July 25, 2012

1,000's VHS TAPES

As hot as the weather, I've got HOT new titles for you from Dave Kiersh, Cara Bean, Box Brown, Forsman, Mendes, Skelly, and Koch.  Plus MORE!  (Latest comix meme: APES)

Added 7/26/12:

(Look in the catalog under the ALL_CAPS name)

Cara BEAN - I Know You
Box BROWN - Fuck Shits + The Survivalist
Max DeRADIGUES - Moose #9
Kelly FROH - Samson: Milwaukee's Biggest Celebrity
Chuck FORSMAN - End of the Fucking World #9
Tom HART - Daddy Lightning
Dave KIERSH - After School Special TPB
Aidan KOCH - The Whale + Q
Dane MARTIN - Gagger #1
Melissa MENDES - Freddy Stories TPB + Lou #5
Katie SKELLY - Nurse Nurse TPB

OK, folks, there's even more coming:  Studygroup, Floating World, new Happy Hour in America, ETC.  Stay tuned-- and STAY COOL -- like I know you are!

John P.

PS:  Two new upcoming shows confirmed:  NASHVILLE 10/6 (Handmade and Bound), BROOKLYN 11/10 (Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival).


  1. Is there a glitch on some of the Spit & a Half catalog pages? I keep on getting "Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist" when I click on catalog pages E-J and K-L.

  2. Don't know how it happened, but yes... the page links should be fixed now! Sorry bout that!