October 25, 2012


OK homies, this is it.  In a Herculean effort that made my butt hurt from sitting in front of the computer for so long, I've managed to completely update the site with the following new titles--  OVER FORTY NEW ONES!  Check it out please, and tell your friends about the goodness that is SPIT AND A HALF.

Today's batch:

Added 10/29/12:
(Look under the ALL-CAPS name in the catalog)

Clara BESSIJELLE:  The Lobster King #1
Box BROWN: Killman (Mini-KUŠ #6)
Mini-KUŠ #7:  Rainbow of Pain (Ernests & Andrejs Klavins)
Mini-KUŠ #8:  The Flames (Akvile Miseviciute)
Mini-KUŠ #9:  Bobis (Dace Sietina)
Patrick KYLE:  Black Mass TPB
Brendan LEACH:  New Sludge City
Jason MARTIN:  Laterborn #8
John MILLER:  Collected, 1980-1989
John MILLER:  Collected, 2000-2011
Corinne MUCHA:  It Doesn't Exist
Ethan RILLY:  Pope Hats #3

Added 10/28/12:

AX: Alternative Manga Anthology - 50% off cover price!
Gabrielle BELL: The Voyeurs
Josh COTTER: Skyscrapers of the Midwest HC
Ludovic DEBEURME:  Lucille - 50% off cover price!
Tom HART:  Banks / Eubanks - 33% off cover price!
Tom HART: The Collected Hutch Owen - 33% off cover price!
Tom HART:  Hutch Owen: Unmarketable -- 33% off cover price!

Added 10/26/12:

Nathan BULMER: Cat Hands + Eat More Bikes 1-4
Max DeRADIGUES: Moose #10
James HINDLE: Close Your Eyes When You Let Go #1
Charles FORSMAN: The End of the Fucking World #10
John MARTZ: Gold Star, Machine Gum 1-2, Heaven All Day
Melissa MENDES:  Lou #6
Malachi WARD: In Conversation w/ Sean Ford

Added 10/25/12:

Cara BEAN:  Gorilla Year #2
Charles BURNS: Echo: Cut-Up Drawings from Black Hole
Jon LEWIS:  True Swamp 1 + 2
KU(Š) #9 (Women Cartoonists-- restock!)
KU(Š) #11 (Art-tastic!)
SECRET PRISON #7 (They sold their boots!)
Noah VAN SCIVER:  1999 (restock)

Please look under the ALL-CAPS name in the catalog, to your left!

John P.

PS:  Fantagraphics Sale is still on...

Top: Secret Prison #7
Bottom: Ku(Š) #11

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