February 9, 2015


SCOOP: The new Spit and a Half site is almost all designed.  It will take me awhile to load the over 600 titles I have in stock, but let's say it will all be up and running by the end of this month.  Meanwhile, here are a bunch of new titles.  I'll have full descriptions and interior photos on the new site when it launches, but in the mean time feel free to order these!

Thanks everyone for your patience,
John P.

Added January 9, 2015:

ALABASTER: Mimi and the Wolves Act Two (Self-published) - $12
Lilli CARRÉ: Heads or Tails (Fantagraphics) - $25
Max CLOTFELTER: Pube Smoke (Self-published) - $2
Guy COLWELL: Inner City Romance (Fantagraphics) - $25
Joe DECIE: I Blame Grandma (Self-published) - $5
Joe DECIE: The Listening Agent (Blank Slate) - $15
DOUBLE NICKELS FOREVER: Minutemen Comix Anthology (Leaf and Signal) - $10
Michel FIFFE: Copra Volume One TPB (Bergen Street Comics) - $20
Kelly FROH: Motion Sick (Self-published) - $10
Julia GFRÖRER/ S. T. COLLINS: In Pace Requiescat (Thuban Press) - $5
Julia GFRÖRER: Palm Ash (Thuban Press) - $5
Julia GFRÖRER: Too Dark To See (Thuban Press) - $5
Simon HANSELMANN: Megahex (Fantagraphics)- $30
Tim LANE: Abandoned Cars (Softcover Edition) (Fantagraphics) - $19
Olivier SCHWAUREN: Arsène Schwauren (Fantagraphics) - $35
Noah VAN SCIVER: St Cole (Fantagraphics) - $20
Noah VAN SCIVER: Blammo 8.5 (Kilgore Books) - $6
Drew WEING: Set to Sea TPB (Fantagraphics) - $15
Sophie YANOW: War of Streets and Houses (Uncivilized) - $11