April 19, 2012


Hi everyone--

NEW ARRIVALS as of today, April 19th:  Raw Power (Josh Bayer), The Monkey in the Basement (Corinne Mucha), Pocket Full of Coffee (Joe Decie), 1999 (Noah Van Sciver), KUŠ Mini # 5 (Léo Quiévreux), Harvey Pekar's Cleveland (illustrated with aplomb by Joseph Remnant!), Little Otsu's Living Things #8 (Jessica Seamans), and Bicentennial Battles by Jack "The King" Kirby! (at a discounted price!).

These are some pretty great comics!  If you're in Columbus, come out this weekend and check out the Spit and a Half table at SPACE!  For those of you mail-ordering, the FREE Gabrielle Bell mini-comic is still available (for the time being)!

John P.

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