MICHEL RABAGLIATI, the acclaimed Quebecois author of such  beloved semi-autobiographical titles as Paul Gets a Summer Job, and Paul in the Countrymost likely needs no introduction to fans of international comics at this point.

►NEW! - THE SONG OF ROLAND by Michel Rabagliati (Conundrum):  Rabagliati's first book fro Conundrum, The Song of Roland "focuses on the life and death of the father-in-law of Rabagliati’s alter-ego Paul, who has been called “The Tintin of Quebec.”…  In his classic European cartooning style Rabagliati effortlessly tackles big subjects. As the family stands vigil over Roland in his hospital bed, Rabagliati weaves a story of one man’s journey through life and the legacy he leaves behind. The Song of Roland is a mid-career masterpiece from one of Quebec’s finest draftsmen.”  True dat.  192 pages, 7.5" x 10", beautifully printed in black and white;  $20.00.

Above: two spreads from The Song of Roland

RON REGÉ JR. is one of the most important comics artists of the past 20 years.  His highly stylized, "cute-brut" drawings rely as much on heart and intuition as geometry.

►NEW! - THE CARTOON UTOPIA by Ron Regé Jr. (Fantagraphics):  Ron's magnum opus, years is the making, is a visionary, visually energetic manual of magic and self-realization.  Alchemy, sex, peace, mysticism, and love sweet love, all coalesce into one Cartoon Utopia.  Even longtime fans of Rege's eyeball-exercising comics will be in for plenty of workout.  Comics Journal Review, here.  144 pages, 10" x 12", full color hardcovers, b+w interiors; $25.00.

JESSE REKLAW is one of our most committed small press cartoonists, having worked in many different formats and forms through the years.

►NEW! -- COUCH TAG by Jesse Reklaw (Fantagraphics):  There are few books I've been waiting and hoping for as long as this one -- a collection of Jesse's brilliant and heartbreaking Couch Tag comics, in which he tells, through small moments, his life growing up in a dysfunctional family beset by mental illness and other suffering.  Thoroughly beautiful and thoughtful cartooning, and gentle, funny, painful storytelling.  Impeccably produced by Fantagraphics, this book comes highly recommended.  176 pages, 6" x 9", hardcover, b+w interiors with 32 page full-color section; $27.00.

Above: Two spreads from Jesse Reklaw's brilliant Couch Tag

►NEW! - LOVF by Jesse Reklaw (Paper Rocket Minicomics): A few years back Jesse left Portland Oregon on a whim and moved to New York City, where he ran out of money and medication, went on a major manic bender, and became homeless.  The whole time though he kept a sketchbook filled with his obsessively scrawled and hallucinatory drawings and writings. LOVF collects a heady selection from this sketchbook.  Powerful and overwhelming.  40 digest pages, three-color silkscreened cover, and eye-swirling full color throughout; $9.00.

JOSEPH REMNANT has been self-publishing his great "one-man anthology" Blindspot for the last couple years.  His most recent project was illustrating Harvey Pekar's Cleveland.  A classic cartoonist.

BLINDSPOT #1 by Joseph Remnant. Along with Noah Van Sciver and a few others, Joseph Remnant is one of the most talented cartoonists working today in the "Neo-Underground-Alternative" style. His comic Blindspot features Pekar-esque tales of the everyday, like arguing music with a friend, or the age-old Cartoonist's Lament, but also fictional tales like that of Ace Goddard, washed-up Rock Star, and more. (Joseph's currently illustrating Harvey Pekar's Cleveland, one of the master's last projects, and it looks amazing!  Meanwhile, check out this great self-published effort...)  32 comic-sized pages, two-color covers, $5.00.  OUT OF STOCK

BLINDSPOT #2 by Joseph Remnant:  Great second issue of Remnant's old-school "one-man anthology" features Why Do I Bother, Date Gone Bad, Peaceful Security Guard, and a long story about an old loser in the advertising game.  Plus: letters, Harvey Pekar remembrance, and the return of Ace Goddard.  28 comic-sized pages, color covers, b+w interiors;  $5.00 and plenty worth it! OUT OF STOCK

►NEW! -- BLINDSPOT #3 by Joseph Remnant (Kilgore Books): The great new issue finds Joseph tackling more straightforward autobio stories, ina classic slice-of-life manner:  LA Coffee Shop, Midwestern Travels and Decay, Old Friend Dream, and Out Walking.  Excellent.  36 digesty-sized pages, color covers, b+w interiors;  $5.00.

For more Joseph Remnant see HARVEY PEKAR's Cleveland

RAND RENFROW draws comix.

IF YOU GOT IT, YOU GOT IT by Rand Renfrow (Space Face):  Two firends are out camping, when a mysterious figure appears on the hillside before them.  20 pages, 3.5" x 5", two-color covers, b+w interiors;  $3.00. Only one left.

ETHAN RILLY is one of the most talented young cartoonists to emerge recently.  His work is exquisitely drawn, and tastefully written.  He won the 2012 Doug Wright Spotlight Award for his work on Pope Hats.

POPE HATS #1 by Ethan Rilly (self-published):  Frances Scarland is a smart young woman who hangs out with her smart, young alcoholic friends and talks to an inept ghost.  Beautifully written and drawn.  36 pages, 5" x 7", color covers, b+w interiors;  $4.00.

POPE HATS #2 by Ethan Rilly (Adhouse):  Pope Hats #2 follows the rise of young law clerk Frances Scarland. Frances must survive an unwanted promotion at one of Toronto's major Bay Street firms, while tending to the regular wake of destruction left behind by her best friend. This eagerly anticipated issue follows what Seth described as "the most impressive debut comic I've seen in years" with a surreal exploration of growth and failure in downtown Toronto. Also included is a short story about a long distance relationship.  44 oversized comic pages, color covers, b+w interior; OUT OF PRINT.  :(

POPE HATS #3 by Ethan Rilly (Adhouse Books):  In the new issue Frances Scarland continues to search for a perfect balance in her career as a law clerk, where the only certainty seems to be flux. Yet she loses footing as her close friend Vickie rides an unrelated wave of opportunity. Includes some extra strips and a letters page. Ethan Rilly won the 2012 Doug Wright Spotlight Award for his work on Pope Hats.  40 comics sized pages, full color covers, b+w interiors;  $7.00.

KEILER ROBERTS is a Chicago cartoonist whose charming, domestic stories are some of my faves.  I'm glad to finally have her work available here at Spit and a Half!

►NEW! - POWDERED MILK Vol 6 by Keiler Roberts:  Roberts' utterly uninflected depictions of daily life as a young mother leave you to fill in the gaps.  This oversized book collects panels from life: visiting the park, listening to music, going to the doctor, and a second story about Chrfitmases past and present that beautifully done.  Highly recommended.  44 full color pages, 8.5" x 11"; $9.00.

►NEW! - POWDERED MILK Vol 7 by Keiler Roberts:  Three brilliant short stories: "Pictures," a look at memories and loss, "The Dark Side," about anger (funny), and "Perception," about hallucinatory experiences she's had.  Masterful, and highly recommended.  (Please note, this zine is included in the Collected Powdered Milk, below.)  24 dgest pages, b+w; $2.50.

►NEW! - POWDERED MILK: COLLECTED STORIES by Keiler Roberts: This beautiful collection compiles work from Powdered Milk 1-5, and 7-8.  Roberts' stories of everyday life as a young mother and wife are beyond deadpan, and her charming, scruffy drawings are the perfect complement.  Titles include "Brookfield Zoo," "Lost Camera," "Celebrities," "Lemonade Stand" and many more, including lots of great stand-alone drawings.  116 pages, 7" x 9.5", two-color covers, b+w interiors, perfect-bound; only $7.00!  Well spent!

►NEW! - POWDERED MILK #9 by Keiler Roberts: You Say Dammit, Pocket Belly, Why You Can't Eat Wipes, and many more funny and sweet looks at modern domestic life.  24 digest pages, b+w; $2.00.

►NEW! - POWDERED MILK #10: THE MAN WHO COULD NOT READ by Keiler Roberts: In this brilliant new comic, Keiler relates the story of seeing a ridiculous movie as a kid about a man who couldn't read...  then the movie becomes the comic, and then the comic becomes Keiler learning that all these years she's been mistaken.  Then there's a happy ending.  What a great little comic.

►NEW! -- POWDERED MILK #11 by Keiler Roberts: This new issue is a beautiful collection of the funny and weird things Keiler's daughter Xia says.  One of my favorite comics out there, and this one is just simply perfect!  16 digest pages, b+w;  $2.00.

ROCTOBER is my favorite music magazine. It covers everything from Punk to Country, and R+B to Funk, and treats the hallowed greats with the same reverent but good-humored love and appreciation as the long-forgotten and fringe dwellers. A true labor of love, editor Jake Austen's honest and unbridled enthusiasm leaps from every page. Each issue includes tons of great art and weird comics, and hundreds of amusing one-line reviews. A Zine Classic.

#46 includes Nardwuar vs Flavor Flav, Soul Train in Chicago, Great Truckin' songs, reviews, and art and comics by Heather McAdams, Jenny Zervakis, Rob Dayton, Slink Moss, John Porcellino, Andrew Goldfarb, Rob Syers, Plastic Crimewave, and many many more. (Includes the exclusive "David Lee Roth Dream" comic by John P.) 128 full size pages, color covers. $4.00.

#47 Includes Michael jackson tribute, Lux Interior tribute, Chris Montez interview, Berniece Willioams, Nardwuar vs NERD and Jay-Z, and comics and art by John Porcellino, Rob Syers, Rob Dayton, King Merinuk, Andrew Goldfarb, Slink Moss and many many more. (Includes exclusive John Lennon comic by John P.) 112 pages, full color covers, $4.00.

#48: This monster-sized issue features interviews and essays with/on Comiskey Park organist Nancy Faust, Helen Wooten, Vera Ramone King (Dee Dee's ex-wife), Ian Whitcomb, and Cleveland punkers Easter Monkeys; Nardwaar vs Snoop Dogg Round Two; remembrances of Dennis Hopper, Tuli Kupferberg (and sadly, many more); and the usual supply of hundreds of hilariously pithy reviews of music, comix, zines, and videos. PLUS: 20 page Gumball the Cat comic by Rob Syers! 136 standard size pages, some in full color; only $4.00.

#49:  Whoa!  I've loved Roctober since its inception in 1992, and I enjoy every issue I read, but this new one in absolutely top notch!  The "Livin' in the Eighties" issue features super great interviews with Glenn Danzig, Boyd Rice, John Lydon, Stax historian Rob Bowman, and much much more, including an essay on Tiny Tim by Clara Ware (age 8), illustrated by her dad, and an exclusive John P. comic on the Romantics.  Great Black Flag cover.  104 standard-size pages, some in full color; ONLY $4.00!!!

#50:  A dual milestone issue for Roctober – the 50th issue and 20th anniversary – is celebrated with a 140-page extraganza which both reminisces on the past two decades of Roctober coverage and looks to the future! Includes items on 60s, 70s & 80s Chi vocal combo The Green Berets, Lou Christie, Don Cornelius, Klaus Nomi, Tommie Wix & Them Good Biscuits, Breakfast With Boone, Nardwuar Vs Odd Future, one man's adventure as one of the little remembered New Monkees and much, much more, including a new comic by John Porcellino.  140 full-sized pages with an amazing wrap-around full color cover!  $5.00.
►NEW! -- #51:  Latest edition is the "Comedy and Novelty Records Issue", and as you can imagine, it's a winner!  With articles, essays, interviews, and comics on Richard Pryor, Neil Hamburger, the Chipmunks, Jimmy Walker, Firesign Theatre, Super Bowl Shuffle, JG Thirwell, Christine Jorgensen, Wendy O, Williams, and lots lots more, including the usual amazing, hilarious review pages.  152 full sized pages, color covers, b+w interiors;  $5.00.

Above: Comics and a crazy reviews page from Roctober #51

JAMES ROMBERGER is an accomplished artist, cartoonist, and critic, and has had his work published by DC/Vertigo, Marvel, Fantagraphics, and World War 3 Illustrated.

►NEW! - POST YORK by James Romberger (Uncivilized):  In this tale of a probable near-future, New York City is mostly underwater, and a young man explores its canals in a small boat, looking for food and dealing with the new reality.  Beautifully inked in rich, passionate strokes.  42 pages, 8.5" x 11", color covers, b+w interiors; comes with a flexidisc of music.  $9.00.

ROOT ROT (Various Artists, Koyama Press):  This gorgeous anthology, edited by Anne Koyama and Michael Deforge, features contemporary comics artists working though the themes of woodland decay and rebirth.  The absolutely eye-popping artwork comes from T. Edward Bak, Robin Nishio, Jason Fischer, Jesse Jaabs, Mickey Zacchuli, Bob Flynn, Lizz Hickey, Dan Zettwoch, Chris Eliopoulus, Joseph Lambert, Jon Vermilyea, Derek M. Ballard, Angie Wang, Greg Pizzoli, Hellen Jo, and Inés Estrada.  Brilliant.  74 pages in full color, 8" x 6.75", perfect-bound; $12.00. 

JIM RUGG is a Pittsburgh artist who's worked all over the comics industry.  His steady-eyed and meticulous looks at the low-brow nature of comics throughout history are astounding.

AFRODISIAC with Brian Maruca (Adhouse Books):   Inspired by the blaxploitation films of the 1970s and classic superhero comics, Afrodisiac features jaw-droppingly perfect retro art and comics starring the original super badass, plus:  fast cars, sexy women, scary monsters, self-righteous superheroes, corrupt cops, aliens, Dracula, and, of course, Richard Nixon.  This beautifully crafted book won a 2009 AIGA Design award.  Excellent review here.  96 full-color pages, hardcover, 6" x 9";  $15.00.

Above: pages from the ridiculous, brilliant Afrodisiac.

RAMBO 3.5:  This withering spoof of George W. Bush, bigotry, and the hyper-masculine mindset is spot-on brilliant.  32 hilarious/scary mini-sized pages, $2.00.

►NEW! - SUPERMAG #1 by Jim Rugg (Adhouse):  Jim Rugg is a brilliant and thoughtful stylistic chameleon, able to smartly move through the many nooks and crannies of modern cartooning, and his latest release is a mind-blowing, full color collection of odds and ends-- comics, illustration, book covers, drawn in a variety of styles, from alt-comics, to animation exploitation, to adventure strips.  Those of us who love comics, cartoon art, zines, graphic design, and pop culture will find a whole world here to savor.  Highly recommended!  56 full color pages, 9" x 11.5"; $10.00.

MARIAN RUNK is a Chicago cartoonist who draws heart-felt comics about life and nature.

►NEW! -- NOT A HORSE GIRL #1: ACOUSTIC EPISODES by Marian Runk (Oily):  Marian rhapsodizes about music, sound, and sexuality through memories and contemporary stories.  12 mini-sized pages, b+w; $1.00.

RUPPERT AND MULOT are a celebrated French comics duo working together in a unified style that emphasizes improvisation, and unusual storytelling and editing.  Barrel of Monkeys is their first book in English!

BARREL OF MONKEYS by Ruppert and Mulot (Rebus Books):  Bill Kartalopoulos' first Rebus books release is also the first book in English by the ground-breaking team of Ruppert and Mulot.  Impossible to categorize, this book, hand-lettered by Mulot, is expressive, weird, and brilliant.  114 pages, 6.5" x 9.5", in beautiful b+w;  $20.00.  Highly recommended.

Above: Two spreads from Barrel of Monkeys.

RUTS AND GULLIES by Philippe Girard. This charming autobiographical travel diary details Girard's trip to St. Petersburg, Russia, for a comics festival. Travelling with his friend and fellow cartoonist Jimmy Beaulieu, he documents the travel, culture shock, and friendships that arise from the journey. Interwoven is his story of Guillaume, a friend of his who had recently fallen to cancer. Lush brushwork and an understated writing style make this a nice armchair travel book. 6"×9", 160 pages; $17.00.  ONLY ONE LEFT!

ZAK SALLY is a cartoonist from Minnesota, and the founder/publisher of La Mano 21, and one of my best friends.  His comics are dark, bold, confrontational, and recently, funny as hell.  Like a Dog and Recidivist #3 compile his published work from the last decade or so, and his new series Sammy the Mouse, from Fantagraphics, is an ominoous and oddball children's story that's not really for kids-- full of drunken brawls, treachery, strange voices, and the battle of the sexes.  I've always said that Zak's work is not a warm cup of tea.  It's challenging, and sometimes off-putting.  But once you relinquish yourself to its rhythms and persepectives, you realize there's no one else out there doing what he does.  And he does it well.

LIKE A DOG:  This beautifully produced collection from Fantagraphics compiles the first two issues of Zak's self-published Recidivist, along with many comics that appeared elsewhere, so you can see his evolving interests and directions as they take place.  The comics are great of course, some of the darkest work put to paper in recent memory, but the surprise for me is the concluding essay, where Zak details the struggle that went into their production.  A fascinating look into the creative process.  134 pages, hardcover, color/b&w interiors, 7" x 10.5"; $23.00.

RECIDIVIST #3:  The third and final issue of Zak's Recidivist series includes the strongest work Zak has done in his "dark" style yet. Six unsettling and impeccably paced poetic narratives --- serious, weird, dark-toned work that forms a powerful whole. Nominated for two Eisner awards. A companion piece to Zak's recent book from Fantagraphics, Like a Dog, which collects Recidivist 1 and 2. 104 pages, hardcover; $15.00.

SAMMY THE MOUSE Vol. ONE:  Whoa!  All three of the Fantagraphics released issues in one handy, self-printed book!  Yes, I said self-printed.  Zak not only self-published this new collection, but printed it himself on his "obsolete" AB Dick press!  Lovingly hand-produced, this book is a testament to the DIY ethic.  110 pages, approx. 7" x 9", printed in two colors throughout;  $14.00.

Above: from the self-published collection of Sammy the Mouse.

►NEW! -- SAMMY THE MOUSE VOL. TWO by Zak Sally (Uncivilized Books):  The second installment of Zak's magnum opus finds things for Sammy and friends becoming darker and weirder still. Claustrophobic and wickedly funny.  90 pages, 6.25" x 8.25", two-colors throughout;  $15.00.

 For more Zak Sally stuff, see also La Mano 21

EM SATYA  is a Cambodian cartoonist who first published his work in the 1960's, and then through the reign of the Khmer Rouge and beyond.  One of the few artists to survive that period, he's an elder statesman of Cambodian art.

FLOWER OF BATTAMBANG is Em Satya's first work in the "graphic novel" format.  Set in Battambang and Phnom Penh, this tale of Cambodian romance and intrigue will appeal to fans of international comics and Bollywood films.  Begun nearly two decades ago, and shelved when the market for domestic comics took a downturn, Satya finished the tale in 2006. It's now presented for the first time in English. 104 pages, 5.5" x 7.5", color covers, b+w interiors.  An education in international comics, for only $2.00!

ALEX SCHUBERT is one of the most promising new cartoonists to come down the pike lately.  Great drawing, reminiscent at times of Clowes early work, and delightfully droll writing.

►NEW! -- BLOBBY BOYS #3 by Alex Schubert (Zine Police):  Latest installment of Schubert's all-color, all-laffs series: Blobby Boys Evicted, Glider Gang, Fashion Cat, and more.  Letters column.  16 digest pages, full color throughout; $6.00.

►NEW! -- BLOBBY BOYS by Alex Schubert (Koyama):  At long last Schubert's savagely funny and weird comics are collected in one place.  This paperback book collects "Blobby Boys #1", "Cyber Surfer #1" plus selections from VICE, Secret Prison and more, plus new material.  56 digest pages, perfectbound, full-color throughout;  $10.00.

NATHAN SCHREIBER is a cartoonist.

4090 by Nathan Schreiber (Retrofit):  Scratchy, wild science fiction story about a future world where scientists tap repressed emotions as a possible energy source.  32 digest pages, color cover, b+w interiors; OUT OF STOCK

SECRET PRISON #7 (Retrofit) Ed. by Ian Harker and Box Brown.  This thoroughly impressive tribute anthology is a tribute to the Japanese anthology Garo, and features work from Mickey Z., Box Brown, Ian Harker, Tom Hart, Katie Skelly, Alex Schubert, and many more.  Incldes essays by Derek Badman and manga historian Ryan Holmberg, plus a reprint in English of Masahiko Matsumoto;s "The Heart of Shinjuku" (1973).  Certainly one of the best anthologies to come down the pike in a while, this one comes highly recommended!  150 pages, 10" x 13", perfect-bound, color covers with b+w interiors, on newsprint.  $15.00.

Above:  Three spreads from Secret Prison #7

DARYL SEITCHIK is a cartoonist.

►NEW! -- MISSY by Daryl Seitchik (Oily):  Young Daryl writes letters to "Missy" telling of her parents' "dovorst", her crushes, and the mean girls at school, in this lovely, very sad, and beautiful comic.  Highly recommended.  12 mini-pages, b+w; $1.00.

ROBERT SERGEL is a cartoonist.

►NEW! -- ESCHEW #3 by Robert Sergel (Secret Acres):  This impeccably paced and rendered collection of short stories features tales of a young man unable to come to grips with the modern world:  He tries computer-assisted yoga, tries to overcome his fears, disses Thoreau.  One of the most thoughtful and lovingly produced comics I've come across in awhile.  Highly recommended.  40 pages, 5" x 7", b+w;  $6.00.

CLAIRE SERINGHAUS' absurdist graphite drawings and cartoons tread the line between Glen Baxter and Edward Gorey.

THE BLARING HOUSE by Claire Seringhaus (Conundrum):  "This collection of selected pen and graphite drawings range from the whimsical to the hyper-realistic, with some looking as though they were lifted from a turn-of-the-century catalogue. Many include captions, which convey humourous narrative arcs and add a sometimes bizarre dimension to the work. The Blaring House is inspired by children’s book illustrations, absurdist humour, and late Victorian portrait photography."  100 pages, 5" x 8", b+w interiors;  $15.00.

Above:  Two spreads from The Blaring House.

SAR SHAHAR is a cartoonist.

►NEW! -- SEQUENTIAL VACATION #2 by Sha Sahar (Secret Acres):  This issue's "Beach Fantasy" is a surreal, book-length story of love and chance encounters.  36 pages, 5" x 6.5", b+w;  $6.00.

DASH SHAW is one the most interesting cartoonists working today.

►NEW! - COSPLAYERS #1 by Dash Shaw (Fantagraphics):  "Annie and Verti are two teen cosplayers with too much time on their hands. Annie wants to act, and Verti wants to be a photographer/filmmaker. Together, they embark on making a film starring themselves and featuring an unsuspecting cast of extras they record via hidden camera. What could possibly go wrong?"  28 pages, comic book sized, full color throughout; $5.00.

THREE NEW STORIES by Dash Shaw (Fantagraphics):  Three short stories depict a frightening and absurd world in which scams are the only reality and exploitation is a given.  Escape might be bloody, but there's hope.  One of the best comics of the year.  Highly recommended.  36 comicbook-sized pages, full color throughout;  $4.00.

NEW JOBS by Dash Shaw (Uncivilized):  Dash Shaw is one of the most challenging and intelligent cartoonists going, and in this new booklet (along with Three New Stories, above) he's turning his sights on the appalling psychic conditions of contemporary American life.  Here, a young, desperately poor couple with a child on the way maneuver the new social reality in order to find peace and security.  Skewering politics, media, and economics, New Jobs is a much-needed critical look at our lives now.  Excellent.  32 mini-sized pages, b+w on colored stock; $5.00.

JASON SHIGA:  Jason Shiga is the nerdiest, most-brilliant cartoonist of them all.  His comics create mind-boggling puzzles that the reader is invited to, if not solve, at least come along for the ride on, as Shiga runs them through his convoluted course.  Bookhunter is an all-time classic, and Meanwhile is his most intricate work to date.

BOOKHUNTER by Jason Shiga. This hilarious send-up of police procedural action flicks follows Special Agent Bay, Library Marshall, on a mission to recover a 19th century Bible, stolen forom the Oakland Public Library. A longtime librarian, Shiga lays it on thick in this pitch perfect mystery that, yes, made me laugh out loud. 7.5" x 9"; 148 perfect-bound pages, color covers, printed inside with nice three-tone brown ink; $15.00.

JOSH SIMMONS is the creator of some of the darkest, weirdest comics going.

FLAYED CORPSE by Josh Simmons (Oily):  A group of men stand over a revoltingly mangled corpse and discuss the source of his demise, and their notions of death and beyond.  Nine pages of intense and gripping comics.  Masterful.  12 mini-pages, b+w;  $1.00.

►NEW! -- TRAINING by Josh Simmons (Oily):   A young man finds himself in a nightmarish colony outside the city, where he's subjected to ruthless "training."  Excellent work.  12 mini-sized pages, b+w; $1.00.

►NEW! -- HABIT #1 by Josh Simmons et al (Oily):  In Oily's first non-mini-sized release, Josh Simmons and his friends present various tales of the weird and wild-- including Tsunami Story, The White Rhinoceros Part Five (originally serialized in MOME), the latest helping of Jessica Farm, and a few other shorter stories.  With Wendy Chin, Karn Piana, and A Partridge in a Pear Tree.  56 half-legal pages, full color covers, b+w interiors;  $5.00

KATIE SKELLY's trippy-mod, clean-line artwork, with the flavor of 60's poster art, is a delight to look at.

►NEW! - OPERATION MARGARINE by Katie Skelly (AdHouse): Margarine Lires is a rich debutante on the run from her latest looney bin, and Bon Bon is the biker chick who's helping her escape.  Drawn in Skelly's fun, neo-mod black and white style, gorgeous lines, and blacks, Operation Margarine (collecting the self-published zines, plus the all-new conclusion) is a romp of a road trip, featuring action, adventure, and nuns.  104 pages, 5.5" x 7.5", two color covers, b+w interiors; $13.00.

NURSE NURSE by Katie Skelly (Sparkplug):  In Nurse Nurse, we follow young nurse Gemma in a convoluted sci-fi plot concerning planetary colonization, Panda space-pirates, love, deception, and intrigue.  Includes all seven of the self-published zines, plus the conclusion -- the never before seen Chapter 8.  Fun!  162 pages, 6" x 8", two-color cover, b+w interiors; perfect-bound;  $15.00.

OPERATION MARGARINE #1 by Katie Skelly:  Margarine Lires is a rich debutante on the run from her latest looney bin, and Bon Bon is the biker chick who's helping her escape.  In this first issue we flash back to how they met.  Drawn in Skelly's fun, neo-mod black and white style, gorgeous lines, and blacks.  24 pages, approx. 5.5" x 6.5", b+w interiors;  $3.00. (NOTE: New lower price reflects that covers are no longer silk-screened, just plain photocopy.) OUT OF STOCK

OPERATION MARGARINE #2 by Katie Skelly:  In issue #2, we continue our flashback, as Marge and Bon Bon stop for lunch at a wayside diner, where adventure awaits them.  24 pages, approx. 5.5" x 6.5", b+w interiors;  $3.00. (NOTE: New lower price reflects that covers are no longer silk-screened, just plain photocopy.)
OPERATION MARGARINE #3 by Katie Skelly:  In issue #3, Marge gets a bike and a jacket and the girls hit the road with a roar-- but someone is now on their trail... 24 pages, approx. 5.5" x 6.5", b+w interiors;  $3.00.

RYAN CECIL SMITH is a caertoonist.

►NEW! -- SF #3 by Ryan Cecil Smith (Koyama Press):  Funny, inky, and fun-- join Space Fleet Scientific Foundation Special Forces Special Fellow Hupa Dupa, as he works with his comrades in SFSFSF to "try his best" to stop the dreaded Space Pirates.  Brilliant!  64 pages, 8" x 10", b+w interiors, color covers, purple gilt edges; $10.00 well spent.

SPARKPLUG COMIC BOOKS: Run out of Portland by underground diehard Dylan Williams, Sparkplug has given a home to some of the most unusual and unique voices in modern American comics. Check out these releases:

ASTHMA by John Hankiewicz. John Hankiewicz has been producing some of the most challenging and thouroughly original comics of the past 15 years. His work is enigmatic and (truly) surrealm but with a very human heart-- and an amzing knack for capturing the details of modern life and human relationships. This wide-ranging collection contains some of his best work, including Dance, Martha Gregory, Where's the Wire?, and Westmont is Next. 8.5" x 11"; 108 perfect-bound pages with three-color covers and b+w/spot color interiors; $17.00.

THE HEAVY HAND by Chris C. Cilla. Crazy man Chris Cilla's longest work yet, The Heavy Hand tells the story of Alvin Crabshack, who leaves his humdrum existence in Dirksburg to join renegade Professor Berigan in his work at Honeypot Cavern. Hallucinogenic, weird, dark, and funny, The Heavy Hand will keep you guessing at every turn. Great. 6" x 9"; 116 perfect-bound pages, full color covers; $14.00.

WINDY CORNER #2 edited by Austin English. Each issue of Windy Corner features editor English's own smart, unruly comics, plus works by others, as well as essays, reviews, and cartoonist interviews. The most original magazine about comics in years. Issue #2 includes comix by English, Mollie Goldstrom, and Fona Logusch; letters; a personal reminiscence of cartoonist Alex Toth Z(in comics form) by Dylan Williams; an essay on children's book illustrator Lois Lenski; and an interview with brilliant comics artist John Hankiewicz, conducted by Onsmith. 68 half-legal pages, full color covers and interiors; $10.00. 

WINDY CORNER #3. Comics by Austin English, Lille Carré, Molly O'Connell, and Sakura Maku; essays on Gipi's Garage Band (by Frank Santoro) and the great Garth Williams (by Austin English); plus, an interview with Carol Tyler, conducted by Vanessa Davis. 84 half-legal pages, full- color covers and interiors; $11.00.

JORDAN SPEER is a digital artist (?) and cartoonist.

►NEW! - QCHQ by Jordan Speer (Space Face): In garish, eyeball-melting 3D digital artwork, Speer depicts a not-so-distant future of garbage, grafitti, and ultimate corporate control, where disposable workers work hand and hand with their overlords to decimate their environment and destroy themselves.  Brilliant, in more ways than one. Review. 68 pages in beyond full-color, 5" x 7"; $12.00.

Above: Two spreads from QCHQ.

SAM SPINA is a cartoonist living in Atlanta, Georgia.

THE FRANTASTIC FOUR by Sam Spina (Kilgore):  This charming and funny comic features Frankie Frantastic, a spaceman trying to solve the disappearance of his older, more talented brother.  Along the way he teams up with a giant celery monster, a robot, and a creature from deep below the earth to form the Frantastic Four.  Then they fundraise.  Excellent!  52 comic-sized pages, color covers, b+w interiors; $5.00.

SQUA TRONT #13 ed by John Benson (Fantagraphics): The latest issue of this acclaimed and  long-running EC Comics fanzine has been published by the geniuses at Fantagraphics in a beautiful, deluxe edition featuring an article on Basil Wolverton, vinatge picture-postcards found in Wally Wood's desk, a fascinating letters column, 1940's gag comics from Navy News by Jack Davis, interviews with Howard Nostrand and Warren Kremer, and then a generous selection of stories from the long lost Mad-inspired Flip #3.  Fans of EC, 50's comics, or comics history in general will want this nicely crafted book.  52 pages, 8.5" x 11", full-color perfect-bound covers, color and b+w interiors;  only $10.00.

BECCA STADTLANDER is an illustrator whose work has been seen in Yeti and Ladies Home Journal.  Little Otsu of Portland has worked with her on a number of projects.

NIGHT HOME by Becca Stadtlander:  Beautiful black and white ink drawings detail nighttime drama:  the stars, the pahses of the moon, flowers, dancers, and other lovely and fearsome scenes.  Stirring.  20 pages, 6" x 7", color covers and b+w interiors;  $6.00.

VINCENT STALL, AKA King Mini is a longtime Minnesotan artist and zinemaker.

►NEW! - STRUCTURES 12-23 by Vincent Stall (Uncivilized):  The second in this series of artist's renderings of sculptural forms (see also Tom KACZYNSKI and Michael DeFORGE) features Stall's unearthly, seemingly post-apocalyptic structures (as seen also in his Things You Carry from 2D Cloud).  28 pages, two-color covers, b+w interiors; $5.00.

THINGS YOU CARRY by Vincent Stall (AKA King Mini):  This new release from Minneapolis' 2D Cloud is a wordless journey to the interior, in which a mysterious figure moves through a constantly shifting, bombed-out landscape.  Mysterious and weird, with monumentally inky linework.  96 pages, 6" x 6", 3 color cover, two-color interiors;  $10.00.

CONOR STECHSCHULTE is a cartoonist.

►NEW! - THE AMATEURS by Conor Stechschulte (Fantagraphics): In Stechschulte's debut graphic novel "two butchers arrive at work to find their shop empty of meat and their minds empty of how to do their job. As customers arrive, events become increasingly disastrous. A surreal, debut graphic novella of horror and humor." 64 pages, 6" x 9", full color covers, b+w interiors; $15.00.

ARON NELS STEINKE is a cartoonist, teacher, and children's book author in Portland, Oregon.  For years now he's been consistently releasing his Big Plans comics series, which started out great and has just gotten better with time!  His comics are simple, but perfectly crafted--  funny, heartfelt, and a joy to read, in luscious black and white.

►NEW! -- BIG PLANS COLLECTION by Aron Nels Steinke (Bridge City Comics):  The wonderful brick of a book collects all five of Aron's self-published Big Plans minicomics, plus strips from Papercutter, Nerd Burglar, Song Zine, and Runner Runner!  Stories range from fear of terrorism, alcoholism, and a shooting at the mall, to a behind the curtains look at the Academy Awards.  360 pages, color cover, gorgeous b+w interiors, 5" x 6";  $18.00.

►NEW! -- MR. WOLF #1 by Aron Nels Steinke: Follow newly-minted grade school teacher Mr. Wolf, as he learns the ins and outs of teaching, with hilarious results.  Steinke's simple, lovely perfect drawings are a joy to look at, and the gentle humor is warm and inviting.  48 mini-sized pages, lovely color covers, b+w interiors;  $5.00.

►NEW! -- MR. WOLF #2 by Aron Nels Steinke:  New Mr. Wolf goes back to his kids for another round, and these charming, gentle, and sometimes sharpened one page comics tell the tale.  Farts, sharing, Letters to Obama, and Tragedy are all covered.  Excellent!  44 mini-sized pages, color covers, b+w interiors;  $5.00.

STRIPBURGER is a comics publishing collective from Slovenia. They've been publishing great European comics for a long long time, and have begun producing books in English. Check 'em out!

►NEW! -- WORKBURGER (Stripburger):  This wonderful new international collection looks at WORK through the eyes of 50 underground cartoonists, including Matti Hegelberg, Max Andersson, Peter Kuper, Leo Quievreux, Anna Ehrlemark, Marcel Ruijters, Martin Romero, Arkadi, Vincent Lefebvre and many many more.  Political, personal, and powerful, all in English.  228 pages, 7" x 9", two-color covers, b+w interiors; $20.00.

Above: Three spreads from Workburger

LIZ SUBURBIA is a punk.  She can draw like crazy.

THE CRUSHER by Liz Suburbia:  A beautifully drawn ode to shedding preconceptions:  two macho men square up in the boxing ring for a brutal match, followed by the damndest most beautiful ending.  16 digest pages, delicious b+w;  $1.00.

CYANIDE MILKSHAKE #2 by Liz Suburbia:  A grab-bag of early comics, filled with sex and ridiculousness:  Sex Berserkers, The Dumbest Thing I Ever Did, a short teenage punk story, Dogs Get Jobs, Punk Love in the Face of Death, and a bunch more little comics and drawings, including a exhortation to not forget your roots.  All over the place in that classic zine way...  24 half-legal pages, b+w; $2.00.

CYANIDE MILKSHAKE #3 by Liz Suburbia:  Travis Bickle, New Agers, Dogs Go to a Punk Show, Girl-Boy Adventures continues, plus more -- comics, fake ads, drawings and another screed.  24 half-legal pages, b+w; $2.00.

CYANIDE MILKSHAKE #4 by Liz Suburbia:  Subway Bullshit, Hirsutism, Dogs Go on a Crime Spree, Girl-Boy Adventures, and a bunch of weird, shorter comics; plus, screed.  24 half-legal pages, b+w; $2.00.

EAT OR BE MEATBALL by Liz Suburbia:    A lovingly told story of two friends, torn apart as children, and the drive by one to never forget.  Super beautifully drawn.  16 digest pages, delicious b+w;  $1.00.

TURBO MUTT by Liz Suburbia:  Totally punk porno comics--  One tells a tale of long distance love busted up by the man; another a fantasy of copier lust at the local copy shop.  Plus a shorter comic and miscellaneous gorgeous drawings.  16 digest pages, b+w; $1.00.  FOR MATURE READERS.

IV by Liz Suburbia:  A brilliant tale of strength in the face of abuse, told through a series of impeccably rendered tarot cards.  Stunning.  16 mini pages, b+w;  $1.00.

►NEW! -- SUSPECT DEVICE #3 ed. by Josh Bayer (IAMWAR):  Bayer's raw and brilliant anthology presents some of our best and most interesting cartoonists with two panels from classic comic strips-- in this case Nancy and Popeye-- and challenges them to create a narritive connecting the two.  The results are outlandish, exciting and a wonder to behold.  This issue features work from Bayer, Michiel Budel, Jesse Jacobs, Raymond Pettibon, Marc Bell, Max Clotfelter, Lizz Hickey, Gabby Schulz, Box Brown, James Kochalke, Muriel Bellini, Amdy Burkholder, Noah Van Sciver and loads more.  One of the great modern comics anthologies.  Full color covers by Kevin Scalzo.  76 pages, 7" x 10", b+w interiors.  $10.00.

TOP SHELF'S SWEDISH INVASION I've been following the Swedish Alternative comix scene for some years now, and I always come away from it thinking that North American comics fans could really find much to love there. We really seem to have a lot in common, in terms of themes and direction. Luckily, Top Shelf has begun releasing a series of books in English, drawn from this vibrant scene. If you're hoping to explore the world of contemporary European comics, and are looking for somewhere to begin, you couldn't pick a better place.

FROM THE SHADOW OF THE NORTHERN LIGHTS Vol. 1 is a collection of great work from the seminal and long-running Swedish Comix anthology Galago. This anthology has something for everyone, covering a wide range of styles and subjects, and includes work by Simon Gardenfors, Mats Jonsson, Liv Stromquist, Loka Kanarp, Henrik Bromander, Gunnar Lundkvist, Anneli Furmark, and many many more. 200 pages, and a great value.  40% OFF! Cover Price: $20.00, you pay $12.00!

 FROM THE SHADOW OF THE NORTHERN LIGHTS, VOLUME TWO: Second volume of this anthology of contemporary Swedish cartooning features amazing work by Kolbeinn Karlsson, Henrik Bromande, Coco Moodysson, Gunnar Lundkvist, Annelli Furmark, Mats Jonsson and many many more. IN ENGLISH! This is a fantastic collection, and the Swedish cartoonsists in particular are really accessible to American tastes. If you only read North American comics, you're missing out on an entire world! 6.5" x 9"; 220 perfect-bound pages, full color covers and color/b+w interiors; 30% OFF! Cover Price: $15.00you pay $10.50!

THE TROLL KING by Kolbeinn Karlsson.  A surreal, mythic story of the eternal cycle of nature, told with bright colors, good humor, weirdness, and a kind of contemporary cynicism.  A dwarf falls into a river and is taken to a place beyond space and time. A carrot takes a bath and finds itself transforming. Two reclusive mountain men rejoice when their wish for children is granted, but their sons make a terrible discovery. And throughout all these tales, the spirit of the forest walks on…  160 full color pages, 6.5" x 9.25"; 33% OFF! Cover Price: $15.00 you pay $10.00!