TOM KACZYNSKI is the editor of Uncivilized Books, and an excellent cartoonist as well.

►NEW! - CARTOON DIALECTICS #2 by Tom Kaczynski (Uncivilized):  Tom K.s heady, excellent comics from a variety of sources are collected here, with tales of digital censorship, the effect of cities, and looks back at his own creative past filling out the pages.  Beautifully and thoughtfully done.  24 pages, plus bound insert, approx 5" x 6.5", b+w with some spot color; $5.00.

►NEW! - STRUCTURES 1-11 by Tom Kaczynski (Uncivilized):  Nice little artbook of lush, ink-saturated drawings of sculptural forms, with short text/titles (see also further installments in the series by Michael DeFORGE and Vincent STALL).  28 pages, b+w, approx. 5" x 6.5"; $5.00.

JEREMY KAI is a self-taught photographer from Toronto.  With his underground shots of sewers and water systems he hopes to awaken in urban dwellers a new sense of mystery and mythology.

RIVERS FORGOTTEN by Jeremy Kai (Koyama Press):  When I was a young teenager my friends and I began a hobby that we called "tunneling":  exploring the storm sewers and concrete water systems beneath our suburban neighborhoods.  We had a great time.  Later, "urban explorers" such a Ninjalicious, in his famous zine Infiltration, documented the growing subculture.  Now Jeremy Kai gives us this beautifully photographed and printed collection of photos taken underground-- the waterfalls, tunnels, and intersections of a world most of us never knew about, let alone considered.  This gorgeous book will be a great addition to the library of anyone interested in urban design, photography, or hard-to-find subcultures. 72 pages, 8" x 10", full color throughout, NOT COMICS;  $24.00.

VICTOR KERLOW is an accomplished illustrator and animator, who also makes comics, or comics-related drawings.

EVERYTHING TAKES FOREVER by Victor Kerlow (Koyama):  Beautifully inky sketches, comics and drawings, mostly with a surreal, off-the-cuff feel, including Women Jumping, Why Do I Feel So Small, Taco-Head, and many more.  Light and fun.  64 pages, 8" x 11", color covers, b+w interiors;  $10.00.

DAVE KIERSH is one of my favorites. I consider him a Great American Artist-- his art addresses a uniquely American flavor of loneliness and desire, with his recurring themes of suburban, teenage anxiety, lust, "romance", and desolation.

►NEW! -- EXES #1 by Dave Kiersh and Cole Johnson:  First issue of this amazing team-up between Dave and Cole.  In #1 we get three simple stories of teenage plus malaise: a grunge kid goes to a wedding, a chance encounter on the bike path, and getting old.  Kiersh's deadpan but poetic text is a perfect mesh with Johnson's minimalist art.  A great surprise!  Looking forward to #2.  28 mini-sized pages, green Riso cover, blue Riso interiors; $2.00.

AFTER SCHOOL SPECIAL by Dave Kiersh:  Anyone who's listened to me talk about comics has listened to me talk about how great Dave Kiersh is.  His poetic, mysterious, and disjointed comics come closer to really nailing the specific sadness and angst behind the Great American Suburban Teenage Experience than anything I've ever come across, in any medium.  In many ways I think After School Special is his masterwork.  It's like everything that came before in his art, all the obsessions, confusion, and loneliness, have culminated in this pitch perfect aesthetic note.  In After School Special, outcast teenagers Jed and Lisa find love amid the suburban wasteland they call "home."  (Click here for a lengthy sample, and a moving essay by Dave about the process of creating the book).  This work can't come more highly recommended from me.  136 pages, 5" x 6";  Full color covers, interiors in full-color and muted pastel tones;  $15.00.  SALE PRICE: $10.00!

DIRTBAGS, MALL CHICK, AND MOTORBIKES: This Xeric-awarded book features 5 short stories touching on Dave's usual obsessions, but with the depth and flavor of YA writing/Afterschool Specials: A fatherless boy lusts after his ailing mother's caregiver, a naive young girls gets in trouble at the mall, two High School kids from opposite sides of the tracks have a strange encounter in the bleachers, and more. Some of the strongest narratives Dave's produced yet, leavened with sitcom humor, all in lushly drawn full color. 136 pages, perfect bound; $15.00. 

From Neverland

ALEX KIM draws comix.

DUMPLING KING #1 by Alex King (Oily):  Steven and Marcus are friends who work at a dumpling restaurant. When Steven, the delivery boy, commits suicide, dumpling apprentice Marcus takes over his job, and their boss, Mr. Wu, warns him of the mysterious Chang family.  Excellent first issue!  12 mini-sized pages, b+w;  $1.00.  Reviewed by Rob Clough here.

DUMPLING KING #2 by Alex Kim (Oily):  Marcus makes a mysterious delivery, and Grace makes a surprise appearance/disappearance.  12 mini-sized pages, b+w; $1.00

►NEW! -- DUMPLING KING #3 by Alex Kim (Oily): Marcus and Grace meet at the Witch Tower, where at the top a strange encounter is taking place...  12 mini-sized pages, b+w; $1.00.

SEO KIM is a cartoonist.

►NEW! - CAT PERSON by Seo Kim (Koyama):  Collects Kim's lovely, and extremely charming comics about cats, daily life, relationships, cats, and cats.  Would make a great gift for the cat in your life.  Excellent.  144 pages, 9" x 7", full color throughout; $20.00.

ROBERT KIRBY is the editor of Three, Tablegeddon, and the upcoming QU33R Anthology.  He's also an accomplished cartoonist in his own right!

►NEW! -- GINGER, THE WONDER DOG by Rob Kirby:  Rob's tribute to his lovable dog Ginger includes, Hello Ginger, Squirrel Patrol, Tricks and Treats, and more, plus a selection of Ginger pin-up drawings by friends and fans.  16 half-legal pages, color covers, b+w interiors; $3.00!

AIDAN KOCH:  This Portland artist has been producing mysterious and beautiful comics here and there for some years now.

THE WHALE by Aidan Koch (Gaze Books):  Aidan shares a certain sensibility with publisher (and cartoonist) Blaise Larmee -- her soft pencil drawings here feature softly spoken figures in elusive maritime landscapes, with erasings, scratching etc left visible.  The story tells of a young woman by the sea, collecting the belongings of a friend after an only-hinted at accident.  The Whale is gorgeous to look at, and evocative in its rendering.  Slow, sad, and perfect.  Highly recommended.  68 pages, 5" x 7"; two-color-cover, b+w interiors;  $10.00.

►NEW! -- FIELD STUDIES by Aidan Koch (Floating World Comics):  This small, nicely produced volume collects a series of drawings Koch made while traveling throughout the US and Europe during 2012.  Architecture, art, plant and animal life, and more are all depicted in Koch's lovely, understated graphite style.  100 pages, 5" x 7", b+w; $12.00.

►NEW! - Q by Aidan Koch (Floating World Publications) (Restock):  This enormous newsprint broadsheet unfolds to depict broken, luminous drawings that may or may not have a narrative to them, but are certainly very pretty.  

"Applying specific visual art techniques to a sequential project, Aidan finds a balance between her abstract, painterly work and pencil rendering. An exploration into mysticism and abstraction, possesses a mysterious power, subjective and symbolic."  8 pages, 16" x 24", full color;  $4.00.

REBECCA KRAATZ is a Canadian cartoonist obsessed with, among other things, the 1940's, but her comics are not nostalgia trips, they're totally contemporary in spirit and approach.  These are some of my favorite comics of recent times.  (Here's a good interview if you're interested!)

HOUSE OF SUGAR, published on Hope Larson's Tulip Tree Press, is Rebecca's first book collection.  Deadpan, but warm-hearted, these short, poetic comics cover childhood memories, make-up school, freaky kissing, The Fleetwoods, and much much more, in a feel reminiscent of early Lynda Barry.  (Kraatz won the 2007 Doug Wright Award for best Emerging Talent for her work on this book.)  116 pages, 7.5" x 6", perfect-bound; $12.00.

SNAPS (Conundrum Press) consists of stories inspired by a garage-sale photo album of snapshots from the 40's. These soft-spoken, interwoven tales of wartime love, longing, heartbreak, and obsession are mesmerizing and unique.  148 pages. 8.5" x 6.5", perfect-bound; $15.00

KU(Š) : This great little anthology comic from Latvia is a perfect way to expose yourself to some of the amazing work that is going on internationally. And all the comics are either in English, or include English sub-titles! So no excuse! Cheap, too.  (PLEASE NOTE: KUŠ! is their main title, Š! are similar, but slightly smaller editions.  Please be specific when ordering, as some issue numbers duplicate!)

(Š!) #4: Lost in the City, August 2009 -- The fourth issue of (ku)š! is about getting lost or being lost in the city. Cover drawn by Paul Paetzel and 84 pages comics in full color from Latvian artists: Kavi::, Dace Sietiņa, Ingrīda Pičukane, Mārtiņš Zutis, Rūta Briede, Kaspars Groševs and Reinis Pētersons and international artists: Keisei Kanamachi (Japan), Lai Tat Tat Wing (Hong Kong), Paul Paetzel (Germany), Léo Quievreux (France), Rokudai Tanaka (Japan), Oleg Tischenkov (Russia), Yoshi (Lithuania), Lamelos (the Netherlands) and König Lü.Q. (Switzerland). Don't get lost in the city! 84 pages in color, approx. 4" x 6", $6.00.  OUT OF STOCK

(Š!) #5: After Snowfall, December 2009 -- Cover by Kaspars Groševs (Latvia). The new issue has 84 pages full of freezing stories by 18 different artists: Aisha Franz (Germany), Anna Sailamaa (Finland), Ernests Kļaviņš (Latvia), Hironori Kikuchi (Japan), Ignacio Serrano (Spain), Ines Christine Geißer (Germany), Johan Klungel (the Netherlands), Kolbeinn Karlsson (Sweden/Iceland), König Lü. Q. (Switzerland), Maija Līduma (Latvia), Mārtiņš Zutis (Latvia), Oļa Vasiljeva (Latvia), Olegti (Russia), Reinis Pētersons (Latvia), Rūta Briede (Latvia), TeER (Germany) and Yoshi (Lithuania). 84 pages in color, approx. 4" x 6", $6.00. OUT OF STOCK

(Š)! #8 -- The Midnight Sun:  The new issue is the ALL-FINNISH issue, and if you're an aficionado of European comics, you know the Finnish are producing some of the most brilliant and cutting-edge comics today. Featuring an all-star cast of contributors:  Aino Sutinen, Amanda Vähämäki, Anna Sailamaa, Evan Androutsopoulos, Henrik Duncker, Jaakko Pallasvuo, Jari Vaara, Jarno Latva-Nikkola, Jyrki Heikkinen, Karri Laitinen, Katja Tukiainen, Katri Sipiläinen, Kuningas Lü. Q., Mari Ahokoivu, Marko Turunen, Mikko Luostarinen, Mikko Väyrynen, Roope Eronen and Tommi Musturi.  Masterful cover by Roope Eronen and Amanda Vähämäki.  148 4" x 6" full color pages, only $9.00.  Highly recommended!

Above: Just some of the beautiful pages from (Š)! #8: The Midnight Sun

(Š)! #10:  Thi hits just keep coming from this Latvian Comix outfit!  The new issue of their acclaimed anthology features work by international artists on the theme of Sea Stories.  Standouts include:  Andrea Bruno, Ansis Purins, Mare Odomo, Box Brown, Noah Van Sciver, Oskars Veilands-Kustikous, Anna Vaivare, and Luka Va, plus many many more!  146 pages, 4" x 6", full cover covers and interiors;  a steal at $10.00!

(Š) #11:  The "Artventurous" issue features stories inspired by artworks, artists, and creation.  It's the usual must read collection, with contributions by Brecht Vandenbrouke (BEL), Olive Booger (FR), Aidan Koch (USA), Simon Moreton (UK), Nicolas Mahler (AT), and many many more!  146 perfect-bound pages, 4" x 6", full color throughout;  $11.00.

Above: several spreads from Š #11

(Š) #12:  This fantastic new issue is guest edited by Annie Koyama and the theme is "Future 2.0."  It features work from Michael DeForge (cover design and story), Julie Delporte, Ryan Cecil Smith, Jane Mai, Chris Kuzma, Dace Sietina, Dustin Harbin, Jesse Jacobs, Patrick Kyle, Ginette Lapalme, Oskar Pavloskis, Leo Guievreux, John Martz, Melissa Mendes, Chuck Forsman, Paul Paetzel, and many many more!  The largest issue yet!  Recommended!  180 pages, 4" x 6", full color throughout.  $12.00.

Above:  A plethora of images from Š #12

(Š!) #13:  The "Life is Live" issue features autobio and semi-autobio comics from artists who don't usually work in that genre, including: Inés Estrada, Simon Hanselmann, Julia Gfrorer, Jonny Negron, Dace Sietina, and many more!  164 pages, 4" x 6", full color throughout; $12.00.

(Š) #14: The theme is "Sports."  Oh yeah.  With comics from Amanda Baeza, Conor Stechschulte, Dace Sietina, Josh White, Luka Va, Michiel Budel, Ratigher, Martins Zutis, and many many more.  A really fun issue!  164 pages, 4" x 6", full color throughout; $12.00.

Above: Spreads from (Š)! #14

►NEW! - (Š)! #15: The "All Cats" issue is of course a winner, with comics by Dace Sietina, Edie Fake, Emmi Valve, John Broadley, Leo Quievreux, MartinsZutis, Michael DeForge, Paul Paetzel, Warren Craghead, Weng Pixin, and many many more! 166 pages, 4" x 6", full color throughout; $12.00.

Above: Four spreads from Š! #15 -- ALL CATS!

►NEW! - (Š)! #16: "Villages" features Oliver East, Sandra Rummler, Kara Sievewright, Paddy Lynch, Anthony Meloro, and many more, writing on the theme of Place. 166 pages, 4" x 6", full color throughout; $12.00.

Above: Four spreads from Š! #16 -- Villages

►NEW! - (Š)! #17: "Sweet Romance" with Patrick Kyle, Yvang, Emma Rendel, Jesse Lucas, Berliac, Aisha Franz and many more.  A winner! 166 pages, 4" x 6", full color throughout; $12.00.

Above: Five spreads from Š! #17 -- Sweet Romance

KUŠ! #7: This larger format issue features a host of comics on the theme of "Music," including work by Olive Booger (FRZ), Geneviève Castrée (CAN), Matthew Thurber (USA), Miriam Katin (USA), Paul Paetzel (GER), and your truly, John P. (only my second comic EVER in full color!) 6" x 8"; 100 perfect-bound full-color pages, ONLY $8.00!!! (Thanks the Latvian Arts Council for that!!-- Hello, America??? Anybody home???) OUT OF STOCK

KUŠ! #8: Another larger format issue, this one with the theme of Gardening. EXCELLENT comics by Oskar Pavlovsis (LAT), Ingrida Picukane (LAT), Jaakko Pallasvuo (FIN), Yoshi (LITH), James Turek (USA), and Hinori Kikuchi (JAP) among many many more. Be forewarned: a lot of Garden Gnomes show up in this issue! 6" x 8"; 116 perfect-bound full-color pages; $9.00.   OUT OF STOCK

KUŠ! FOLDOUT: This cool full-color booklet begins life as a 4.75" x 6.75" image of the Stone Age, and then keeps unfolding -- with each new fold revealing another artist's work (and a new epoch in time) -- until it unwraps to a full 18" x 24" poster of the crazy future. Artists include Marcus Nyblom (SWE), Oskar Pavlovsis (LAT), Lai Tat Tat Wing (HK), Patric Sandi (SWI), and Brecht Vandenbroucke (BEL). $6.00.

MINI KUŠ! Artist's Books Four-Pack:  Four individual 20 page booklets, one each by Martins Zutis, with his allegory of The Invisible Hand; Till Hafenbrak, with a "Little Shop of Horrors"-esque tale of Weeding;  Kuba Woynarowski's "The Story of Gardens," a Burnsian comic on Nature's fecundity; and Ruedi Schorno's "Bearslayer Returns," a no-holds barred update on the 19th Century Latvian folk hero Bearslayer.  80 mini-sized full-color pages total, $8.00.

Martins Zutis

Till Hafenbrak

Kuba Woynarowski

Ruedi Schorno

MINI KUŠ! #5 by Léo Quiévreux:  This new addition to the Mini-KuŠ lineup (see their Four-Pack, above) paints a picture of a future world of economic insecurity, treachery, and global authority that's maybe not too far off.  20 mini pages, two-colors throughout; $5.00.

MINI-KUŠ #6:  "Killman" by Box Brown:  In this epic space drama full of cosmic fisticuffs, Killman is trying to destroy all the gods while maneuvering between friends and foes alike.  28 mini-pages, full color throughout;  $5.00.

MINI-KUŠ #7:  "Rainbow of Pain" by Ernests & Andrejs Klavins:  This funny look at sports doping (!) concerns the worst diver ever battling it out with the second worst diver ever, with hilarious results!  28 min-pages, full color throughout;  $5.00.

MINI-KUŠ #8:  "The Flames" by Akvile Miseviciute:  When two teenagers go visit their grandma, they discover that a giant corporation is polluting the countryside... and they come up with a crazy plan to stop them.  28 mini-pages, full color throughout;  $5.00.

MINI-KUŠ #9:  "Bobis" by Dace Sietina:  In this surreal tale, our narrator comes home from work, walks his loyal dog Bobis, and then everything goes crazy.  28 mini-pages, full color throughout;  $5.00.

MINI-KUŠ #10: "Otso" by Mari Ahokoivu: Space-traveling bear Otso enters hypoer-sleep on a long journey only to descend into a world of nightmares and transcendence.  28 mini-pages, full-color throughout; beautiful and sad; $5.00.

MINI-KUŠ #11: "All You Need Is Love" by Emmi Valve:  On the edges of a break-up, Emmi's friend visits her messy apartment and proceeds to help her get out of her blues.  A nice, quiet autobio story, drawn in beautiful soft airbrushy colors and loose, lovely lines.   28 mini-pages, full color throughout;  $5.00.

MINI-KUŠ #12: "Historyjki" by Maciej Sienczyk:  Five surreal short stories from this Polish artist-- a scientific vessel is shipwrecked on a mysterious island; cleaning up the apartment; The Bread Faun; the Boil Man, and more.  Deadpan, weird, and fascinating.   28 mini-pages, full color throughout;  $5.00.

MINI-KUŠ #13: "Our Library" by Amanda Baeza: Based on a true story, in which a group of people create a new library-- a community space-- until outside forces seek to destroy it.  "This is a sad story, but that's no reason for it to be forgotten."  Scribbly linework, geometric forms of color, passion.   28 mini-pages, full color throughout;  $5.00.

Mini-KUŠ #14: "The Pernicious Kiss" by Tiina Lehikoinen:  The perils of being, or dating, a horse-headed human. 28 mini-pages, full color throughout;  $5.00.

Mini-KUŠ #15: "Hideous Fiesta" by Heta Bilaletdin:  Bizarre characters join a strange party as the world outside mourns a newsworthy death.  28 mini-pages, full color throughout;  $5.00.

Mini-KUŠ #16: "Runaway Dog" by Emelie Ostergren:  Alvie the Elf finds runaway dog Moses and brings him home to his hut to meet the other frightened, damaged souls he's helped.  With a wickedly executed and heartbreaking ending.  28 mini-pages, full color throughout;  $5.00.

Mini-KUŠ #17: "Borrowed Tails": by Inés Estrada: Five short stories based on overheard or borrowed anecdotes...  a girl gets stung by a bee and turns into a mountain, a ghost makes love, The Magic Voice, and more.  Drawn in her delightful, rough style and colored beautifully with watercolor.  Excellent.  28 mini-pages, full color throughout;  $5.00.

►NEW! -- Mini-KUŠ #18: "No Place To Stay" by Michael Jordan:  In this dreamlike story a man falls through his coffee cup into a strange netherworld of medical bureaucracy and unease. Recommended! 28 mini-pages, full color throughout;  $5.00.

►NEW! -- Mini-KUŠ #19: "Inverso" by Berliac: "In the midst of a marital crisis, and unnamed zoologoist is assigned to investigate the possible case of a 'negative jaguar.'  The deeper he delves... the more he steps into the other side of reality."  28 mini-pages, full color throughout;  $5.00.

►NEW! -- Mini-KUŠ #20: "Crater Lake" by Jean de Wet:  In this lovely wordless story, a hang-glider moves through a strange, panoramic landscape during a mysterious cosmic event.  Beautifully drawn; recommended; 28 mini-pages, full color throughout;  $5.00.

►NEW! -- Mini-KUŠ #21:  "Jungle Night" by Renata Gasiorowska.  In this nicely told story Lili joins her friends at the annual "Jungle Night" festivities, but soon finds herself drawn towards solitude and tradition. 28 mini-pages, full color throughout;  $5.00.

KUŠ! 3x3: Nine contemporary Latvian artists from the fields of photography, design, sculpture, painting, and other art forms-- Arnis Balčus, Ivars Drulle, Dace Džeriņa, Ernests Kļaviņš, Romāns Korovins, Kate Krolle, Daiga Krūze, Krišs Salmanis and Evita Vasiļjeva-- took up the challenge to create comics. The result: 3x3 unconventional stories on 9 pages each collected in one experimental comics book.  100 full color pages in a 6" x 8" jacket with French flaps; $8.00.

Above: pages from KuŠ 3x3

STEVE LAFLER is one of the original "alternative" cartoonists.  His Dog Boy comics and Buzzard anthology were some of the mainstays of the alt-comix movement of the 1980's.

►NEW! -- DOGGY STYLE: THE COMPLETE DOG BOY by Steve Lafler (CO2 Comics):  In the olden days (the 1980's), when comic books were coming of age, there was Love and Rockets, Clowes' Lloyd Llewellyn, Pete Bagge's Neat Stuff, and a host of other weird, black and white comics that were unlike anything to come before.  Steve Lafler's Dog Boy was one of those comics.  Now all the original Dog Boys have now been collected in an oversized hardcover compendium, tracing the comics from their raw, no holds barred roots as a self-published comic, through the Fantagraphics years when Lafler's style solidified and refined itself, and into the Buzzard years of the 90's.  Dog Boy and his freaky, ever-smiling friend, Benb, rolled through the Reagan Era with a snort and a middle finger, in absurdist escapades that went anywhere and everywhere.  Lots of sex, drugs, rock n roll, and comix.  A must for those who remember these old comics, and for those interested in this so-far overlooked period of comics history.  494 pages!  8.5" x 11", fill color hardcovers, b+w interiors;  $50.00.

Above: Sample spreads from Doggy Style: The Complete Dog Boy

JOSEPH LAMBERT is one the most promising young talents to emerge from the Center for Cartoon Studies in Vermont.

I WILL BITE YOU by Joseph Lambert (Secret Acres):  Lambert's first book collects some of his earlier mini-comix releases, as well as strong new material, including "Turtle Keep It Steady," "I Will Bite You," and that classic of contemporary form, "After School Snacks."  Delightful and sometimes dark stories of childhood mystery.  128 pages, two-color covers, two color interiors (with a 16 page full-color section); $14.00.

LA MANO 21: My friend the cartoonist Zak Sally is also a publisher. Beyond my own Diary of a Mosquito Abatement Man, Zak has published a number of other book-form projects, and those are now available from me.

Recidivist #3 by Zak Sally: The third and final issue of Zak's Recidivist series includes the strongest work Zak has done in his "dark" style yet. Six unsettling and impeccably paced poetic narratives --- serious, weird, dark-toned work that forms a powerful whole. Nominated for two Eisner awards. A companion piece to Zak's recent book from Fantagraphics, Like a Dog, which collects Recidivist 1 and 2. 104 pages, hardcover; $15.00.

Fear of Song CD by Zak Sally: 9 song, debut solo CD by Zak Sally (ex-LOW), is 37 minutes of sustained, restrained power/noise pop. Shades of Fugazi, recent period Low (natch), and Shellac. Not only did Zak play every note/sound on this record but he also designed it, laid it out, made the plates, printed it on his own press, did the machine trimming and folding, hand glued images to the front and back covers, hand folded, taped, and inserted each disc into the cover and vinyl sleeve, and then signed and numbered each copy. It's called DIY. Check the La Mano site to hear song samples, and then buy a copy. $13.00

Wait, You're Not a Centaur by Nate Denver: Fifty fifty-word absurdist word sketches, illustrated with Denver's scratchy, weird, beautiful and hilarious drawings. Includes a full length music CD by Nate Denver's Neck, an introduction by Adam Jones of Tool, and 1,000 Elephants (including one hand drawn especially for you). Lovingly hand-produced on Zak's "obsolete" AB Dick press. Two color cover on metallic blue pearlescent paper, 120 pages, $16.00. 

The Deitch Files (see below)

THE DEITCH FILES:  New and amazing from La Mano is The Kim Deitch Files -- a limited edition portfolio of beautiful prints of the looseleaf "story" pages which serve as Kim's sketchbook.  Included in the folio are selections of the original story pages from many of Kim's major works (Alias The Cat, Boulevard Of Broken Dreams) as well as many of his other projects (Deitch's Pictorama, Southern Fried Fugitives), never before seen projects (the aborted Alice's Adventures Underground), and even a couple pretty jaw dropping life studies.  They are exclusively in pencil, many in a fully rendered style that is both insanely gorgeous and (in their way) totally different than what you "expect" from Kim's art.  These pages have rarely been seen, and as individual pieces and as a look into the process of a master cartoonist... this is the real deal.  Published in a limited edition of 250 copies, this thing is a treasure trove.  Here's what you get: 30 plates printed on 100# cover stock (each plate measures 9.75 x 11.5 inches), packaged in a silkscreened button and tie "file" envelope with an introduction by Kim Deitch himself, and a "list of works" in a stamped file envelope.  ONLY $45.00 (that's a DOLLAR FIFTY a print, folks!)

From The Deitch Files
(PLEASE NOTE:  La Mano has also produced an even more elaborate DeLuxe (!) edition, available directly from them.  Info here.)

TIM LANE: Did you know that Tim Lane-- whose recent book Abandoned Cars (from Fantagraphics) surprised a lot of people with its dark, Beat-inspired stories of the American Underbelly-- has been for years quietly self-publishing a comic book series called "Happy Hour in America"? Me neither, till last weekend. We now carry Abandoned Cars, and are proud to be the exclusive distributor for Happy Hour In America.  Both are highly recommended -- there's no one else like Tim Lane in comics today.

ABANDONED CARS (Fantagraphics):  Tim Lane's debut is a sprawling, noir/beat tour de force through the American underbelly--  of underworld denizens, sleazy bars, drifters, and the endless railroad.  Short stories build upon one another to dizzying effect.  Dark, surreal, funny and sad, just like our country.  168 pages with color hardcover, b+w interiors; $23.00.

Above: pages from Abandoned Cars.

HAPPY HOUR IN AMERICA #1: Hard-boiled stories, with comics and text-- The Belligerent Piano (Episode One), An Introduction to Jackie No-Name, and Ghost Road. 28 comic sized pages, awesome color covers, $4.00. BACKORDERED

HAPPY HOUR IN AMERICA #2: Belligerent Piano (Episode Two), The Aries Cow Pt. One, and To Be Happy. 28 comic sized pages, and one of the best (full color) comic book covers I've ever seen, $4.00.

HAPPY HOUR IN AMERICA #3 by Tim Lane.  Recent issue of this brilliant comic is hot off the presses!  28 comic-sized pages, full color covers, $5.00. BACKORDERED

From Happy Hour in America, #3

►NEW! - HAPPY HOUR IN AMERICA #4 by Tim Lane:  Amazing new issue features I Am a Myth, tons of Belligerent Piano, Welcome to Hopeville, In My Dream, and Notes of a Second Class Citizen.  There is no one making comics like Tim Lane-- these super-noir, obsessive, and sharply idiosyncratic comics detail the grit, darkness, and surprise of Dirty America. $5.00.  BACKORDERED

Above: From Happy Hour in America #4

DAVE LAPP is a Canadian everyman, whose quiet, funny and poignant comics detail the everyday life of his Toronto environment.

►NEW! - PEOPLE AROUND HERE by David Lapp (Conundrum):  A beautiful collection documenting overheard conversations and everyday interactions in contemporary Toronto.  Simply yet skillfully rendered, these are solid, enjoyable comics!  164 pages, 6" x 9" squarebound paperback, color covers, b+w interiors;  $17.00.

BRENDAN LEACH is the author of Pterodactyl Hunters and other acclaimed comics.

►NEW! - IRON BOUND by Brendan Leach (Secret Acres): "Iron Bound is a gritty, authentic account of street gangs and life in the margins of Newark, New Jersey's Ironbound district at the start of the 60's. With all the elements of a noir mystery and a crime drama, it's Leach's insight into human nature and his ability to evoke place and moment that elevates the narrative to a complex examination of the tenuous relationships of people mired in conflict and fear. This edition of Iron Bound comes complete with a flexi-disc record of music written and recorded by the official Iron Bound band, the Newark Wanderers." 252 perfectbound pages, 8.25" x 7.25", b+w interiors with  two color covers and flexi-disc; $22.00.

JON LEWIS's beloved True Swamp recently celebrated its 20th Anniversary!

TRUE SWAMP: CHOOSE YOUR POISON by Jon Lewis (Uncivilized):  "True Swamp: Choose Your Poison collects the first storyline of this landmark series, telling the tale of Lenny the Frog – part coming-of-age story, part fantastic adventure, part gutter poetry. Unavailable for over a decade, this 20th anniversary edition features meticulously-restored art, never-reprinted material, an Introduction by Charles Hatfield (The Hand Of Fire: The Comics Art Of Jack Kirby), and a Foreword by Ed Brubaker (Criminal, Captain America, Incognito)."  I'm so glad this book exists!  200 pages, 7" x 10", hardcover, b+w interiors;  $20.00.

MINTY LEWIS has been producing some of the most wickedly funny and emotionally resonant comics in recent years, and (mostly) with fruit and pets as characters! This nice collection from Secret Acres collects her oeuvre in one handy book.

PS COMICS: The characters in PS Comics may appear to be large pieces of fruit or talking animals, but they behave just like their human counterparts: they are the drunk acquaintances, annoying coworkers, troubled schoolmates, jealous friends and vindictive roommates that haunt us all. Told with biting humor, the stories in PS Comics are quintessentially human, about the ongoing struggle to understand one another and connect, despite our individual worries, differences and quirks. 128 digest pages; compiles most of Minty Lewis's self-published work and includes new material. $11.00.

LINEWORK is the anthology magazine put together by Ivan Brunetti's students at Columbia College in Chicago.  It's fantastic!

►NEW! -- LINEWORK #1 (ed. Onsmith, M. Merkey, A Burkholder): Early student work from Nick Drnaso, Andy Burkholder, Kevin Budnik, Tannar Veatch, and many more.  34 full color pages, 8" x 10"; $10.00 or FREE with purchase of Linework #3 and 4!

►NEW! - LINEWORK #3 (ed. N. Drnaso, K. Budnik): This brilliant, full-color comics anthology features work by editors Budnik and Drnaso, as well as Max Morris, Dave Alvarado, Andy Burkholder, Elio, Ivan Brunetti, Marieke McClendon, Onsmith, Lilli Carré, Paul Nudd, and many others.  A great way to see a lot of high-quality work by up and coming cartoonists, in a variety of styles.  102 pages, 8" x 10", color and b+w; $15.00.

►NEW! - LINEWORK #4 (ed. M. McClendon, E. Lundquist, P. Clodfelter): Latest release features great work by Alvarado, Burkholder, Budnik, Naji, Drnaso, Brunetti, McClendon, Nudd, and many others. 110 pages, 8" x 10", color and b+w; $15.00.

Cult pulp writer JEFF LINT finds a classic work of his brought back to life, via Floating World Comics of Portland.

THE CATERER #3, by Jeff Lint (Floating World):  33 years after the spectacular collapse of Pearl Comics, most historians lay the blame for that collapse on  Jeff Lint's THE CATERER.  Described by Alan Moore as "the holy barnacle of failure," The Caterer dragged Pearl into a legal hell when its hero spent the whole of Issue 9 on a killing spree in a barely disguised version of Disneyland

At the time, smirking "hero" Jack Marsden became a cult figure and role model for enigmatic idiots, and his style and catchphrases were such an insider code that hundreds of people got beaten up by baffled or enraged onlookers..  

Steve Aylett and Floating World now present this reprint of The Caterer #3: a stand-out issue which includes the beginning of Marsden's goat obsession, a fierce appearance by the ghostly Hoston Pete, a great example of the Marsden 'stillness' and no less than four classic Marsden hallucinations. The leaning Chief Bayard's preoccupation with our hero results in the violent deaths of six people, and Jack delivers his infamous 'lipstick for dogs' diatribe.

Color throughout, including historic advertisements, a letters page, and historic information, this is an oblong gift to fans of 70s pulp and of cult author Jeff Lint.  32 comic-sized pages, $5.00. 

JASON LITTLE is the author of the acclaimed Jacks Luck Runs Out, Shutterbug Follies, and Motel Art Improvement Service.

►NEW! -- BORB #1 by Jason Little:  Jason's new project is this sad but occasionally humorous look at the life of a homeless man, "Borb," who brings on as much of his hard luck as the fates do.  A difficult subject to approach, Little's short, four panel daily comics-style strips, indebted to funnypages masters like Harold Gray and Frank King, bring this downtrodden character to life, infusing him with a heart and soul that are hard to forget.  It's ultimately a deeply unflinching and affecting story.  Well done.  Issue One includes, Bad Teeth, Temporary Housing, and more.  20 pages, 3.5" x 8.5", b+w; $2.00.

►NEW! -- BORB #2 by Jason Little:  Includes Royal Treatment, The Old Switcheroo, Men's Shelter, Chance Encounter, more.  28 pages, 3.5" x 8.5", b+w; $3.00.

►NEW! -- BORB #3 by Jason Little:  Includes Borb's Story, DTs, Subway, and Borb's End.  40 pages, 3.5" x 8.5", b+w with full color center-spread; $2.00.

AMY LOCKHART is a Canadian artist known for her jarring and strange drawings, paintings and animation.  I have her D+Q Petit Livre in stock:

DIRTY DISHES by Amy Lockhart (D+Q):  This book collects a bunch of Amy's funky drawings, sketches, paintings, and comix, with titles such as "Not So Fast (Dog Trips on Bone), "Marshmallow Ladies," "Yellow Haired Lady," and "Man Made Uncomfortable by Ladies";  includes "Birthday Bikeshorts,: a fully-painted comic commissioned for (and rejected by) Kramer's Ergot.  Plus detailed notes, and a FAQ.  76 pages, 5" x 6", full color and b+w interiors;  $12.00.

For more AMY LOCKHART, see also NOG A DOD (Marc Bell)

SCOTT LONGO is a cartoonist.

THE VIRGIN by Scott Longo (Oily): What appears to be an anxious creature from another country takes what appears to be a flight to America to meet underground cartoonists, in misspelled English.  Inscrutable?  You decide!  12 mini-sized pages, b+w; $1.00.

THE INTERN by Scott Longo (Oily): Longo's new comic of cryptic romance and love advice, told with missives between two lonely lovers.  12 mini-sized pages, b+w; $1.00.  TWO COLLECTORS COVERS, OUR CHOICE PLEASE.