NICK MAANDAG is one of my favorite new cartoonists.  His deadpan drawing and writing are a laff and a haff!

►NEW! - FACILITY INTEGRITY by Nick Maandag (Pigeon Press): Well, if you thought Nick couldn't top his all-time classic, Streakers, here's Facility Integrity, his cautionary tale of a overreaching CEO who, in an effort to increase productivity, forces his employees to only take shits during their noon-hour lunch break.  Turns out thought, there's a "saboteur" in the ranks.  Brilliantly, deadpan funny, Facility Integrity is a hilarious skewering of corporate idiocy.  Thank God.  Highly highly recommended!  64 pages, 6" x 8", full color covers, b+w interiors; $10.00.

THE LIBERTARIAN by Nick Maandag. Hardcore Libertarian Rod Vanderbranch falls for a Vegan-Socialist-Feminist named Tangerine with hilarious results.  Maandag's dry sense of humor only makes the absurdities pop that much more in this LOL tale of Modern Romantic Politics.  44 digest pages, color covers, b+w interiors;  $5.00.

STREAKERS by Nick Maandag:  This absolutely brilliant new comic tells the story of a dysfunctional, hilarious Streaking Appreciation Society made up of four goofballs and misfits.  Told in a deadpan, low-key style, and exquisitely rendered with perfect crosshatching, this book is spot on brilliant.  One of the best comics I've read in recent years, Streakers is highly recommended!  56 pages, 6" x 9", color covers with b+w interiors, perfect-bound; $7.00 and well worth it!

JANE MAI is a freelance illustrator and comic artist from Brooklyn, New York.  She has a cat farm in her backyard and in her spare time she enjoys looking at photos of cheesecake.

SUNDAYS IN THE PARK WITH BOYS by Jane Mai (Koyama Press):  Mai's comics describe the burdens of depression and anxiety in short, lucid, everyday bursts.  52 pages, b+w interiors, 7" x 10";  $10.00.

JOHN F. MALTA draws comix.

►NEW -- NIGHTCRAWLERS by John F. Malta (Space Face):  Oscar is a High School baseball player who discovers that his uncle was the NIGHTCRAWLER, a duck-faced crimefighter, and now he wants him to take over the family business!  16 pages, 3.5" x 5", full color covers, b+w interiors, new-wavey;  $3.00. ONLY ONE LEFT!!!

MARDOU is a great British cartoonist, living in St. Louis.

►NEW! - SKY IN STEREO #1 by Mardou:  Mardou's beautifully sensitive and layered portrait of Iris, a confused teenager growing up in 1990's Manchester England.  Wonderfully drawn and scripted, this is a comic you should be checking out.  56 digest pages, b+w; only $4.00.  ONLY A FEW LEFT!

►NEW! - SKY IN STEREO #2 by Mardou (Yam Books): In this new episode, Iris drops acid and wanders around town, then sees heaven.  52 digest pages, full color covers, b+w interiors; $6.00.

BENJAMIN MARRA is the mastermind behind such modern-day classics as Gangsta Rap Posse, Night Business, and the Naked Heroes.  We have his new, Floating World Comics release in stock:

DRAWINGS INSPIRED BY THE MOTION PICTURE 'AMERICAN PSYCHO' by Ben Marra.  This massive, newsprint publication features the artist's B+W, Pettibon-esque images (with text) of street life, depravity, thugs, and white collar criminals.  32 gigantic 15" x 22.75" pages, b+w;  $5.00.

DANE MARTIN is the fellow who draws those funny, beautiful, weird comics I love.

GAGGER #1 by Dane Martin (Oily Comics):  Dane Martin's surreal, deadpan comics have been a favorite of mine for a few years.  His line has the slippery quality of J. Bradley Johnson, another cartoonist I love, but he has certainly has created his own, rougher, world.  In Gagger, cartoon duck and comedy writer The Wise Old Bird faces the dilemma of the professional gag man-- what if the jokes stop coming?  12 mini-sized pages, b+w;  $1.00.

JASON MARTIN: Jason is one of my favorite cartoonists, making autobio and semi-autobio (?) comics in a low-key style that's very plainspoken and direct. He does the zines Black Tea and Laterborn.  (See also: Papercutter #17, below...)

LATERBORN #6: Features life on the road with his band, and the generosity and goodwill of the underground; High School musical memories (Smashing Pumpkins, Kurt Cobain, Pearl Jam); friendship, dreams and more. I'd say the theme of this one is finding the things in life that matter to you, and what you then do with them. Excellent. 44 digest pages, $3.00.

LATERBORN #7: In this latest issue Jason continues exploring his themes of friendship and time with stories about housemates, the drifting connections between old friends, and temp jobs. 28 digest pages, $2.00

From Laterborn #7

►NEW! - LATERBORN #8 by Jason Martin:  The latest issue of this great series has stories on being half-deaf, coincidences, discovering zines, and a moving series of short comics on sexual abuse.  As always, Laterborn is a down-to-earth, straightforward look at a thoughtful life.  36 digest pages, $3.00.

►NEW! -- DRIFTWOOD CITY by Jason Martin: This great new paperback collection draws together some of Jason's favorite comics from his zines Laterborn and Black Tea, alongside five previously unreleased works and a story that first appeared in the Loom anthology.  Jason's down-to-earth and thoughtful comics are some of my favorites.  116 digest-sized pages, full color covers, b+w interiors, with notes by the author;  $12.00.

SANDRINE MARTINE is an accomplished French cartoonist, capable of creating beautiful work in a variety of styles.

►NEW! -- LA MONTAGNE DE SUCRE by Sandrine Martin (L' Apocalypse):  This stunningly beautiful wordless book gives us a series of mesmerizing, lush, black and white pencil drawings that may or may not have any narrative qualities.  That said, cumulatively they describe the joys, fears, dangers, and ecstasy of love...  Surreal, hypnotizing, erotic.  One of the most intriguing and gorgeous books I've seen in recent times.  Highly recommended.  104 pages, hardcover, b+w;  $31.00.  OUT OF STOCK.

JOHN MARTZ's cartoony, sweet comics are a lot of fun.

MACHINE GUM #2 by John Martz.  The playful comic-strip adventures of a loony robot.  In the manner of Nicolas Mahler, these gently funny, wordless, well-cartooned strips tug at the comic page's tropes and formal edges.  44 pages, 5.5" x 7", two color covers, b+w interiors; $5.00.

MACHINE GUM #3 by John Martz.  More comic-strip gymnastics featuring everyone's favorite sweaty robot.  32 pages, 5.5" x 7", two color covers, b+w interiors; $5.00.

MAWIL is a German cartoonist who's had a number of books published recently in English by Blank Slate UK.  These are gorgeous, wild, cartoony comics that are a joy to read.  I've got a couple of his recent releases in stock, and hope to get more titles in soon!

HOME AND AWAY:  A great collection of autobiographical strips include the childhood story "And a Fetzer," a graffiti memoir "Bomb Da City," Teenage Car Trouble in "Škoda," and a long, hilarious tale of visiting a hippie gathering called "Welcome Home."  Mawil grew up in East Berlin, behind the Iron Curtain, and his childhood stories are fascinating as a look into that world.  Highly recommended!  100 pages, 6.75" x 8.75", perfect-bound, in color and b+w;  $16.00.

SPARKY O'HARE, MASTER ELECTRICIAN by Mawil (Blank Slate):  The ridiculous adventures of a bumbling rabbit electrician, and the sexy office girls who love him.  Features actual fun and games, all drawn in Mawil's delirious, scrumptious style.  100 pages, pocket sized at 4" x 5.5", b+w interiors;  $9.00. ONLY ONE LEFT!

WE CAN STILL BE FRIENDS by Mawil (Blank Slate):  Mawil's first book for Blank Slate is a nice collection of stories about young love, mostly of the unrequited kind.  Over drinks with friends, the author tells stories of his bumbling infatuations with the ladies to hilarious, and endearing effect.  Mawil's cartooning is at once loose and refined, and completely natural.  What a joy--  I could sit and look at these comics for hours.  72 pages 6.5" x 9", b+w interiors;  $13.00.

TED MAY is one of our finest cartoonists, and a founding member of the USS Catastrophe collective.

►NEW! - MEN'S FEELING by Ted May (Revival House):  May's latest release is this great "Toilets and Tears" collection, eight short strips that document the sadness and malaise behind modern American existence.  Brilliant.  Highly recommended.  40 digest pages, color covers, b+w interiors; $5.00.

CARRIE McNINCH: Carrie has been at it for at least as long as I have, and is one of the die-hards of the American comix underground. Her most recent title, You Don't Get There From Here, is a diary comic in the mode of Ben Snakepit, with short daily entries, but she has created something of her own here. She struggles quite often with alcohol, depression, and anxiety, but those darker moments are leavened with her unbridled love of food, nature, and her cats. And comics. These day-to-day strips have their own simplicity and quiet rhythm, and then every once in a while she blows you away with the most exquisitely rendered landscape or portrait. I always look forward to the next issue of this great zine! The following issues are now in stock:

YOU DON'T GET THERE FROM HERE #12: Covers March-June 2009. Running, Snakes That Aren't Rattlesnakes, Blue Jays, the Aging Self. 36 mini-sized pages, $2.00.

#13: Covers July-October 2009. Rattlesnakes, Wildfires, Feels Like Fall, and Jesse the Cat. 36 mini-sized pages, $2.00.

You Don't Get There From Here Goes to Oaxaca: This one is a travel diary of Carrie's trip to Oaxaca in 2007. Dogs, Skeletons, Booze, and Food. Gorgeous! 40 mini-sized pages, $2.00.
From the Oaxaca issue

#14: In the new issue Carrie copes with the death of her cat Jesse. Late in the zine she decides to return to Oaxaca, where she'll build an altar/shrine to her. 40 mini-sized pages, $2.00.

#15: Covers January - April 2010, and features Oral Surgery, Janice Dickinson, Tortoises, Curious Hawk, Happiness Is a Warm Sun, and much much more!  36 mini-sized pages, $2.00.

#16: Covers April - July 2010, and features Ocean Fog, Yellow Flowers, Milo Has Needle Claws, and Cougar Sighting!  36 mini-sized pages, $2.00.


#17: Covers July - November 2010, and features Tarantula Dance, Old Neighborhood, Rattlesnakes & Thunderheads, and much much more! 36 mini-sized pages, $2.00.

#18: Covers November 2010 - January 2011, including another trip to Oaxaca --Winter Sky, colibri, oarfish, whiskey, and more.  36 mini-sized pages, $2.00.

From #18

#19: January to April 2011 -- Mellow and Tingly, Dark Early Bullshit, hummingbirds, and Ladybug on Boob; more.  36 mini-sized pages, $2.00.

From #19

#20:  Just in, this recent issue of Carrie's wonderful diary comic.  36 mini-sized pages, $2.00.

►NEW! -- #21: More of Carrie's diary strips, with the best cover yet!  36 mini-sized pages, $2.00.
►NEW! -- #22:  Latest issue features Rattlesnake Season Is Over, Cold Toes, Locked in the Garage, and of course lots more!  Covers Nov. 4, 2011 to Feb. 10, 2012.  36 mini pages, b+w;  $2.00.

►NEW! - #23:  Falling in Love w/ Hopey, Struggles with Drawing, Countdown to Menopause, plus London Diary.  Covers Feb. 12 - May 8, 2012.  36 mini-pages, b+w;  $2.00.

►NEW! -- #24:  This issue covers May 9 - July 29, 2012: Adolescent Rattlesnake, Depression Got Me, Neverending Supply of Phlegm, lots more!  32 mini-pages, b+w;  $2.00.

►NEW! -- #25:  This issue covers July 30 - October 30, 2012: The House Marilyn Monroe Lived In, Travel Hangover, Connecting Flight, much more.  36 mini-pages, b+w;  $2.00.

►NEW! -- #26:  This issue covers October 30, 2012-December 12, 2012: Oaxaca, Car Craps Out, Master of Distractery, When It Rains Make Soup, lots more.  36 mini-pages, b+w;  $2.00.

I WANT EVERYTHING TO BE OKAY: A beautifully made book-collection (from Tugboat Press) of the year 2005 in Carrie's diary comic. "Carrie McNinch, author of the long-running zine The Assassin and the Whiner and a pioneer of the autobiographic comics movement, returns to the genre she helped create. Tracing a year in her life, I Want Everything to be Okay is a funny, tender, honest and ultimately, hopeful story of a woman haunted by depression and alcoholism as she rebuilds her life from the inside out." 100 full-sized pages, embossed cover.  $10.00.

From I Want Everything To Be Okay

MELISSA MENDES writes charming and lowkey stories that get to the heart of childhhood experience.

FREDDY STORIES by Melissa Mendes:  This full-length, Xeric-funded collection of stories features bits from the life of Freddy, a young girl who is often mistaken for a boy because she always wears her hoodie up and likes to dig holes and climb trees.  Follow her through these short tales of dogs, friends, problems at school, Mom, Dad, hanging out with Uncle Sully, and a summer trip to Aunt Maria's.  Slow, but steady, these gentle tales accumulate and turn into a sweet portrait of childhood innocence and joy.  116 pages, 6" x 8", color covers with b+w interiors; perfect-bound;   $10.00.

 LOU #1 by Melissa Mendes (Oily Comics):  Introducing Lou, a charming, tomboyish girl, and her two brothers:  one younger and troublesome, one older and troubled.  12 mini-sized pages, b+w;  $1.00.

LOU #2 by Melissa Mendes (Oily Comics):  Lou wants a dog.  Later she headbangs with her metalhead brother and the plot thickens.  12 mini-sized pages, b+w;  $1.00.

 LOU #3 by Melissa Mendes (Oily Comics):  Will Lou ever get that dog?  Find out in this installment!  12 mini-sized pages, b+w;  $1.00.

 LOU #4 by Melissa Mendes (Oily Comics):  Halloween, complete with crazy costumes and bullies.  12 mini-sized pages, b+w;  $1.00.

LOU #5 by Melissa Mendes (Oily Comics):  The gang feasts on pizza, and then the plot thickens.  12 mini-sized pages, b+w;  $1.00.

LOU #6 by Melissa Mendes (Oily Comics):  Lou gets a job delivering fliers for her Uncle, and stumbles upon a mystery.  12 mini-sized pages, b+w;  $1.00.

LOU #7 by Melissa Mendes (Oily):  Eddie finds Uncle Joey, and a secret.  12 mini-sized pages, b+w;  $1.00.
LOU #8 by Melissa Mendes (Oily):  Lou and her friends explore and old abandoned theater, and she gets a confusing surprise.  12 mini-sized pages, b+w;  $1.00.

LOU #9 by Melissa Mendes (Oily):  Eddie has a rough day at work, John stays home, and Lou returns to the theater, with a cliffhanger ending.  12 mini-sized pages, b+w;  $1.00.

 LOU #10 by Melissa Mendes (Oily):  The gang makes a discovery.  12 mini-sized pages, b+w; $1.00.

LOU #11 by Melissa Mendes (Oily):  The Heat is on.  12 mini-sized pages, b+w; $1.00.

LOU #12 by Melissa Mendes (Oily):  Mom and Dad.  12 mini-sized pages, b+w; $1.00.

LOU #13 by Melissa Mendes (Oily):  John hits the road.  12 mini-sized pages, b+w; $1.00.

LOU #14
by Melissa Mendes (Oily):  John gets lost and makes a surprise discovery.  12 mini-sized pages, b+w; $1.00.

LOU #15 by Melissa Mendes (Oily): Things take another pulse-pounding turn. 12 mini-sized pages, b+w; $1.00.

►NEW! -- LOU # 16 by Melissa Mendes (Oily):  Lou's parents search for the missing kids, with the help of Sammy and Leo...  12 mini-sized pages, b+w; $1.00.

►NEW! -- LOU # 17 by Melissa Mendes (Oily):  The gripping conclusion!  12 mini-sized pages, b+w; $1.00.

MILLE PUTOIS is the long-running Montreal silk-screen publishing house run by Simon Bosse.  I'm honored to offer thew following remarkable releases here on Spit and a Half...

DES ADOLESCENTS by Pascal Girard (Mille Putois):  This new, completely silk-screened little collection of drawings of teenagers is charming, sweet, and funny, and an absolute must for any fan of this remarkable cartoonist!  Highly recommended!  20 pages, 2.5" x2.5", four-color covers, two-color interiors, all hand-screened; $5.00.

PIC NIC by Gigi Perron (Mille Putois):  Charming pantomime comic (all silk-screened) about a young lady trying to have a nice picnic, with surreal results.  24 pages, approx 2.5" x 2.5";  Five-color cover, two-color interior, all hand-screened;  $5.00

LA VIE MAGNIFIQUE DES SOUS L'EAU by Joël Vaudreuil:  Brilliant and wickedly funny depiction of life underwater (all silk-screened), with loopy, crazed cartooning, and sly writing (in French, with English sub-title card included), this beautiful little book comes highly recommended!  20 pages, approx 2.5" x 2.5"; three-color silk-screened covers and interiors; $5.00. ONLY TWO LEFT!

►NEW! - SALE TEMPS by Laureline Mattiusi (Mille Putois):  In this new, wordless, all-silkscreened minicomic from the acclaimed Mille Putois Press, a head is subjected to all manner of befoulment by the denizens of the streets.  20 pages, 2.5" x 3.5", four color silkscreened covers, three-color silscreened interiors, French flaps;  $5.00.

►NEW! - TÊTES DE MICKEY (ed. by Simon Bosse) (Mille Putois):  This lovingly produced, hand-silkscreened book collects self-portraits by an international group of artists like Pascal Girard, Julie Delporte, John Porcellino, Patrick Kyle, Inés Estrada, Michael DeForge, Joe Ollmann, JC Menu, Gigi Perron, Edie Fake, Lolmède, Jimmy Beaulieu, and 74 others!  106 perfectbound pages, 6" x 6", color throughout; $25.00.

Above: Four spreads from Têtes de Mickey

JOHN MILLER is one of the most idiosyncratic cartoonists to come from the obscuro-art movement of the 1980's-'90s.  His work has appeared most often (on this side of the pond) in such legendary underground publications as the White Buffalo Gazette and Not My Small Diary.  Now, for the first time, a collection of his work is available! (Read a well-spoken review here.)

THE COLLECTED JOHN G. MILLER, 1980-1989:  John Miller's early work arrive almost fully formed in this new collection, featuring Ghostman, Renegade X: Atom Smasher, Mr. Nooky, The Gasworks Girls, and many more, including self-portraits, pin-up pages, and juvenilia.  If you are interested in the history of the sub-underground, these volumes are indispensable   A great introduction to one of the most fascinating cartoonists of recent times.  120 perfectbound pages, 8.25" x 12", eye-dazzling b+w;  $20.00.

The Collected John Miller, 1980-1989

THE COLLECTED JOHN G. MILLER, 1990-1999: The astoundingly original comics of Scottish artist John Miller aren't too hard to describe:  just a hallucinogenic mix of Jack Kirby, 70's pop music, aliens, mind-readers, superheroes, lizard-men, and buttery nostalgia, drawn in a mind-expanding op-art style that explodes off the page in waves.  This book collects the best of his 90's output, featuring such Miller standbys as the mysterious, telepathic Ghosty, the fantastic Jimmy Battleflash, and Captain Bum-Bee.  The book also includes surreal autobiographical strips such as Teenage Pyromania, Revelation of Love, and It Was the Day of the Lizard Man, plus much much more.  A revelatory collection from one of the lesser known, but most unusual underground cartoonists of our time. Highly recommended (but maybe not for everyone, as there are a few brief moments of political incorrectness).  168 pages, full color back cover, 8.25" x 11.5", perfect-bound.  Privately published by Braw Books;  $20.00.

THE COLLECTED JOHN G. MILLER, 2000-2011: The final collection (for now!) in this amazing series, features John Miller's most recent work, including the adventures of Ghosty, Captain Bum Bee, Captain Zappa, Murdok the Abolisher, and more, including a bunch of true stories about cats and dogs, pinups, and photos.  Miller's recent work is even more densely textual, turning out pages of words and black and white mayhem that will make your head do loop-de-loops.  Honestly, I thank God these books exist.  Highly recommended.  160 perfectbound pages, 8.25" x 12", in beautiful black and white!  $20.00.

The Collected John Miller, 2000-1011

MINESHAFT Magazine has become one of the hardcore holdouts of underground comics. Each issue features letters, sketches, stories, essays, reviews and comics by some of the best UG cartoonists around, from old diehards like R. Crumb, Jay Lynch, and Kim Deitch, to newcomers like Noah Van Sciver, Sophie Crumb, Joseph Remnant, and more. Mineshaft is a true labor of love, and is highly recommended.

#27:  Recent issue of this awesome old-skool comix-zine features more R. Crumb sketches and dreams, a review of Carol Tyler's You'll Never Know by Dennis P. Eichhorn, Christoph Mueller sketches, Joyce Farmer's Special Exits reviewed by Mary Fleener, Jim Blanchard portraits, plus Peter Poplanski draws Emily Dickinson 11 times-- in the styles of Modigliani, Matisse, Bushmiller, and more!  60 digest pages, two color covers, beautiful b+w interiors;  $9.00.

MINESHAFT #28:  Newest issue features Robert and Aline's "Crumb Workout," art from R. Crumb, Billy Childish, Christoph Mueller, photography by Lucca Donna, and more, from Aleksander Zograf, Dave Collier, William Crook Jr., and Pat Moriarty, among many others.  Plus letters, etc.  In other words, just another excellent issue of this one-of-a-kind magazine.  Highly recommended.  52 digest pages, two-color covers;  $9.00.

Above:  Selections from Mineshaft #28!

MINESHAFT #29: Includes the usual assortment of great work, this time from David Collier, Carol Fleener, Aaron Lange, Aleksander Zograf, and Spain Rodriguez (unpublished sketchbook drawings), plus R. Crumb's Dream Diary and Brad Barrett's Blues; more.  44 digest pages, two-color covers, b+w interiors; $9.00.

►NEW! - MINESHAFT #30: The Fifteenth Anniversary issue of this acclaimed underground mag is a winner, with a beautifully designed R. Crumb cover, and contributions from such UG stalwarts as Justin Green, Mary Fleener, Jay Lynch, William Crook, Bill Griffith, and more (lots of Crumb inside...).  Plus poetry, notes, letters to the editor and the usual goodness!  So glad that in this day and age such a lovely, well-considered mag as Mineshaft exists.  Please check it out!  52 digest pages, two color covers, gorgeous b+w interiors; $9.00.

Above: Five spreads from Mineshaft #30 -- Are you kidding me?!?!

ANNIE MOK is the artist formerly known as Ed Choy Moorman, editor of Ghost Comics, and an accomplished cartoonist in her own right.  Here are a few of her self-published titles---

DRAWS JAMES JOYCE by Annie Mok:  Charmingly drawn in her solid cartoony style, and printed in blue, pink and purple riso-color, this lovely mini features an adaptation of "Araby" from Dubliners, and an excerpt from Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.  Plus a short autobio comics, and a few notes from the author.  24 pages, 4.5" x 6", in blue, pink, and purple riso-color;  $5.00. OUT OF STOCK.

STITCHING TOGETHER by Annie Mok:  A moving and well-done tribute to one of Annie's biggest inspirations, Jim Henson, including a brief but powerful comics-biography, quotations, an auto-bio strip, and selections from some of her earlier comics about Henson.  A must for Muppets fans!  20 digest pages, printed in green riso-color;  $5.00.

SIMON MORETON is a British artist and the mind behind Better, Drawn, a blog where people share  comics about their long-term mental and/or physical illnesses.  His Smoo series has been gaining steam.

►NEW! - SMOO COMICS #4 by Simon Moreton:  Excellent, poetic and minimalist comic about moving to the suburbs as a young man, and developing a life, with friends, places, and mysteries, among the ongoing banality only to see time roll in and begin the inevitable process of breakdown.  Very well done, moving.  28 digest pages, lovely b+w throughout, with a fold out map of the town of Marlow.  $5.00.

SMOO #5 by Simon Moreton:  Between 2004 and 2005, Simon's life imploded and he ended up living in the county of Cornwall (ie the sticks), where he drank, ostensibly studied, and became clinically depressed.  This quiet, lovely, and often funny, collection of short poetic impulses is his tribute to that time and place, rendered in delicate penciled greys.  40 roughly digest pages, b+w;  $5.00.

►NEW! - SMOO COMICS #6 by Simon Moreton:  Excellent collection of short, minimalist comics detailing small moments of reflection and observation in the artist's life:  Sick Crow, Summer Skies, Houses/Homes, Stonehenge, and Routines.  36 digest pages, b+w;  $5.00.

►NEW! -- SMOO #7 by Simon Moreton:  the new issue comes in the form of a small packet of materials about the countryside Simon grew up in.  Including three zines, a map, and a letter, Smoo #7 deals with memories, trying to live in the now, and what happens when you revisit your home, many years later.  88 pages (approx. 5.5" x 4"), plus a foldout map and letter; b+w.  $6.00.

GRAND GESTURES by Simon Moreton (Retrofit): Moreton's imagery grows sparser and even more focused in this sad, brilliant depiction of loneliness and yearning.  44 pages, 6" x 9", two-color covers, b+w interiors; $6.00.

CORINNE MUCHA is a Chicago cartoonist whose quirky, charming, and conversational comics are always a lot of fun.

►NEW! - GET OVER IT by Corinne Mucha (Secret Acres):  Corinne suffers through a romantic breakup with hilarious, sad, but always eye-opening art and writing.  Fans of Mucha's work know she can take serious emotions and keep them down to hearth, through here frequent and funny cartoony asides, and in Get Over It, she's brought her work to a whole new level.  The storytelling is great, and the art is really something to behold, astute and lovely but never seeming overly rendered... a real joy to look at.  104 oages, 6" x 9" two color covers, b+w interiors; $15.00.

MUMBO MAGAZINE:  One of my favorite things about running this distro is finding amazing little publications that have flown completely below the radar.  Case in Point:  Mumbo magazine.  Editor David T. works at a major auction house, and has access to a stunning variety of original comics art and collectibles; thus his zine is full of immaculate imagery and down to earth writing about his passion for the popular culture of yore.  Fans of Golden Age comics will blow their stacks over the rare and mesmerizing pictures found on these full-color, glossy pages.

#5:  "My Favorite (Comics) Gals," including Lulu, Nancy, Lois Lane and lots more!  32 full color, digest sized pages; $6.

#6:  Art and Music issue features DC Comics Go Hollywood, Swipe File and much much more!  36 full color, digest sized pages; $6.

#7:  Interview with underground legend Jay Lynch, Baby Ruth ads, Vintage comics, lots more; 32 full color, digest sized pages; $6.

#8:  Rare Warren Kremer art, interview with Carson Van Osten of the Nazz, DC Comics 100 Page Super Specials, and more.  32 full color, digest sized pages; $6.

►NEW! -- #9:  Filled to the brim with Walt Kelly ("Pogo") children's strips, featuring Pat, Patsy, and Peter; Kandi the Cave Kid; and Elephunnies.  56 digest pages, full color throughout;  $6.00.

 ►NEW! - MUMBO #10:  This big 52 page issue features amazing previously unpublished selections from R. Crumb's 1964 sketchbooks!  Plus: The art of Nouveau illustrator/cartoonist Edgar Church, Vietnam Journal cartoonist Don Lomax, a jam strip by editor David Tosh and Mark Stokes, and rare S. Clay Wilson and Basil Wolverton comics!  Lordy!!!  52 digest pages, in full color throughout!  Highly recommended.  $8.00.

MUMBO: COMMERCIAL COMICS:  This new Mumbo Publication features wonderful rerpoductions of Advertisments in Comics form from the Golden Age of Comic Books, including such salesmen as Captain Tootsie, Volto From Mars, R.C. and Quickie, and the Popsicle Twins, among many others.  Delightful, and a fun read for any fan of old comic books, or Americana in general.  24 digest pages, full color throughout; SOLD OUT

MUMBO: COMMERCIAL COMICS Vol. Two:  More classic comic book form advertisments, from the 1940's to the 1970's, inlcuding RC and Quickie, Ray-o-Vac batteries save the day, Tom Mix, Tootsie, and Bazooka the Atom Bubble Boy in "High as a Kite."  Highly recommended for fans of  pop culture ephemera, this Mumbo publication is as usual gorgeously produced in full color, and a joy to peruse.  24 digest pages, full color throughout;  $5.00

Above: Two spreads from Mumbo: Commercial Comics Vol. 2

►NEW! -- MUMBO - COMMERCIAL COMICS #3 ed. by David Tosh:  The new one features more classic comics form advertising, this time Hostess Pastry ads from the seventies and eighties.  Includes work by Dick Giordano, Curt Swan, Gil Kane, Sal Buscema, Joe Sinnott, Mike Esposito and more.  Original art, printed pages, and a brief introduction.  28 digest pages, full color throughout, a must for fans of comic book history!  $5.00.

Above: Two spreads from Commercial Comics #3

JASON MURPHY is a cartoonist.

►NEW! - ME NUT NUT NUT #2 by Jason Murphy (Space Face):  Booger has a bad dream and then falls into a menacing world of hatching eggs, bugs, spiders and fear.  Lovely inky lines and grotesque bodily distortions make for fascinating reading.  28 pages, 7" x 10", two color riso covers, one color riso interiors; $6.00.

Above: Two spreads from Me Nut Nut Nut #2

JONNY NEGRON is one of comics' hottest new artists.  And I do mean hot!

►ADAPT #1 by Jonny Negron (Floating World Comics):  Giant tabloid sized comic features two works-- Part One of "Where Are We?", Negron's full color sci-fi exploration of alienation in a utopian society, and "Roses From Concrete", an essay on the parallels between rap and and other outlaw artforms, by Matt Seneca, illustrated by Negron, with a 2-Pac comic and portraits of some of the greatest rap artists of all time.  24 pages, 15" x 23", full color and b+w; $7.00.

►NEW! - LOOSE JOINTS #1 by Jonny Negron (Space Face): This violent, luridly colored collection, features Negron's comics from Vice and Chameleon, 2011-2014, including Hit and Run, Human Meat, Retarder 1 and 2, and lots more, including some great standalone full color drawings.  Graphic, funky, hardnosed comics about modern life.  52 pages, 6" x 8", full color throughout; $12.00.

NEWAVE: THE UNDERGROUND MINI COMIX OF THE 1980s:  This doorstopper of a book compiles the history of the original mini-comic movement of the 1980s with not only hundreds upon hundreds of pages of reproduced stories, cover art, etc, but also with great interviews and essays which put the movement in context.  For anyone interested in Underground Comics this fascinating document is a must-have.  Artists featured include: Bob Vojtko, Clay Geerdes, Jim Siergey, Bruce Chrislip, Hillary Barta, Brad Foster, David Miller, The Pizz, Michael Roden, Dale Luciano, Steve Willis, J.R. Williams, Mary Fleener, XNO, Dale Lee Coovert, Jim Gaither, Bob X, Wayno, Tom Motley, Roy Tompkins, Mack White, Peter Bagge, Dan Clowes, Sam Henderson, and Molly Kiely, among MANY MANY others. 892 (!) 5" x 6.25" pages, color hardcover with b+w interiors, $25.00.

NOT MY SMALL DIARY is an annual, long-running autobio comix-zine, published by Delaine Derry Green, that has quietly become one of the most amazing collections of autobio anywhere. Each issue is a who's who of modern underground cartoonists, and is packed to the gills with dozens upon dozens of talented contributors. You're always sure to find a lot to love in each new issue of NMSD...

NOT MY SMALL DIARY #17 (ed. by Delaine Derry Green):  The latest issue of this amazing, long-running comics anthology features stories on HIGH SCHOOL (now, that's a theme!) by talented small press artists such as Cara Bean, T.E. Bak, Box Brown, Joe Decie, Kelly Froh, Dave Kiersh, MariNaomi, McNinch, Moreton, Liz Prince, Lizzee Solomon, Julia Wertz, and so many more it's practically crazy.  Includes three exclusive strips by John P. about Gym Class, so you know it's good.  134 digest pages, three color covers, b+w interiors, perfectbound paperback;  only $7.00!!!  Come on!

 Roberta Gregory (from NMSD #17)

 Carrie McNinch (from NMSD #17)

 Simon Moreton (from NMSD #17)

John P. (from NMSD #17)

Liz Prince (from NMSD #17)

►NEW! - THE PORTABLE NOT MY SMALL DIARY ed. by Delaine Derry Green:  This new paperback collection compiles the best of Delaine's legendary auto-bio comics anthology, with work by John P., Jerry Sims, Ben Snakepit, Ramsey Beyer, Dave Kiersh, Julia Wertz, John Miller, Hellen Jo, MariNaomi, Derek Ballard, Cara Bean, Jeff Zenick, Carrie McNinch, Noah Van Sciver, Liz Prince, Jesse Reklaw, Dan Zettwoch, and many, many more.  Over 80 contributors in all!  Includes an introduction and index to every cartoonist who's ever appeared in NMSD.  A great introduction to one of the most important comic-zines in history...  216 pages, 5.5" x 8.5", color covers, b+w interiors; only $8.00!

Above: Six spreads from The Portable Not My Small Diary.

MOLLY COLLEEN O'CONNELL is a member of the Closed Caption Comics arts-collective.  I have in stock her recent Domino Books release.

DIFFICULT LOVES by Molly Colleen O'Connell (Domino):  O'Connell's wild, fleshy drawings take center stage here with a twisted (ha) abtruse narrative concerning snakes, strip malls, love, nail salons, and snakes.  The curious reader will no doubt find much to munch on here.  "Each page of this comic stands alone as an aggressively elegant work for the reader to soak up. Taken together, these pages form an elaborate story and a concentrated work of art that readers will be dipping into long after their first encounter."  True, dat.  24 pages, 9" x 12", color covers, b+w interiors;  $6.00.

MANDY ORD is a cartoonist from Melbourne Australia that I met at TCAF 2012.  Her loose, inky comics revolve around everyday weirdness: conversations, encounters, fears, and anxieties.

ORD COMICS by Mandy Ord:  A nice sampler of recent comics that Mandy put out for TCAF:  What the Hell is a Shorty?, Coffeeshop Customers, Dogs, People on Trains and lots more.  32 pages, 7" x 10", color covers and flaps with b+w interiors;  $3.00

JOEL ORFF's quiet and unassuming comics have been gracing the underground since Marvelous Martha's back in the 1980's.  A singular artist and cartoonist, his work has always been a joy to me.

STRUM AND DRANG: Great Moments in Rock and Roll by Joel Orff (Alternative Comics):  One of Joel's long-running series has been his "Great Moments in Rock and Roll," where he gently depicts scenes of rebellion, rock n roll, and personal liberation, from his own life as well as those of his readers.  This nice book collects a bunch of those stories, including one from me about my high school band, Bryce Hammer!  Joel takes and open-eyed view of what "Rock and Roll" means, making a case for the expressions, passions, and quietly powerful moments of everyday life.  Highly Recommended.  76 pages, 10" x 10", color covers, b+w interiors;  just $7.00.

LA PASTÈQUE is a Québécois publisher out of Montréal that produces some of the most elegant and understated books in the comics scene.  I've picked up a bunch of their wordless titles, so English readers have nothing to fear, but a lot to gain...  Check it out!

LA MER by Marianne Dubuc:  It's Cat vs. Goldfish!  Out the window, across the rooftops, through the forest, and to the moon!  This delightful and gentle book is a must for fans of cats (or goldfish!), and would make a perfect gift for children.  100 wordless pages, 5" x 7", two color covers and interior, wordless; $10.00.

MAHLER is a renowned Austrian cartoonist, whose highly idiosyncratic, minimalist comics have been published all over the world.  These three titles from La Pastèque are wordless, in English, or include English translations:

BAD JOB (Mahler) shows a conical little man engaged in the unhappy occupation of handing flyers to passers-by on a busy city street.  With hilarious results.  The absurdity of modern employment is skewered in this charming, very evocative little book-- you really feel this guy's pain!  52 pages, 6" x 8", two color interiors, perfect-bound;  $10.00.

HARVEY PEKAR should need no introduction to fans of alternative comics.  One of the earliest die-hard proponents of autobiographical comics, Pekar's mundane tales of life in Cleveland as a VA file clerk, and scrappy underground comics creator, were groundbreaking.  When he passed away in 2010, the comics world lost one of its most original voices.  Cleveland is his final work.

HARVEY PEKAR's CLEVELAND by Harvey Pekar, illustrated by Joseph Remnant (Zip/Top Shelf):  This, Pekar's final work, is a loving but honest history of both the writers beloved hometown, and his life there.  As such, it's a sweeping document, cutting across decades.  Partly akin to his historical and critical work, and partly his classic autobio, this book, illustrated with classic grace by Blindspot cartoonist Joseph Remnant, is a fitting cap to a long career in American Comics.  With a great introduction by Alan Moore, and an afterword by Jimi Izrael.  128 hardcover pages, 9" x 7"; b+w interiors; $22.00.

A longtime but relatively obscure member of the Canadian underground JONATHAN PETERSON is a sculptor, image maker, and cartoonist.

SPACE BASKET by Jonathan Peterson (Domino):  This new release introduces us to Peterson's comics world, where chance meetings and mishaps between odd characters are constantly evolving in a strange, shaggy narrative, all illustrated in a bulky, crude, ink-crazed rendering.  Space Basket "...begins with friends traveling to a large cliff---with that simple catalyst, a story unfolds that is at once straight-faced adventure, mysterious travelogue, and unsettling comedy."  Wild, woolly, and weird.  28 pages, 8" x 10"; full-color covers, b+w newsprint interiors;  $5.00.

JOHN PORCELLINO is me!  The full range of KING-CAT COMICS zines and books is available through Spit and a Half.  Feel free to add any of my stuff to your order!  Click here for my complete list of zines, books, and other merchandise!  Meanwhile, here are a few newish items:

►NEW! -- A GUIDE TO GAINESVILLE WILDLIFE by John Porcellino (SAW):  This 2-color risograph printed mini-zine features ten inkwash drawings of common Florida wildlife, including gators, bugs, snakes, and lizards!  (A portion of the proceeds benefits the Sequential Artists Workshop, in Gainesville, FL.)  16 mini-sized pages, 2-color throughout;  $3.00.

►NEW! - KING-CAT COMICS #74: New issue features Moving Day, Lying in Bed, Bridges of South Beloit, Body Odor Blues, Travel Comics, Bowser, Bat Love, letters, Top 40, and more!  32 digest pages, black + white;  $3.00

Above: Three spreads from King-Cat Comics #74

KING-CAT COMICS #73: Recent issue features that rascally Mr. Bowser, Cat Fun, In Search of the Cuckoo Bird, a Comix Dream (with cameos by Kevin H. and Anders N.), letters, a poem, Top 40, and more!  32 digest pages, black + white;  $3.00.

THE NEXT DAY by Paul Peterson and Jason Gilmore, Illustrated by John Porcellino.  My latest project features the true stories of four suicide survivors-- the lives that led them to their decision, and their lives in the wake of it. Published in conjunction with a National Film Board of Canada sponsored web-documentary. 100 pages, in navy blue ink; perfect-bound; $17.00.

PATRICK PORTER is one of my closest friends-- he's a painter, musician, and writer. His prolific albums are raw and real and remarkably complex and beautiful, like a painting, and deserve to be heard as such. Sad, scary, lonely and funny, they are some of the best records I've ever heard. Not for the faint of heart or "indie-rock" car commercials, but for those of you looking for the Real Deal: here it is, waiting just for you. Visit Patrick's Bandcamp page for song samples etc.

A SWAN AT SMILEY'S: Smiley's is the World's Largest Discount Laundromat, located right here in Denver, and A Swan at Smiley's is my dear friend Patrick Porter's latest CD of amazing one-man rock n roll. Patrick's one of my favorite people, so obviously I'm biased, but even so I must say his art brings tears to my eyes. In a world filled with phoniness, Patrick is the real deal. And I wrote the liner notes. 16 song CD, beautiful full color sleeve; INCLUDES Cry Me A River...  Sing Me A Raft (12 song EP) as mp3 files $10.00.

BACHELOR PAD BLUE; BENT PANTS AND STRAY CATS:  Porter's brilliant 2009 album, featuring such hits as "Going Home On A Train," "Big Frowny Face," and "Feed From A Holy Lite."  I personally think this is his masterpiece.  20 track CD-R, hand colored cover and disc; $5.00.

►NEW! - PRESIDENTIAL LOSERS by Various Artists, ed. by Shannon McCormick:  A hardcover book documenting the Presidential Losers exhibit held in Austin in 2013, this beautifully made collection brings you artists such as John Porcellino, Zak Sally, Aidan Koch, Matt Seneca, Box Brown, Mack White, Benjamin Marra, Jim Rugg, Lauren Weinstein, and many more, with their portraits of 43 people who ran for president of the United States, and lost.  164 pages, full color throughout; 8.5" x 8.5", with an introduction by McCromick and biographies of contenders and artists; very limited edition; $30.00

Above: Five spreads from Presidential Losers