December 12, 2012


SMOKES!  Got back from the Brooklyn Festival with a big stack of new books for ya, including titles from Conundrum, KUŠ, Uncivilized, Koyama, Revival House, and a motherlode of Huuda Huuda books from Finland!  It took me a MONTH, but I have them all up on the site now.  See below!

Thanks everyone,
John P.

Added 12/12/12:

(Look on the "H" page under HUUDA HUUDA for the following items!)

Sami Aho: Star
Olli Hietala: Lust For Meat
Tommi Musturi:  Book of Hope 1-3, Walking With Samuel
Jaakko Pallasvuo: The Trophy Hunters
Anna Sailamaa:  Be Good Now
Janne Tervamaki: Mary Shelly vs Dracula
Amanda Vahamaki: Star Sounds (Plus In the Garden and Maestro- restocks!)
Various: Glomp #9
Various: Kutikuti Guide to Finland

Added 12/9/12:

Joe DECIE: The Accidental Salad (Blank Slate)
Simon MORETON: Smoo #4
MUMBO Magazine: Commercial Comics #2
Nathan SCHREIBER: 4090 (Retrofit)

Added 12/2/12:

Eamon ESPEY: Songs of the Abyss (Secret Acres)
Trevor GRABILL: Flat Mountain Chronicle 1-4, Travel Drawings '11, Me and You Chapter 3
Tim LANE: Happy Hour in America #4
Annie MOK: Draws James Joyce + Stitching Together
Simon MORETON: Smoo Comics #6

Added 11/26/12:

Mike BERTINO: Trigger #2 (restock)
Nina BUNJEVAC: Heartless (Conundrum)
Dustin HARBIN:  Diary Comics #4 (Koyama Press)
KU(Š) #12:  Guest editor Annie Koyama, DeForge cover etc
Dave LAPP: People Around Here (Conundrum)
Jon LEWIS: True Swamp: Choose Your Poison (Uncivilized)
MUMBO #10: R. Crumb 1964 sketches, S. Clay Wilson, etc
Michel RABAGLIATI: The Song of Roland (Conundrum)
RUPPERT AND MULOT:  Barrel of Monkeys (Rebus Books)
Claire SERINGHAUS: The Blaring House (Conundrum)
Malachi WARD:  Ritual #2: The Reverie (Revival House)

Image above from Nina Bunjevac's HEARTLESS...

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