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AX: ALTERNATIVE MANGA (Top Shelf):  I've been looking to pick up this fascinating manga anthology for awhile now, and managed to bring some in at a discount.  This hefty, lovingly produced volume contains examples of the most innovative, experimental, and personal works in contemporary manga, all translated into English for the first time.  Includes work from such luminaries as Yoshihiro Tatsumi (The Push Man), , Imri Sakabashira (The Box Man), Kazuichi Hanawa (Doing Time), and many more!  400 pages, 6" x 8", black and white, color covers with French flaps;  SOLD OUT

Above:  Three spreads from AX: Alternative Manga

LUCILLE by Ludovic Debeurme (Top Shelf):  With Lucille, Ludovic Debeurme takes on the difficult world of adolescence, following the life of a young anorexic woman and the difficult relationships she has with others, who have significant problems of their own. Influenced by psychoanalysis and the exploration of dreams, Debeurme explores life and fantasies with elegant clean graphics and a profound love of the games of childhood.  544 pages, hardcover, 6.5" x 9", two color interiors (mostly b+w);  50% OFF!  List price:  $30.00, you pay: $15.00!

THE COLLECTED HUTCH OWEN by Tom Hart (Top Shelf):  Tom Hart's beloved, angry, anti-consumerist curmudgeon in four full length stories.  When the first tale, "Hutch Owen's Working Hard," was released in 1994 (awarded one of the very first Xeric-grants!), it created an underground sensation and gained Tom Hart a die-hard following. Here are the two original Hutch Owen tales, with two brand new, full-length stories, never before seen. Feel the Power! Catch the Wave! Join the Splurge!!  A classic.  176 pages, 6" x 9", full color covers, b+w interiors;  33% OFF!  List price: $14.95you pay $9.95!

HUTCH OWEN: UNMARKETABLE (Top Shelf):  This graphic novel collects the all-new travels and travails of Hutch Owen, the outrageous homeless rebel that battles the corporate forces that control our lives. Included in this volume are: "Public Relations," where Hutch is pitted against the Worner company and a PR firm bent on redesigning the World Trade Center Site; "Aristotle," in which Hutch winds up in Worner's employ as a slogan writer; as well as several other stories. Don't miss this politically astute and heart-warming farce.  208 pages, 6" x 9", full color covers, two-color interiors!  33% OFF!  List price: $14.95you pay $9.95!

HOTWIRE COMICS #2, ed. by Glenn Head (Fantagraphics):  This solid anthology features comics work of the darker variety by such acclaimed artists as Tim Lane (he did the amazing cover, too), Mark Newgarden, R. Sikoryak, David Sandlin, Mary Fleener, Johnny Ryan, Matti Hagelberg, Sam Henderson, Glenn Head, Carol Swain, Stephane Blanquet, Mack White, Lorna Smith, Onsmith, David Lasky, and Ivan Brunetti, plus more.  How can you possibly go wrong with such an all-star cast?  The answer is:  You Can't.  136 9"x12" pages, (64 in full color!); OUT OF STOCK

Fold-out page from Hotwire #2

THE CABBIE (Fantagraphics) by Marti:  Coming out of the Spanish Underground Comics scene of the late 1970's (as featured in El Vibora magazine, and later debuting in English in RAW) Marti's Cabbie is a twisted homage/reworking of the Chester Gould/Dick Tracy framework, bringing the brutal but pitch perfect sensibility of Gould's comics into the contemporary art world.  The Cabbie is a vigilante cab driver, and this is his amoral tale of stolen inheritances, Catholic guilt, and raw justice, as he descends into the underworld of a depraved crime family.  Addictive and compelling, with a sly sense of absurdism, the Cabbie comes highly recommended.  Lovingly printed in luscious b+w, with a must-read introduction by Art Spiegelman.  84 pages, 9" x 12", hardcover;  50% OFF!  List Price: $20.00, you pay $10.00!

GLITZ-2-GO (Fantagraphics) by Diane Noomin:  Best known for editing the Twisted Sisters anthologies of women cartoonists in the 90's, Diane Noomin has accrued nearly forty years of her own work in the underground comix world, and Glitz-2-Go is her very first collection of that work.  Spanning the years 1973 -2003, this volume collects the entirety of her strips featuring "frustrated middle-aged glamour puss" Didi Glitz; a sampling of her other work from such titles as Arcade, Weirdo, Young Lust, and Wimmen's Comix; and a healthy dose of photographs, etchings, covers, and more.  With a foreword by Aline Kominsky-Crumb, and an intro by Noomin herself, Glitz-2-Go documents this often overlooked but ground-breaking artist, and is an essential addition to any library of American Underground Comix.  184 pages, 8"x10", b+w interiors, with a color gallery;  50% OFF!  List Price: $20.00you pay $10.00!

TOP SHELF'S SWEDISH INVASION I've been following the Swedish Alternative comix scene for some years now, and I always come away from it thinking that North American comics fans could really find much to love there. We really seem to have a lot in common, in terms of themes and direction. Luckily, Top Shelf has begun releasing a series of books in English, drawn from this vibrant scene. If you're hoping to explore the world of contemporary European comics, and are looking for somewhere to begin, you couldn't pick a better place.

FROM THE SHADOW OF THE NORTHERN LIGHTS Vol. 1 is a collection of great work from the seminal and long-running Swedish Comix anthology Galago. This anthology has something for everyone, covering a wide range of styles and subjects, and includes work by Simon Gardenfors, Mats Jonsson, Liv Stromquist, Loka Kanarp, Henrik Bromander, Gunnar Lundkvist, Anneli Furmark, and many many more. 200 pages, and a great value.  40% OFF! Cover Price: $20.00you pay $12.00!

 FROM THE SHADOW OF THE NORTHERN LIGHTS, VOL. TWO: Second volume of this anthology of contemporary Swedish cartooning features amazing work by Kolbeinn Karlsson, Henrik Bromande, Coco Moodysson, Gunnar Lundkvist, Annelli Furmark, Mats Jonsson and many many more. IN ENGLISH! This is a fantastic collection, and the Swedish cartoonsists in particular are really accessible to American tastes. If you only read North American comics, you're missing out on an entire world! 6.5" x 9"; 220 perfect-bound pages, full color covers and color/b+w interiors; 30% OFF! Cover Price: $15.00you pay $10.50!

THE TROLL KING by Kolbeinn Karlsson.  A surreal, mythic story of the eternal cycle of nature, told with bright colors, good humor, weirdness, and a kind of contemporary cynicism.  A dwarf falls into a river and is taken to a place beyond space and time. A carrot takes a bath and finds itself transforming. Two reclusive mountain men rejoice when their wish for children is granted, but their sons make a terrible discovery. And throughout all these tales, the spirit of the forest walks on…  160 full color pages, 6.5" x 9.25"; 33% OFF! Cover Price: $15.00 you pay $10.00!

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