courses. The year is 2002, and a large public protest against the World Economic Forum holding it's conference in New York City is about to take place. The terrorist attacks of September 11th are only a few months in the past. This is the story of Angie and a disparate group of her friends and acquaintances, all linked through our eponymous heroine. People from Angie's past and present are brought out to the rally, each for reasons of their own. Some have a genuine enthusiasm for social activism, others have ulterior motives. Throughout the story each character has their political outlooks questioned and challenged." 240 pages, 5.5" x 8.5", full color covers, b+w interiors; $20.00.

TROOP 142 by Mike Dawson (Secret Acres):  Classic cartooning and storytelling-- "Troop 142 follows a group of campers and counselors at a week-long scout retreat in the woods of New Jersey. It is a story as much about adults as it is adolescents, the blurred line between childhood and manhood, and the consequences of authoritative posturing. Dispensing with idyllic notions, Dawson describes the hilarious and brutal truths about boys and men, the hypocrisy of institutional morality and the resilience of Spam and the human spirit."  268 pages, b+w interiors, 6" x 9"; $20.00.

MICHAEL DEFORGE is one of the most talented young cartoonists around.  His artwork evokes shades of Harkham and Huizenga, but his voice is distinctly his own.  Funny, weird, and sad.

►NEW! BACK IN PRINT! -- LOSE #2 by Michael DeForge (Koyama Press).  A strange, brilliant story of two kids in the forest who stumble onto extreme weirdness.  Perfect!  24 comic-sized pages, b+w interiors with full color cover, glossy paper; $5.00.

►NEW! BACK IN PRINT! -- LOSE #3 by Michael DeForge (Koyama Press).  The latest issue of Deforge's one-man anthology features Tongue Fads, the surreal "Improv Night," and the lengthy heart-tugging "Dog 2070."  Plus: awesome ant comix and LOTS more. 36 comic-sized pages, color cover/b+w interior; $5.00.

LOSE #4 by Michael DeForge.  The latest issue of this amazing comic includes three main short stories:  "Someone I Know," "Canadian Royalty - Their Lifestyles and Fashion," and "The Sixties," rounded out with several shorter strips and illustrations.  DeForge's work this time around features his usual restrained but potent neo-psychedelia in the service of stories of relationships, sexual threat, weird biology, and more.  Certainly one of the best cartoonists working today.  Highly recommended.  48 comics-sized pages, color covers, b+w interior, perfect bound;  $8.00.

Above: two spreads from Lose #4.

 LOSE #5 by Michael DeForge (Koyama):  The "Crime Issue" features three self-contained stories: “Living Outdoors” tracks two high school students as they explore a zoo and experiment with hallucinogens; “Muskoka” is the story of a cowboy on the road home to see his family; “Recent Hires” follows a young author’s descent into the criminal underworld in order to win the affections of a girl.  48 pages, 7" x 10", color covers, b+w interiors; $8.00.

ELIZABETH OF CANADA #1 by Michael DeForge (Oily Comics):  Mom and kids escape Muskoka for the wilds, where they wait for Dad to arrive; plus: rabbits.  Weird and delightful.  12 mini-pages, black and white;  $1.00.

ELIZABETH OF CANADA #2 by Michael DeForge (Oily):  Elizabeth gets a job in a butcher shop and the plot thickens.  12 mini-sized pages, b+w; $1.00.

VERY CASUAL by Michael DeForge (Koyama):  Collected from DeForge's bewildering array of hard-to-find and out of print material, Very Casual includes comics from The Believer, Wowee Zonk, Horrible, KUŠ, Nobrow, Study Group, and more, including the classics Spotting Deer and Incinerator.  Indispensable.  152 pages, 6" x 9", color and b+w; $15.00.

NEW! -- THE BOY IN QUESTION by Michael DeForge (Space Face):  Two intergalactic rangers come across a strange body and request backup, and wait...  and wait.  Fucking amazing.  24 pages, 7" x 10", color covers, b+w interior;  $7.00.

 ►NEW! - STRUCTURES 24-34 by Michael DeForge (Uncivilized):  The latest release in Uncivilized Structures series (see also: Tom KACZYNSKI and Vincent STALL) features DeForge's neo-psychedelic and organic lifeform drawings, along with simple titles/text.  28 pages, 5" x 6.5", b+w; $5.00.

►NEW! -- WET COUGH by Michael DeForge (Mille Putois):  This silkscreened art-zine reprinting the original Colour Code release, includes images of microbes, hygiene, and transformation.  Handscreened in four colors on heavyweight paperstock, 8 pages, 6" x 9", edition of 500;  $6.00.

JULIE DELPORTE is a French cartoonist, living in Montréal.

JOURNAL by Julie Delporte (Koyama):  Delporte's uniquely rendered diary comics feature her abstarcted, direct drawings, rendered in colored pencil with no blacks, and her personable cursive writing (in English), as she details a romantic breakup, an artist's residency at CCS, and the ups and downs of everyday life.  Covers February 2011 to October 2012.  Uniquely done.  Rob Clough's review.  184 pages 6.5" x 9", full color throughout; $20.00.

MAX DeRADIGUÈS is everyone's Belgian comics buddy.  A former CCS Fellow, Max now bounces around the world making his charming, and moving, comics.  Chuck Forsman's Oily has now taken over production of his great series, Moose, a beautiful and sad story of childhood bullying.  Most issues also feature a page by a special guest artist, like Charles Forsman, Domitille Collardey, Arne Bellstorf.  Highly recommended.

MOOSE #1 by Max De Radiguès (Oily Comics):  Escape?  12 mini-sized pages, b+w;  $1.00.

MOOSE #2 by Max De Radiguès (Oily Comics):  Meet the Moose, Meet the Bully.  12 mini-sized pages, b+w;  $1.00.

MOOSE #3 by Max De Radiguès (Oily Comics):  Excuses.  12 mini-sized pages, b+w;  $1.00.

MOOSE #4 by Max De Radiguès (Oily Comics):  The Plot Thickens, and "Revenge."  12 mini-sized pages, b+w;  $1.00.

MOOSE #5 by Max De Radiguès (Oily Comics):  One More Detention.  12 mini-sized pages, b+w;  $1.00.

MOOSE #6 by Max De Radiguès (Oily Comics):  The Plot Thickens Some More.  12 mini-sized pages, b+w;  $1.00.

MOOSE #7 by Max De Radiguès (Oily Comics):  School Nurse.  12 mini-sized pages, b+w;  $1.00.

MOOSE #8 by Max De Radiguès (Oily Comics):  Fighting Back.  12 mini-sized pages, b+w;  $1.00.

MOOSE #9 by Max De Radiguès (Oily Comics):  Detention = Moose + Boobies.  12 mini-sized pages, b+w;  $1.00.

MOOSE #10 by Max De Radiguès (Oily Comics):  Hunter and hunted;  with fan art by John Porcellino.  12 mini-sized pages, b+w;  $1.00.

MOOSE #11 by Max De Radiguès (Oily Comics):  Things go very wrong;  with fan art by Anouk Ricard.  12 mini-sized pages, b+w;  $1.00.

MOOSE #12 by Max De Radiguès (Oily Comics):  Moose to the rescue;  with fan art by Morgan Navarro.  12 mini-sized pages, b+w;  $1.00.

MOOSE #13 by Max De Radiguès (Oily Comics): Going home.  Far Art by Vincent Giard.  12 mini-sized pages, b+w;  $1.00.

MOOSE #14 by Max De Radiguès (Oily Comics):  The series concludes in this issue, featuring comeuppance and redemption.  I wish people would buy these from me.  Max's cartooning is beautiful, and the story is sweet.  Fan Art by: Eleanor Davis.  16 mini-sized pages, b+w;  $1.00.

DELAINE DERRY GREEN is the longtime editor of the acclaimed Not My Small Diary.

►NEW! -- I AM MY OWN STEREOTYPE - THE MY SMALL DIARY COLLECTION by Delaine Derry Green:  Readers of the long-running (and classic) auto-bio comics zine Not My Small Diary know that editor Delaine is also a cartoonist in her own right, having made charming and fun comics about her life since the olden days.  Now, finally! here's a comprehensive collection of her "My Small Diary" strips, plus Fun Facts. notes, and all kinds of Delainey-ness.  Includes comics on friends, clothes, animals, travel and all the other fun things that make up Delaine's decidedly fun life.  118 digest pages, color covers, b+w interiors; $6.00.

JO DERY is an artist who experiments with storytelling.  Her works include animated films and videos, drawings, prints, illustration, installation projects, and artist/small-press book publications.  The great Little Otsu of Portland has published a number of titles with her.

►NEW! -- JO DERY IN CONVERSATION WITH MELISSA MENDES (Oily):  Oily continues their Interview Series (See Also: Noah VAN SCIVER and Malachi WARD) with this release:  Cartoonist Mellisa Mendes talks with artist and teacher Jo Dery about moving from Providence to Chicago, growing up, maturing as an artist, teaching, and nature.  A nice, thoughtful conversation.  12 mini-sized pages, b+w; $1.00.

MICHAEL DOWERS was the mastermind behind the famous Starhead Comix minicomics imprint.  He's now editing a series of great books that spotlight the uncharted history of self-published minicomix.

►NEW! -- TREASURY OF MINICOMICS VOL. ONE ed. by Michael Dowers (Fantagraphics):  This massive new collection features rare minicomics format stories from 1969 - 2011, including work by Justin Green, Clark Dissmeyer, Matt Feazell, Steve Willis, Colin Upton, Roberta Gregory, John Porcellino, Dylan Williams, Blair Wilson, Chris Cilla, Marc Bell, Peter Thompson, Leela Corman, David Lasky, Fiona Smyth, Mark Connery, Noah Van Sciver, Kelly Froh, David Heatley, and many many more; includes essays and interviews with and on John P., Dylan Williams, Outside In magazine, Carrie McNinch, Leela Corman, Marc Bell, Gary Arlington and more.  An indispensable volume for anyone interested in the history of small press comix, self-publishing, and/or general comix history.  856 mini-sized page, b+w and color, all wrapped up in a beautiful full-color Ron Regé hardcover;  $30.00.

 David Lasky

Brad Johnson

John Porcellino

Blair Wilson


Peter Thompson

Fiona Smyth

Carrie McNinch

Mark Connery

Noah Van Sciver

David Heatley

Above: Just some of the many comics in Treasury of Minicomics Vol. One!

NEWAVE: THE UNDERGROUND MINI COMIX OF THE 1980s ed. by Michael Dowers (Fantagraphics):  This doorstopper of a book compiles the history of the original mini-comic movement of the 1980s with not only hundreds upon hundreds of pages of reproduced stories, cover art, etc, but also with great interviews and essays which put the movement in context.  For anyone interested in Underground Comics this fascinating document is a must-have.  Artists featured include: Bob Vojtko, Clay Geerdes, Jim Siergey, Bruce Chrislip, Hillary Barta, Brad Foster, David Miller, The Pizz, Michael Roden, Dale Luciano, Steve Willis, J.R. Williams, Mary Fleener, XNO, Dale Lee Coovert, Jim Gaither, Bob X, Wayno, Tom Motley, Roy Tompkins, Mack White, Peter Bagge, Dan Clowes, Sam Henderson, and Molly Kiely, among MANY MANY others. 892 (!) 5" x 6.25" pages, color hardcover with b+w interiors, $25.00.

NICK DRNASO is a talented, young Chicago cartoonist.

►NEW! -- YOUNG, DUMB, AND FULL OF CUM #1  (The Autobiography of Nick Drnaso) by Nick Drnaso (Oily):  This brilliant autobiographical collection features short vignettes from Nick's life, including his First Memory, "How to Dress Up Like Me on Halloween", The Wonder Years, Crushes, and more.  Brilliantly deadpan, with gorgeous clear line artwork, this is a perfect little comic.  Highly recommended!  12 mini-sized pages, b+w; $1.00.

►NEW! -- TELL GOD TO BLOW THE WIND FROM THE WEST by Nick Drnaso (Oily):  The text of Drnaso's recent comic is from a transcription of a 911 call made during the World Trade Center attacks.  A man, Kevin Cosgrove, pleads with the operator for help;  Drnaso couples this with stark images of buildings, cities, and urban vistas.  16 digest pages, printed in blue Risograph ink; $3.00.