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ORDERING:  Domestic orders are generally shipped USPS Media Mail within a week of receipt.  International orders are sent USPS First Class.  Sometimes if something you requested is backordered, I'll hold off until I receive that item, so everything ships at once.  If that's taking too long though, I'll mail the in-stock items and send the backstocked one(s) later, as soon as they arrive.  If there are any problems or questions with your order, please get in touch and let me know!

►Items marked SOLD OUT are out of stock and are unlikely to be restocked-- please do not order these!
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►By ordering items marked FOR MATURE READERS you are affirming that you at least 18 years of age.

SUBMISSIONS:  I'm very sorry to say, but Spit and a Half is no longer accepting submissions.  If and when this changes I'll let you all know here.

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WHOLESALE ORDERS:  If you're a store or distro, and would like to carry anything from the Spit and a Half catalog, please drop me a line.  More info can be found here.


What does "Spit and a Half" mean?  To tell the truth, I don't remember.  When I was in High School I was very into nonsense words and writing.  I had a phrase I would sometimes say when something went wrong: "Shit in a hole!"  I can only assume "Spit and a Half" was a derivative of that.  I named my High School record label Spit and a Half, and in 1992 when I started the comix distro, I used that name as well.

What were your inspirations for starting the distro?  In the early 90's I discovered two mailorder indie music catalogs (when "indie music" really meant "independent music"): the Ajax and K Records catalogs.  These two companies inspired me to try something similar for small-press comics and zines (and later music as well).  At the time there was nobody doing much along those lines for zines/comix.  Along with Spit and a Half there were Puppy Toss and Wow Cool, both in the Bay Area.  Spit and a Half soon became a kind of community space for the pre-internet underground comics scene.  I quit the distro in 2000, due to health problems, but always missed it.  So now I'm back!  Look out world!

Why does your website suck so bad?  It's because I'm old, and I don't understand computers, or how to make things look nice on them.  I'm doing the best I can.  If you are a web wizard and want to make me a nice, searchable, user-friendly e-commerce site FOR FREE, drop me a line!