Look in the catalog under the ALL-CAPS name for these recent additions:

Added January 9, 2015:

ALABASTER: Mimi and the Wolves Act Two (Self-published) - $12
Lilli CARRÉ: Heads or Tails (Fantagraphics) - $25
Max CLOTFELTER: Pube Smoke (Self-published) - $2
Guy COLWELL: Inner City Romance (Fantagraphics) - $25
Joe DECIE: I Blame Grandma (Self-published) - $5
Joe DECIE: The Listening Agent (Blank Slate) - $15
DOUBLE NICKELS FOREVER: Minutemen Comix Anthology (Leaf and Signal) - $10
Michel FIFFE: Copra Volume One TPB (Bergen Street Comics) - $20
Kelly FROH: Motion Sick (Self-published) - $10
Julia GFRÖRER/ S. T. COLLINS: In Pace Requiescat (Thuban Press) - $5
Julia GFRÖRER: Palm Ash (Thuban Press) - $5
Julia GFRÖRER: Too Dark To See (Thuban Press) - $5
Simon HANSELMANN: Megahex (Fantagraphics) - $30
Tim LANE: Abandoned Cars (Softcover Edition) (Fantagraphics) - $19
Olivier SCHWAUREN: Arsène Schwauren (Fantagraphics) - $35
Noah VAN SCIVER: St Cole (Fantagraphics) - $20
Noah VAN SCIVER: Blammo 8.5 (Kilgore Books) - $6
Drew WEING: Set to Sea TPB (Fantagraphics) - $15
Sophie YANOW: War of Streets and Houses (Uncivilized) - $11

Added December 22, 2014:

David B.: Incidents in the Night (Uncivilized) - $20
Olive BOOGER: Crash Trash (Oily) - $1
Simon BOSSÉ: Loiterers (Conundrum) - $18
Jon CHADURJIAN: The Bad-ventures of Bobo Backslack (Adhouse) - $15
Chris CILLA: Luncheonette/Labyrinthectomy (Revival House) - $5
Chris CILLA: Stun Nuts #10 (Sardine Can Press) - $3
Max CLOTFELTER: Buster - $1
Max CLOTFELTER: Andros 5 + 6 - $2 each
Antoine COSSÉ: Harold (Retrofit/Big Planet) - $6
Eleanor DAVIS: How to be Happy (Fantagraphics) - $25
Theo ELLSWORTH: The Understanding Monster Book Two (Secret Acres) - $22
Devin FLYNN: Hawd Tales #1 (Revival House) - $5
Kelly FROH: Nasty Day - $3
Kelly FROH: This Body is a Lemon - $3
Réal GODBOUT: Amerika (Conundrum) - $20
Trevor GRABILL: Another Instant (Flat Mountain Press) - $4
Trevor GRABILL: Paper Garden (Flat Mountain Press) - $3
Trevor GRABILL: Seven Mental Knots (Flat Mountain Press) - $1
Trevor GRABILL: Travel Drawings 2013 (Flat Mountain Press) - $4
Alex HOLDEN: West Side Improvements (Uncivilized) - $5
I HOPE THIS FINDS YOU WELL: Cartoonist Interviews ed. by Dan Stafford (Kilgore) - $12
Jess JOHNSON: Forward Looking Statement (Paper Rocket) - $2
Megan KELSO: Cats in Service - $10
Akino KONDOH: Nothing Whatsoever Out in the Open (Retrofit/Big Planet) - $6
KU(Š)! #19: (Various) Mathematics - $12
Mini KUŠ #22: Oskars Pavlovskis "Lucky" - $5
Mini KUŠ #23: Ruta & Anete Daubure "Domino" - $5
Mini KUŠ #24: Anna Vaivare "Swimming Pool" - $5
Mini KUŠ #25: Roope Eronen "Magnetism" - $5
Mini-KUŠ #26 Jyrki Heikkinen "Little Hilma" - $5
Mini-KUŠ #27 Jesse Jacobs "Mathematical Solutions for a Global Crisis" - $5
Mini-KUŠ #28 Zane Zlemesa "Collector" - $5
Mini-KUŠ #29 Disa Wallander "Remember This?" - $5
Tim LANE: Happy Hour in America #1 + 2 (restock) - $4
Tim LANE: Happy Hour in America #4 (restock) - $5
Nick MAANDAG: The Libertarian (Pigeon Press, new edition) - $9
Jason MARTIN: Covers - $3
Joe OLLMANN/Andy BROWN: Milo and Sam (Conundrum) - $2
Grant REYNOLDS: Don't Try to Save Me #2 - $3
Keiler ROBERTS: Powdered Milk #11-13 - $2 each
Ben SEA: Eyelash Out (Retrofit/Big Planet) - $4
Aron Nels STEINKE: Mr. Wolf #3 - $5
Liz SUBURBIA: Cyanide Milkshake #5 - $2
TINY REPORT: 2013 Micro-Press Yearbook (Paper Rocket) - $3
TUSEN HJÄRTEN STARK #2 (Various, Domino Books) - $3
Malachi WARD: Ritual #3 "Vile Decay" (Revival House) - $7
Nathan WARD: Fun-O-Planet - Failed Alien - $5
Scout WOLFCAVE/Penina GAL: Limp Wrist (Paper Rocket) - $4

Added November 5, 2014:

Sam ALDEN: It Never Happened Again (Uncivilized) - $12
Josh BAYER: Theth (Retrofit) - $10
Gabrielle BELL: Truth is Fragmentary (Uncivilized) - $20
Elizabeth BELLIVEAU: One Year in America (Conundrum) -$17
Simon BOSSE: Loiterers (Conundrum) -$18
Box BROWN: Number One #2 (Retrofit) - $6
CHIHOI: The Train (Conundrum) -$17
Max DeRADIGUES: Bastard #1 (Oily) -$5
Anne EMOND: Debbie's Inferno (Retrofit) - $6
Charles FORSMAN: Luv Sucker #2 (Oily) - $5
Sacha GOERG: Nu #1 (Oily) - $5
GRAHAM & EISENHOWER: Scaffold Vol. 1 (Hic + Hoc) -$15
Gretta JOHNSON: Star Fruit (Paper Rocket) - $10
HAPPINESS #4 Book/CD Anthology (Spit House) - $15
James KOCHALKA: Fungus (Big Planet Comics) - $12
KU(Š)! #18: "Poetry" Anthology - $12
Tim LANE: The Lonesome Go (Fantagraphics) - $40
Blaise LARMEE: Comets Comets (2D Cloud) - $5
MARINAOMI: Dragon's Breath (2D Cloud/Uncivilized) - $25
Carrie McNINCH: You Don't Get There... #30 (Self-published) - $2
Anders NILSEN: Conversation Gardening (Self-published) - $3
Anders NILSEN: God and the Devil at War in the Garden (Self-published) - $15
Joe OLLMANN: Happy Stories About Maladjusted People (Conundrum) - $20
John PORCELLINO: Root Hog or Die DVD (Kilgore Books) - $15
John PORCELLINO: The Hospital Suite (D+Q) - $23
PRATFALL Anthology Ed by Rob Kirby - $4
Jim RUGG (w/ Brian Maruca): Street Angel HC (Adhouse) - $20
Jess RULIFFSON: Characters (Paper Rocket) - $6
Jess RULIFFSON: Forward Looking Statement (Paper Rocket) - $2
Zak SALLY: Recidivist #4 (La Mano 21) - $20
Walter SCOTT: Wendy (Koyama Press) - $18
Daryl SEITCHIK: Missy #2 (Oily) - $5
Dash SHAW: Cosplayers #2 (Fantagraphics) - $5
Dash SHAW: Doctors (Fantagraphics) - $17
Noah VAN SCIVER: I Don't Hate Your Guts (2D Cloud) - $5
Sophie YANOW: In Situ #3, 4: (Colosse) - $5 each
Sophie YANOW: Sleepy Details (Colosse) - $4
Dan ZETTWOCH: Cut Away Comics #2 (Oily) - $1

Added July 10, 2014:

Antony HUCHETTE: Brookyln Quesadillas (Conundrum) -$15
INSECT BATH #1 (Various Artists, Profanity Hill) -$4
Jesse JACOBS: Safari Honeymoon (Koyama) -$15
KU(Š) #16 - "Villages" (Various Artists) -$12
KU(Š) #17 - "Sweet Romance" (Various Artists) -$12
Mini-KUŠ #18: Michael Jordan "No Place To Stay" -- $5
Mini-KUŠ #19: Berliac "Inverso" -- $5
Mini-KUŠ #20: Jean De Wet "Crater Lake" -- $5
Mini-KUŠ #21: Renata Gasiorowska "Jungle Night" -- $5

Added July 9, 2014:

Jimmy BEAULIEU: My Neighbour's Bikini (Conundrum) -$15
Geneviève CASTRÉE: Susceptible (D+Q) -$20
Madéleine FLORES: Bear, Bird and Stag (Retrofit) -$6
John and Luke HOLDEN: Detrimental Information (2D Cloud) -$20
Seo KIM: Cat Person (Koyama) -$20
The Portable NOT MY SMALL DIARY (Ed. Delaine Derry Green) -$8
PRESIDENTIAL LOSERS (Various Artists) -$30

Added July 3, 2014:

Dash SHAW: 
Cosplayers #1 (Fantagraphics) -$5
Katie SKELLY: Operation Margarine (Adhouse) -$13
Jordan SPEER: QCHQ (Space Face) -$12
Conor STECHSCHULTE: The Amateurs (Fantagraphics) -$15
Tom VAN DEUSEN: Scorched Earth #1 + 2 (Poochie Press) -$5 each
Noah VAN SCIVER: Youth Is Wasted (Adhouse) -$15
Noah VAN SCIVER: A City of Whiskey and Fire (w/ Daniel Landes) -$5
Noah VAN SCIVER: The Lizard Laughed (Oily) -$5

Added July 2, 2014:

Mark CONNERY: Rudy (2D Cloud) -$22
Nick MAANDAG: Facility Integrity (Pigeon Press) -$10
Corinne MUCHA: Get Over It (Secret Acres) -$15
Jason MURPHY: Me Nut Nut Nut #2 (Space Face) -$6
Jonny NEGRON: Loose Joints #1 (Space Face) -$12

Added July 1, 2014:

Gabrielle BELL:
 Cecil and Jordan (D+Q) -$20
Gabrielle BELL: Lucky Volume Two #1 (D+Q) -$4
Mike DAWSON: Angie Bongiolatti (Secret Acres) -$20
Oliver EAST: Homesick Truant's Cambrian Yarn 1-3 -$5 each
Austin ENGLISH: The Life Problem (Drippy Bone) -$9
Brian EVENSON: Ed Vs Yummy Fur (Uncivilized) -$13
Edie FAKE: Memory Palaces (Secret Acres) -$20
Sam GASKIN: 2012 (Secret Acres) -$7
Pascal GIRARD: Petty Theft (D+Q) -$20
Michael JORDAN: The Case Inside (Space Face) -$6

Added 3/30/14:

Sam ALDEN: The Man That Dances In the Meadow (Space Face) - $5
CAKE 2014 Fundraiser Anthology - $12
(KU)Š! #15 - The CATS Issue (KUŠ) - $12
Brendan LEACH: Iron Bound (Secret Acres) -$22
MINESHAFT #30 - $9
Noah VAN SCIVER: More Mundane - Diary Comics (Spit and a Half) - $5

Added 12/20/13:

Simon HANSELMANN: Life Zone (Space Face)

Added 12/14/13:

Dennis EICHHORN: Real Good Stuff #1+2 (Poochie Press)
Charles FORSMAN: Celebrated Summer (Fantagraphics)
Julia GFRÖRER: Black is the Color (Fantagraphics)
Trevor GRABILL: Journal of Horizons (Flat Mountain)
Jesse REKLAW: Couch Tag (Fantagraphics)

Added 12/9/13:

Billy BURKERT: Noise #3 (Oily)
Jessica CAMPBELL: Rave #1 (Oily)
Aaron COCKLE: Word and Voice #8 (Oily)
COMICS AS POETRY Anthology ed. by Franklin Einspruch (New Modern)
Charles FORSMAN: Teen Creeps #3-4 (Oily)
Chuck FORSMAN: Working on the End of the Fucking World (Oily)
Renee FRENCH: Hagelbarger and That Nightmare Goat (Yam Books)
Daniel FROST: Atop a Hill in Frostville (Little Otsu)
HAPPINESS 1-3 Anthology, ed. by Leah Wishnia (Spithouse)
Alex KIM: Dumpling King #3 (Oily)
Carrie McNINCH: You Don't Get There From Here #26
Melissa MENDES: Lou #17 (Oily)
Laura PARK: Do Not Disturb My Waking Dream (Uncivilized)
John PORCELLINO: King-Cat #74 (Spit and a Half)
Alex SCHUBERT: Blobby Boys #3 (Zine Police)
Daryl SEITCHIK: Missy #1 (Oily)
Ryan Cecil SMITH: SF #3 (Koyama)
Benjamin URKOWITZ: Real Rap #4-5 (Oily)
Jon VERMILYEA: Fata Morgana (Koyama)
Peter WARTMAN: Over the Wall (Uncivilized)
Leah WISHNIA: Gut Feelings #1 (Spithouse)
Jenny ZERVAKIS: Strange Growths #16

Added 10/29/13:

Delaine DERRY GREEN: I Am My Own Stereotype - the Collected My Small Diary
Dave KIERSH and Cole JOHNSON: Exes
Scott LONGO: The Intern (Oily)
Melissa MENDES: Lou # 16 (Oily)
Simon MORETON: Smoo #7
Joseph REMNANT: Blindspot #3 (Kilgore Comics)
Zak SALLY: Sammy the Mouse Vol. 2 (Uncivilized)
Aron Nels STEINKE: Mr. Wolf #2
TABLEGEDDON: Anth. ed. by Rob Kirby, Comix Tabling Stories!
TREASURY OF MINICOMICS Vol. 1:  Ed. by Michael Dowers (Fantagraphics)
Benjamin URKOWITZ: Real Rap #3 (Oily)

Added 10/24/13:

Marc BELL: Belly Wot Leaflet - Noze Clippah (Whole World Books)
Billy BURKERT: Noise #2 (Oily)
Aaron COCKLE: Word and Voice #7 (Oily)
Nick DRNASO: Tell God to Blow the Wind From the West (Oily)
Michel FIFFE: In Conversation with Sean Ford (Oily)
Chuck FORSMAN: Teen Creeps #1 +2 (Oily)
Sam GASKIN: Goblins (Oily)
Tom HART: RL #3 (SAW Books)
Kevin HUIZENGA: Wild Kingdom (D+Q)
Kevin HUIZENGA, Dan ZETTWOCH, Ted MAY: Leon Beyond Collection (Uncivilized)
Rusty JORDAN: Alamo Value Rental #1 (Revival House)

Added 9/16/13:

Anna BONGIOVANNI: Out of Hollow Water (2D Cloud)
Cole CLOSSER: Little Tommy Lost  Vol. 1 (Koyama)
Chuck FORSMAN: TEOTFW TPB(Fantagraphics)
ION EDITIONS: Abecedaire Pour Dames et Messieurs (Aurelian Vallade)
ION EDITIONS: Pourquoi il Faut Penser a Nettoyer son Aquarium (Amandine Ciosi)
ION EDITIONS: Ils Vivent ((Etienne Poitier)
Sandrine MARTIN: La Montagne de Sucre (L'Apocalypse)
Keiler ROBERTS: Powdered Milk #11
Alex SCHUBERT: Blobby Boys TPB (Koyama Press)
Sar SHAHAR: Sequential Vacation II (Secret Acres)
Katie SKELLY: Operation Margarine #3
Noah VAN SCIVER w/ N. Breutzman: Deep in the Woods (2D Cloud)
Noah VAN SCIVER: St. Cole #1 (Kilgore Books)

Added 9/14/13:

Pierre FERRERO/Luca: London Fashion/Poupy (Arbitraire)
Renee FRENCH: Céphelées (L'Apocalypse)
Kevin HUIZENGA: Gloriana (D+Q)
KU(Š) #13
Mini-KUŠ #14: "The Pernicious Kiss" by Tiina Lehikoinen
Mini-KUŠ #15: "Hideous Fiesta" by Heta Bilaletdin
Mini-KUŠ #16: "Runaway Dog" by Emelie Ostergren
Mini-KUŠ #17: "Borrowed Tails" by Inés Estrada
Steve LAFLER: Doggy Style -the Complete Dog Boy (CO2)
Jason LITTLE: Borb 1-3
LIVING  THINGS #9 (by Martine Workman, Little Otsu)
LIVING THINGS #10 (by Joohee Yoon, Little Otsu)

Added 9/12/13:

BALD EAGLES: Bittersweet Romance (Drippy Bone)
Derek M. BALLARD: You Will All Die In Pain (Drippy Bone)
Derek M. BALLARD: Your Daughters Will Bear Our Children (Drippy Bone)
Raymond BEISINGER: B+W (Belgravian Press)
Marc BELL: Cowabunga Schnauzer (Half World Books)
Art BIGGS: Joy and Spider XIV
Anna BONGIOVANNI: Out of Hollow Water (2D Cloud)
Nathan BULMER: Eat More Bikes #5
CLUTCH/Nicole Georges: Invincible Summer 22/Clutch 25 split
Eleanor DAVIS: 31 Drawings That Have Something To Do With Being in Love and Not Being in Love

Added 9/8/13:

Andy BURKHOLDER: Middlegound (Oily)
Jessica CAMPBELL: Mrs. Connie Dutton (Oily)
Aaron COCKLE: Word and Voice #6 (Oily)
LINEWORK #1 Anthology Special Deal
Melissa MENDES: Lou #14-15 (Oily)
Marian RUNK: Not a Horse Girl #1 (Oily)
Josh SIMMONS: Training + Habit #1 (Oily)
Zach WORTON: Blood Visions #2 (Oily)
Dan ZETTWOCH: Cut-Away Comics #1 - Tree Swallows (Oily)

Added 9/2/13:

Josh BAYER: Raw Power #2 (Retrofit/IAMWAR)
BOULET: Darkness (Adhouse)
Box BROWN: Beach Girls (Retrofit)
Michael DeFORGE: Wet Cough (Mille Putois)
Killian ENG: Object #10 (Floating World)
Michel FIFFE: Copra Compendium #2 (Bergen Street Comics)
Simon HANSELMANN: St. Owl's Bay (Floating World)
Aidan KOCH: Field Studies (Floating World)
Jason MARTIN: Driftwood City TPB
Jonny NEGRON: Adapt #1 (Floating World)
SUSPECT DEVICE #3 (ed. Josh Bayer)
WORKBURGER (Stripburger)

Added 7/7/13:

Cara BEAN: Ms. Bean's Art Class #1
Michael DeFORGE: Structures 24-34 (Uncivilized)
Michael DeFORGE: Molecules (Restock) and Loose #3
Lizz HICKEY: Jammers (Hic + Hoc)
Tom KACZYNSKI: Cartoon Dialectics #2 (Uncivilized)
Tom KACZYNSKI: Structures 1-11 (Uncivilized)
LINEWORK Anthology #3-4
MARDOU: Sky in Stereo #1-2
Ted MAY: Men's Feelings (Revival House)
Têtes de Mickey (MILLE PUTOIS silkscreen anthology)
Jesse REKLAW: LOVF (Paper Rocket)
Keiler ROBERTS: Powdered Milk #9-10
James ROMBERGER: Post York (Uncivilized)
Jim RUGG: Supermag #1 (Adhouse)
Dash SHAW: New Jobs (Uncivilized)
Vincent STALL: Structures 12-23 (Uncivilized)
Jason TURNER: Farm School (Retrofit)
Benjamin URKOWITZ: Real Rap #2 (Oily)
Noah VAN SCIVER: Blammo #8
Noah VAN SCIVER: The Death of Elijah Lovejoy (2D Cloud, restock)
Andrew WHITE: We Will Remain (Retrofit)
WINSLOW-YOST & RAE-GRANT: Tiger Man #1 (Oily)
M. YOUNG: The Wild Child Part One

Added 7/6/13:

Robert SERGEL: Eschew #3 (Secret Acres)
Dash SHAW: Three New Stories (Fantagraphics)
Katie SKELLY: Operation Margarine #1-2
Sam SPINA: The Frantastic Four (Kilgore)
Liz SUBURBIA: The Crusher
Liz SUBURBIA: Cyanide Milkshake #2-4
Liz SUBURBIA: Eat or Be Meatball
Liz SUBURBIA: Turbo Mutt

Added 7/2/13:

Victor KERLOW: Everything Takes Forever (Koyama)
Alex KIM: Dumpling King #2 (Oily)
Robert KIRBY: Ginger the Wonder Dog
KUŠ: Š #13 (KuŠ)
Scott LONGO: The Virgin (Oily)
Melissa MENDES: Lou #10-13 (Oily)
Simon MORETON: Grand Gestures (Retrofit)

Added 6/27/13:

Theo ELLSWORTH: Capacity #8 (Secret Acres)
Michael FIFFE: Copra Collection (Bergen Street)
Chuck FORSMAN: End of the Fucking World #13, 14
Kelly FROH: Weeknight Casserole #2
Gabby GAMBOA: Miss Lonelyhearts #2
Sam GASKIN: Fatal Faux Pas
Sam GASKIN: Gnomes (Oily)
Trevor GRABILL: Listen Part One
Trevor GRABILL: Travel Drawings 2012
Anna HAIFISCH: The Buddies #1 (Oily)
Tom HART: RL #2
Pablo HOLMBERG (Kioskerman): Eden (D+Q)

Added 6/26/13:

Warren CRAGHEAD w/ Marc Geddes: Outside #1 (Oily)
Jo DERY in Conversation with Melissa Mendes (Oily)
Michael DeFORGE: The Boy in Question (Space Face)
Michael DeFORGE: Elizabeth of Canada #2 (Oily)
Michael DeFORGE: Lose #5 (Koyama)
Michael DeFORGE: Very Casual (Koyama)
Julie DELPORTE: Journal (Koyama)
Nick DRNASO: Young Dumb and Full of Cum (Oily)

Added 6/25/13

ALABASTER: Mimi and the Wolves #1
Box BROWN: Memorexia (Sacred Prism)
Michiel BUDEL: Wayward Girls #1, 2 (Secret Acres)
Billy BURKERT: Noise #1 (Oily)
Andy BURKHOLDER: Foreground and Background (Oily)
CHIHOI: The Library (Conundrum)
Aaron COCKLE: Word and Voice #1-5 (Oily)
David COLLIER: Chimo (Conundrum)
David COLLIER: Collier's Popular Press (Conundrum)

Added April 9, 2013:

Ariel BORDEAUX: The Complete Deep Girl

Lilli CARRÉ: Heads or Tails (Fantagraphics)
Marnie GALLOWAY: In the Sounds and the Seas
Pascal GIRARD: Des Adolescents (Bestseller, back in stock!)
Kevin HUIZENGA: The Half Men + Ganges restocks
Tim LANE: Happy Hour in America #3 (restock)
MILLE PUTOIS: Sale Temps by Laureline Mattiusi
Ron REGÉ Jr: The Cartoon Utopia (Fantagraphics)
Kieler ROBERTS: Powdered Milk Collection + Vol 6, 7
SQUA TRONT #13: EC fanzine from Fantagraphics!
Noah VAN SCIVER: The Hypo (Fanta), + 1999 (Second edition, with original drawing)
Joelle VAUDREUIL: La Vie Magnifique Sous les Eau (restock)

Added 3/21/13:

Sally MADDEN: Gray Is Not a Color (Retrofit)
John PORCELLINO: A Guide to Gainesville Wildlife (SAW)
Melissa MENDES: Lou #8, 9
L. NICHOLS: Flocks #1 (Retrofit)
Benjamin URKOWITZ: Real Rap #1 (Oily)
Josh SIMMONS: Flayed Corpse (Oily)
Zach WORTON: Blood Visions #1 (Oily)

Added 3/18/13:

Box BROWN: Sock (Retrofit)
CAKE Anthology Book (Various)
CAKE Anthology Zine (Various)
Jessica CAMPBELL: The Public Life of Bees (Oily)
Mark CAMPOS: Wow, They're Playing My Songs On The Radio, I Must Be Dead (Lucky Rabbit)
Gabriel CORBERA:  Monday Suicide (Space Face)
Max DeRADIGUES: Moose #13, 14 (Oily)
Charles FORSMAN: End of the Fucking World #13, 14 (Oily)
Tim HENSLEY: Ticket Stub (Yam Books)
Alex KIM: Dumpling King #1 (Oily)

Added 3/16/13:

Simon HANSELMANN: Arrête, C'est Icî L'Empire de la Mort (Space Face)
KUŠ Special - 3x3 (restock)
Mini KUŠ #10: Otso by Mari Ahokoivu
Mini KUŠ #11: All You Need Is Love by Emmi Valve
Mini KUŠ #12: Historyjki by Maciej Sienczyk
Mini KUŠ #13: Our Library by Amanda Baeza
John F. MALTA: Nightcrawlers (Space Face)
Rand RENFROW: If You Got It, You Got It (Space Face Books)
Nathan SCHREIBER: 4090 (restock) (Retrofit)

Added 3/14/13:

Nathan BULMER: Eat More Bikes Comic Book (Koyama)
Michael DeFORGE: Lose #3 and 4 (reprints!!!) (Koyama)
Pascal GIRARD w/ Yves Pelletier: Fanny & Romeo (Conundrum)
Jane MAI: Sunday in the Park with Boys (Koyama)
Carrie McNINCH: You Don't Get There From Here #24, and 25
Aron Nels STEINKE:  Big Plans Collection (Bridge City) and Mr. Wolf mini.
Sherman TJIA: You Are A Cat! (restock) (Conundrum)
Steve WOLFHARD:  Turtie Needs Work (Koyama)

Added 12/27/12:

Michael DeFORGE -- Molecules
Charles FORSMAN -- Snake Oil #8
NOT MY SMALL DIARY #17 (w/ Wertz, Decie, Kiersh, many more)
Alex SCHUBERT -- Cyber Surfer

Added 12/12/12:

(Look on the "H" page under HUUDA HUUDA for the following items!)

Sami Aho: Star
Olli Hietala: Lust For Meat
Tommi Musturi:  Book of Hope 1-3, Walking With Samuel
Jaakko Pallasvuo: The Trophy Hunters
Anna Sailamaa:  Be Good Now, While #1
Janne Tervamaki: Mary Shelly vs Dracula
Amanda Vahamaki: Star Sounds
Various: Glomp #9
Various: Kuti Kuti Guide to Finland

Added 12/9/12:

Joe DECIE: The Accidental Salad (Blank Slate)
Simon MORETON: Smoo #4
MUMBO Magazine: Commercial Comics #2
Nathan SCHREIBER: 4090 (Retrofit)

Added 12/2/12:

Eamon ESPEY: Songs of the Abyss (Secret Acres)
Trevor GRABILL: Flat Mountain Chronicle 1-4, Travel Drawings '11, Me and You Chapter 3
Tim LANE: Happy Hour in America #4
Annie MOK: Draws James Joyce + Stitching Together
Simon MORETON: Smoo Comics #6

Added 11/26/12:

Mike BERTINO: Trigger #2 (restock)
Nina BUNJEVAC: Heartless (Conundrum)
Dustin HARBIN:  Diary Comics #4 (Koyama Press)
KU(Š) #12:  Guest editor Annie Koyama, DeForge cover etc
Dave LAPP: People Around Here (Conundrum)
Jon LEWIS: True Swamp: Choose Your Poison (Uncivilized)
MUMBO #10: R. Crumb 1964 sketches, S. Clay Wilson, etc
Michel RABAGLIATI: The Song of Roland (Conundrum)
RUPPERT AND MULOT:  Barrel of Monkeys (Rebus Books)
Claire SERINGHAUS: The Blaring House (Conundrum)
Malachi WARD:  Ritual #2: The Reverie (Revival House)

Added 11/1/12:

Michael DeFORGE: Elizabeth of Canada #1
Max DeRADIGUES: Moose #11, 12
Theo ELLSWORTH: Understanding Monster Book One
Chuck FORSMAN: The End of the Fucking World #11, 12
James HINDLE:  Close Your Eyes When You Let Go #2, 3
Melissa MENDES: Lou #7

Added 10/29/12:

Clara BESSIJELLE:  The Lobster King #1
Box BROWN: Killman (Mini-KUŠ #6)
Mini-KUŠ #7:  Rainbow of Pain (Ernests & Andrejs Klavins)
Mini-KUŠ #8:  The Flames (Akvile Miseviciute)
Mini-KUŠ #9:  Bobis (Dace Sietina)
Patrick KYLE:  Black Mass TPB
Brendan LEACH:  New Sludge City
Jason MARTIN:  Laterborn #8
John MILLER:  Collected, 1980-1989
John MILLER:  Collected, 2000-2011
Corinne MUCHA:  It Doesn't Exist
Ethan RILLY:  Pope Hats #3

Added 10/28/12:

AX: Alternative Manga Anthology
Gabrielle BELL: The Voyeurs
Josh COTTER: Skyscrapers of the Midwest HC
Ludovic DEBEURME:  Lucille
Tom HART:  Banks / Eubanks
Tom HART: The Collected Hutch Owen
Tom HART:  Hutch Owen: Unmarketable

Added 10/26/12:

Nathan BULMER: Cat Hands + Eat More Bikes 1-4
Max DeRADIGUES: Moose #10
James HINDLE: Close Your Eyes When You Let Go #1
Charles FORSMAN: The End of the Fucking World #10
John MARTZ: Gold Star, Machine Gum 1-2, Heaven All Day
Melissa MENDES:  Lou #6
Malachi WARD: In Conversation w/ Sean Ford

Added 10/25/12:

Cara BEAN:  Gorilla Year #2
Charles BURNS: Echo: Cut-Up Drawings from Black Hole
Jon LEWIS:  True Swamp 1 + 2
KU(Š) #9 (Women Cartoonists-- restock!)
KU(Š) #11 (Art-tastic!)
SECRET PRISON #7 (They sold their boots!)
Noah VAN SCIVER:  1999 (restock)

Added 9/9/12:

Michael DeFORGE:  Lose #4
Gabrielle GAMBOA:  Miss Lonelyhearts #1
Jeff LINT: The Caterer #3
Benjamin MARRA:  American Psycho
Jesse McMANUS:  Violence Valley
Carrie McNINCH:  You Don't Get There From Here #23
John PORCELLINO:  King-Cat #73
Malachi WARD:  Ritual #1
Julia WERTZ:  The Infinite Wait
Aaron WHITAKER:  The City Troll

Added 8/6/12:

Clara BESSIJELLE:  Faceman
Pascal GIRARD:  Des Adolescents
Brad GOTTSCHALK:  A Clear Solution
Molly Colleen O'CONNELL:  Difficult Loves
Gigi Perron:  Pic Nic  (MILLE PUTOIS)
Jonathan PETERSON:  Space Basket
Joël Vaudreuil: La Vie Magnifique Sous L'Eau  (MILLE PUTOIS)

Added 7/25/12:

Cara BEAN - I Know You
Box BROWN - Fuck Shits + The Survivalist
Max DeRADIGUES - Moose #9
Kelly FROH - Samson: Milwaukee's Biggest Celebrity
Chuck FORSMAN - End of the Fucking World #9
Tom HART - Daddy Lightning
Dave KIERSH - After School Special TPB
Aidan KOCH - The Whale + Q
Dane MARTIN - Gagger #1
Melissa MENDES - Freddy Stories TPB + Lou #5
Katie SKELLY - Nurse Nurse TPB

Added 7/1/12:

ALABASTER:  The Complete Talamaroo 
Lauren BARNETT:  Me Like You Very Much
Cara BEAN:  Gorilla Year #1 
Gabrielle BELL:  July Diary
Ken DAHL (Gabby Schulz):  Weather
DIY MAGIC by Anthony Alvarado
Kilian ENG: Object 5
Neil "Jam" FITZPATRICK:  Everythingness
Sam GASKIN:  Fatal Faux Pas
Jesse JACOBS:  By This Shall You Know Him
Jeremy KAI:  Rivers Forgotten
LEON BEYOND - Fact Parader (Huizenga/Zettwoch)
THREE #3: Queer anthology with McNinch, Ed Luce, many more!

Added 6/28/12:

Jessica CAMPBELL:  Sincerest Apologies
Max DeRADIGUÈS:  Moose 1-8
Charles FORSMAN:  The End of the Fucking World #8
Melissa MENDES:  Lou 1-4

Added 6/25/12:

BLACK AND RED:  On the Poverty of Student Life
Michael DEFORGE:  Kid Mafia #1 and 2
HUUDA HUUDA:  Finnish Comics Annual 2011 + 2012;  Plus great stuff from Roope Eronen;  Anna Sailamaa, and Amanda Vähämäki
Drew WEING: Set to Sea

Added 6/21/12:

Lisa CARVER:  Dancing Queen + Rollerderby: The Book
Chuck FORSMAN:  End of the Fucking World 6 +7 and Snake Oil #7
Joseph REMNANT:  Blindspot #2
Kristina STIPETIC: 14 Days Volume One
Noah VAN SCIVER:  In Conversation with Charles Forsman

Added 6/8/12:

MAWIL: Sparky O'Hare + We Can Still Be Friends (Blank Slate)
Simon MORETON: Smoo #5
Mandy ORD: Ord Comics + Rooftops + Sensitive Creatures
TIN CAN FOREST: Wax Cross (Koyama)

Added 6/6/12:

Peggy ADAM: Luchadoras (Blank Slate)
CATHON: Raccoons (Colosse)
Oliver EAST: Trains Are... Mint collection (Blank Slate)
Vincent GIARD: Pulseburst +1 (Colosse)
Kevin HUIZENGA (editor): New Construction #2
WOWEE ZONK #4 Anthology (Koyama)
Sophie YANOW: In Situ # 1 and 2 (Colosse)

Added 6/5/12:

Pascal GIRARD: Apartment Number Three
HORRIBLE #1 by Worton, DeForge, Kuzma, and Kyle
Nick MAANDAG: The Libertarian
Nate McDONOUGH: Don't Come Back
Joel ORFF: Strum and Drang: Great Moments in Rock n Roll
Em SATYA: Flower of Battambang
Noah VAN SCIVER: Blammo #7.5 and Dueling
VEGGIE DOG SATURN SPECIAL by Jason Young with McNinch, Jason Martin etc

Added 5/19/12:

Josh BAYER: Raw Power
Joe DECIE: Pocket Full of Coffee
Jack KIRBY: Bicentennial Battles (Bargain book!)
KUŠ MINI #5 (Léo Quiévreux)
LIVING THINGS #8 (Jessica Seamans)
Corinne MUCHA: The Monkey in the Basement
Harvey PEKAR: Cleveland, illustrated by Joseph Remnant
Noah VAN SCIVER: 1999

Added 3/31/12:

Charles FORSMAN: End of the Fucking World # 4 +5
Julia GFRÖRER: Too Dark to See + Flesh and Bone
Kevin HUIZENGA: Ganges #4
KOLOR KLIMAX - Nordic Comics Now
KU(Š)! #10
MARTI:  Cabbie Volume One
Carrie McNINCH: You Don't Get There From Here #22
Diane NOOMIN: Glitz 2 Go
NOT MY SMALL DIARY #14 + 15 (Restocks)
Zak SALLY: Sammy the Mouse Volume One TPB
Olivier SCHWAUREN: The Man Who Grew His Beard
Sherwin Tjia: YOU ARE A CAT!

Added 2/22/12:

Marc BELL: Shrimpy and Paul (Restock), Sobey's, Nog a Dod, Mojo Action Companion Unit #1
Mike BERTINO: Trigger #1 +2
John BRODOWSKI: Curio Cabinet #5
Lisa CARVER: "_______________"
CLUTCH/Nicole Georges: New Clutch/Invincible Summer split
Mark CONNERY: Melamine Car Bomb
Jo DERY: Quietly, Like the Keeper of a Great Secret
Charles FORSMAN: The End of the Fucking World #3
Matthew FORSYTHE: Comics Class
Kelly FROH: The Greatest
Tom GAULD: The Gigantic Robot (Bargain book!)
HOTWIRE COMICS #2 (Bargain book!)
LIVING THINGS #1-7 (Jo Dery, Lilli Carre etc)
Amy LOCKHART: Dirty Dishes
Jed McGOWAN: Lone Pine
Jesse McMANUS/Austin English: Spider Monkey #1
Carrie McNINCH: You Don't Get There From Here #20 + 21
Jerry MORIARTY: The Complete Jack Survives (Bargain book)
Ethan RILLY: Pope Hats #1 +2
Yoshihiro TATSUMI: A Drifting Life (Bargain book!)
Chris WRIGHT: Inkweed