March 30, 2014


OK Kids, I've been working like a madman on The Hospital Suite, my new book for D+Q, so sadly my attention to the distro has lapsed.  Here are the new items I have in stock, they're up on the site now, feel free to order!  I'll also be adding all the books from last month in bits and pieces each day.  The list of them is here -- they're all available to order, I just don't have the images/descriptions up yet.

Thanks for your patience during this busy time for me!

John P.

Added 3/30/14:

Sam ALDEN: The Man That Dances In the Meadow (Space Face) - $5
CAKE 2014 Fundraiser Anthology - $12
(KU)Š! #15 - The CATS Issue (KUŠ) - $12
Brendan LEACH: Iron Bound (Secret Acres) -$22
MINESHAFT #30 - $9
Noah VAN SCIVER: More Mundane - Diary Comics (Spit and a Half) - $5

February 28, 2014


Yo, what's up?  That's cool.  What's up with me?  I've been working 12+ hours a day trying to get my new D+Q book The Hospital Suite finished so it can be out at SPX.  Consequently, I haven't had any time to get the distro site updated.  And it's be really bothering me, thus adding to my stressload.  So here's my compromise:

I'm listing all the new books I've gotten in since the last update below, but there are no pictures or descriptions up on the site yet.  That will have to wait a little longer.  In the meantime, though, feel free to order any of the following items.  If you need sample images or descriptions, you know how to google, right?  Awesome.  Thanks for your understanding!  John P.  I love you, seriously.


In Stock 3/12/14:
(Š)! #16 - Villages -- $12

In Stock 2/28/14:
Sam ALDEN: Wicked Chicken Queen (Retrofit/Big Planet) -- $6
T. Edward BAK: Island of Memory (Floating World) -- $12
Gregory BENTON: B+F (Adhouse) -- $25
Box BROWN: Number One (Retrofit/Big Planet) -- $6
Heather BENJAMIN: Delinquent #1 (Floating World) -- $5
Sarah BURWASH: The Far Woods (Conundrum) -- $20
Aaron COCKLE: Word and Voice #9 + 10 (Oily) -- $1 each
Warren CRAGHEAD: Outside #2 + 3 (Oily) -- $1 each
Nick DRNASO: The Grassy Knoll (Oily) -- $4
Chuck FORSMAN: Teen Creeps #5 + 6 (Oily) -- $1 each
Daniel FROST: Atop a Hill in Frostville (Little Otsu) -- $16
Antony HUCHETTE: Brooklyn Quesadillas (Conundrum) -- $15
INSECT BATH #1 Anthology (Profanity Hill) -- $4
Alex KIM: Dumpling King #4 (Oily) -- $1
KU(Š!) #15 Anthology: CATS! -- $12
Mini-KUŠ #18: Michael Jordan "No Place To Stay" -- $5
Mini-KUŠ #19: Berliac "Inverso" -- $5
Mini-KUŠ #20: Jean De Wet "Crater Lake" -- $5
Mini-KUŠ #21: Renata Gasiorowska "Jungle Night" -- $5
Carrie McNINCH: You Don't Get There From here #27+28 -- $2 each
Melissa MENDES: Joey #1 (Oily) -- $4
Roman MURADOV: Picnic Ruined (Retrofit/Big Planet) -- $6
Joe OLLMANN: Science Fiction (Conundrum) -- $18
Laura PARK: Do Not Disturb My Waking Dream (Uncivilized) -- $4
Jonny NEGRON: Adapt #2 (Floating World) -- $7
ON YOUR MARKS #1 Anthology (Short Run) -- $5
Grant REYNOLDS: Hypnotic Induction Technique (self-published) -- $4
Jonathan Reid SEVIGNY: The Sweetsburg Archives (Conundrum) -- $25
Zejian SHEN: Keep Fresh (Retrofit/Big Planet) -- $6
Leslie STEIN: Desk #1 (Oily) -- $1
Sherwin TJIA: You Are a Cat in the Zombie Apocalypse (Conundrum) -- $17
Benjamin URKOWITZ: Real Rap #6 (Oily) -- $1
Zack WORTON: Blood Visions #3 (Oily) -- $1

* * *

STORES: Feel free to order at the usual discount!
QUESTIONS: Email me johnp_kingcat AT hotmail DOT com

February 11, 2014


OK, I've been a bad boy.  I've been frantically trying to finish up my new D+Q book The Hospital Suite by the end of the month, and lo the distro has turned brown.  BUT!  Did you know I have a BOX of fantastic new comics right here next to my desk that I'll be adding later this week?  Stuff from Short Run, Oily, Floating World, Conundrum, Profanity Hill and MORE?  Check back soon, True Believer...

Oh, and I'm almost done with the book!

John P.

December 9, 2013


Okay kiddos.  Been awhile since I updated cuz I've been hard at work on my own comics -- both King-Cat #74, out next week, and The Hospital Suite, a new book from D+Q to be released circa SPX 2014.  Still, here are some fab new books for you to check out!  Thanks all -- Happy Holidaze, and remember: COMIX MAKE GREAT GIFTS!™

Added 12/20/13:
(Look in catalog under ALL-CAPS name!)

Simon HANSELMANN: Life Zone (Space Face)

Added 12/14/13:

Dennis EICHHORN: Real Good Stuff #1+2 (Poochie Press)
Charles FORSMAN: Celebrated Summer (Fantagraphics)
Julia GFRÖRER: Black is the Color (Fantagraphics)
Trevor GRABILL: Journal of Horizons (Flat Mountain)
Jesse REKLAW: Couch Tag (Fantagraphics)

Added 12/9/13:

Billy BURKERT: Noise #3 (Oily)
Jessica CAMPBELL: Rave #1 (Oily)
Aaron COCKLE: Word and Voice #8 (Oily)
COMICS AS POETRY Anthology ed. by Franklin Einspruch (New Modern)
Charles FORSMAN: Teen Creeps #3-4 (Oily)
Chuck FORSMAN: Working on the End of the Fucking World (Oily)
Renee FRENCH: Hagelbarger and That Nightmare Goat (Yam Books)
Daniel FROST: Atop a Hill in Frostville (Little Otsu)
HAPPINESS 1-3 Anthology, ed. by Leah Wishnia (Spithouse)
Alex KIM: Dumpling King #3 (Oily)
Carrie McNINCH: You Don't Get There From Here #26
Melissa MENDES: Lou #17 (Oily)
Laura PARK: Do Not Disturb My Waking Dream (Uncivilized)
John PORCELLINO: King-Cat #74 (Spit and a Half)
Alex SCHUBERT: Blobby Boys #3 (Zine Police)
Daryl SEITCHIK: Missy #1 (Oily)
Ryan Cecil SMITH: SF #3 (Koyama)
Benjamin URKOWITZ: Real Rap #4-5 (Oily)
Jon VERMILYEA: Fata Morgana (Koyama)
Peter WARTMAN: Over the Wall (Uncivilized)
Leah WISHNIA: Gut Feelings #1 (Spithouse)
Jenny ZERVAKIS: Strange Growths #16

Just a few recent additions!

November 2, 2013


Hi everyone,

I'm looking to expand the comic shops/bookstores/galleries/alt-spaces that I work with through Spit and a Half.  Does your town have a cool spot run by good people that's friendly to small-press/art-comix?  If so, please let me know the details in the comments section.  Thanks!

These are some of the shops I already work with on a more or less consistent basis:

Ada Books - Providence
Bergen Street - Brooklyn
Big Brain - Minneapolis
Big Planet - Suburban DC
Boneshaker Books - Minneapolis
Boxcar Books - Bloomington, IN
Comix Revolution - Evanston, IL
Copacetic - Pittsburgh
Desert Island - Brooklyn
Fantagraphics Shop - Seattle
Farewell Books- Austin
Floating World - Portland
Gosh! - London UK
Impossible Books - London UK
Kafe Kerouac - Columbus, OH
Kilgore Books - Denver
Lobo Comics - Albuquerque
Lucky's - Vancouver, BC
Mungo's Comics - Melbourne, VIC
Alternative Library - Bellingham, WA
Page 45 - Nottingham UK
Quimby's - Chicago
Reading Frenzy - Portland
Seite Books - Los Angeles
Star Clipper - St. Louis

Thanks again,
John P.

Illustration by Cara Bean

October 24, 2013


Burn out the day, burn out the night.  That's ol' John P. for ya.  Here's more comix -- comin' ATCHA.

ADDED 10/24/13:

Marc BELL: Belly Wot Leaflet - Noze Clippah (Whole World Books)
Billy BURKERT: Noise #2 (Oily)
Aaron COCKLE: Word and Voice #7 (Oily)
Michael DOWERS (ed.): Treasury of Minicomics Vol. 1 (Fantagraphics)
Nick DRNASO: Tell God to Blow the Wind From the West (Oily)
Michel FIFFE: In Conversation with Sean Ford (Oily)
Chuck FORSMAN: Teen Creeps #1 +2 (Oily)
Sam GASKIN: Goblins (Oily)
Tom HART: RL #3 (SAW Books)
Kevin HUIZENGA: Wild Kingdom (D+Q)
Kevin HUIZENGA, Dan ZETTWOCH: Leon Beyond Collection (Uncivilized)
Rusty JORDAN: Alamo Value Plus #1 (Revival House)

Added 10/29/13:

Delaine DERRY GREEN: I Am My Own Stereotype - the Collected My Small Diary
Dave KIERSH and Cole JOHNSON: Exes
Scott LONGO: The Intern (Oily)
Melissa MENDES: Lou # 16 (Oily)
Simon MORETON: Smoo #7
Joseph REMNANT: Blindspot #3 (Kilgore Comics)
Zak SALLY: Sammy the Mouse Vol. 2 (Uncivilized)
Aron Nels STEINKE: Mr. Wolf #2
TABLEGEDDON: Anth. ed. by Rob Kirby, Comix Tabling Stories!
TREASURY OF MINICOMICS Vol. 1:  Ed. by Michael Dowers (Fantagraphics)
Benjamin URKOWITZ: Real Rap #3 (Oily)

Added 11/1/13:

Trevor GRABILL: Listen (Complete edition)


September 2, 2013


Whoa, after a long HOT summer full of traveling and collecting great comix for you guys, I've managed to update the site with over 50 new titles!  Check them out below...

Added 9/16/13:

Anna BONGIOVANNI: Out of Hollow Water (2D Cloud)
Cole CLOSSER: Little Tommy Lost  Vol. 1 (Koyama)
Chuck FORSMAN: TEOTFW (Fantagraphics)
ION EDITIONS: Abecedaire Pour Dames et Messieurs (Aurelian Vallade)
ION EDITIONS: Pourquoi il Faut Penser a Nettoyer son Aquarium (Amandine Ciosi)
ION EDITIONS: Ils Vivent ((Etienne Poitier)
Sandrine MARTIN: La Montagne de Sucre (L'Apocalypse)
Keiler ROBERTS: Powdered Milk #11
Alex SCHUBERT: Blobby Boys TPB (Koyama Press)
Sar SHAHAR: Sequential Vacation II (Secret Acres)
Katie SKELLY: Operation Margarine #3
Noah VAN SCIVER w/ N. BREUTZMAN: Deep in the Woods (2D Cloud)
Noah VAN SCIVER: St. Cole #1 (Kilgore Books)

Added 9/14/13:

Pierre FERRERO/Luca: London Fashion/Poupy (Arbitraire)
Renee FRENCH: Céphelées (L'Apocalypse)
Kevin HUIZENGA: Gloriana (D+Q)
KU(Š) #13
Mini-KUŠ #14: "The Pernicious Kiss" by Tiina Lehikoinen
Mini-KUŠ #15: "Hideous Fiesta" by Heta Bilaletdin
Mini-KUŠ #16: "Runaway Dog" by Emelie Ostergren
Mini-KUŠ #17: "Borrowed Tails" by Inés Estrada
Steve LAFLER: Doggy Style -the Complete Dog Boy (CO2)
Jason LITTLE: Borb 1-3
LIVING  THINGS #9 (by Martine Workman, Little Otsu)
LIVING THINGS #10 (by Joohee Yoon, Little Otsu)

Added 9/12/13:

BALD EAGLES: Bittersweet Romance (Drippy Bone)
Derek M. BALLARD: You Will All Die In Pain (Drippy Bone)
Derek M. BALLARD: Your Daughters Will Bear Our Children (Drippy Bone)
Raymond BEISINGER: B+W (Belgravian Press)
Marc BELL: Cowabunga Schnauzer (Half World Books)
Art BIGGS: Joy and Spider XIV
Nathan BULMER: Eat More Bikes #5
CLUTCH/Nicole Georges: Invincible Summer 22/Clutch 25 split
Eleanor DAVIS: 31 Drawings That Have Something To Do With Being in Love and Not Being in Love

Added 9/9/13:

Andy BURKHOLDER: Middlegound (Oily)
Jessica CAMPBELL: Mrs. Connie Dutton (Oily)
Aaron COCKLE: Word and Voice #6 (Oily)
LINEWORK #1 Anthology Special Deal
Melissa MENDES: Lou #14-15 (Oily)
Marian RUNK: Not a Horse Girl #1 (Oily)
Josh SIMMONS: Training + Habit #1 (Oily)
Zach WORTON: Blood Visions #2 (Oily)
Dan ZETTWOCH: Cut-Away Comics #1 - Tree Swallows (Oily)

Added 9/2/13:

Josh BAYER: Raw Power #2 (Retrofit/IAMWAR)
BOULET: Darkness (Adhouse)
Box BROWN: Beach Girls (Retrofit)
Michael DeFORGE: Wet Cough (Mille Putois)
Killian ENG: Object #10 (Floating World)
Michel FIFFE: Copra Compendium #2 (Bergen Street Comics)
Simon HANSELMANN: St. Owl's Bay (Floating World)
Aidan KOCH: Field Studies + Q (Floating World)
Jason MARTIN: Driftwood City TPB
Jonny NEGRON: Adapt #1 (Floating World)
WORKBURGER (Stripburger)

Rock on everyone, and thanks so much for your support!

John P.

From top to bottom: DeForge's Wet Cough, Raw Power #2, Object 10, Driftwood City collection