March 31, 2012


Whoa, OK...  Just updated the site with some great new stuff!  We're looking at new titles from KEVIN HUIZENGA, JULIA GFRÖRER, OLIVIER SCHWAUREN (The amazing Man Who Grew His Beard), CARRIE McNINCH (Of course, she's unstoppable!), CHARLES FORSMAN, ZAK SALLY (The new self-printed Sammy the Mouse collection!), DIANE NOOMIN, MARTI (The can't recommend enough Cabbie);  plus the long-awaited anniversary release ROCTOBER #50 and NEW INTERNATIONAL COMIX ANTHOLGIESKu(Š)! #10, Kolor Klimax: Nordic Comics Now!, Colibri #4 (now in ENGLISH!);  and restocks of some older Not My Small Diaries.

Oh, and there will be more coming soon, including some exciting publishing news from Spit and a Half...

Thanks for your support--
John P.

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