September 2, 2013


Whoa, after a long HOT summer full of traveling and collecting great comix for you guys, I've managed to update the site with over 50 new titles!  Check them out below...

Added 9/16/13:

Anna BONGIOVANNI: Out of Hollow Water (2D Cloud)
Cole CLOSSER: Little Tommy Lost  Vol. 1 (Koyama)
Chuck FORSMAN: TEOTFW (Fantagraphics)
ION EDITIONS: Abecedaire Pour Dames et Messieurs (Aurelian Vallade)
ION EDITIONS: Pourquoi il Faut Penser a Nettoyer son Aquarium (Amandine Ciosi)
ION EDITIONS: Ils Vivent ((Etienne Poitier)
Sandrine MARTIN: La Montagne de Sucre (L'Apocalypse)
Keiler ROBERTS: Powdered Milk #11
Alex SCHUBERT: Blobby Boys TPB (Koyama Press)
Sar SHAHAR: Sequential Vacation II (Secret Acres)
Katie SKELLY: Operation Margarine #3
Noah VAN SCIVER w/ N. BREUTZMAN: Deep in the Woods (2D Cloud)
Noah VAN SCIVER: St. Cole #1 (Kilgore Books)

Added 9/14/13:

Pierre FERRERO/Luca: London Fashion/Poupy (Arbitraire)
Renee FRENCH: Céphelées (L'Apocalypse)
Kevin HUIZENGA: Gloriana (D+Q)
KU(Š) #13
Mini-KUŠ #14: "The Pernicious Kiss" by Tiina Lehikoinen
Mini-KUŠ #15: "Hideous Fiesta" by Heta Bilaletdin
Mini-KUŠ #16: "Runaway Dog" by Emelie Ostergren
Mini-KUŠ #17: "Borrowed Tails" by Inés Estrada
Steve LAFLER: Doggy Style -the Complete Dog Boy (CO2)
Jason LITTLE: Borb 1-3
LIVING  THINGS #9 (by Martine Workman, Little Otsu)
LIVING THINGS #10 (by Joohee Yoon, Little Otsu)

Added 9/12/13:

BALD EAGLES: Bittersweet Romance (Drippy Bone)
Derek M. BALLARD: You Will All Die In Pain (Drippy Bone)
Derek M. BALLARD: Your Daughters Will Bear Our Children (Drippy Bone)
Raymond BEISINGER: B+W (Belgravian Press)
Marc BELL: Cowabunga Schnauzer (Half World Books)
Art BIGGS: Joy and Spider XIV
Nathan BULMER: Eat More Bikes #5
CLUTCH/Nicole Georges: Invincible Summer 22/Clutch 25 split
Eleanor DAVIS: 31 Drawings That Have Something To Do With Being in Love and Not Being in Love

Added 9/9/13:

Andy BURKHOLDER: Middlegound (Oily)
Jessica CAMPBELL: Mrs. Connie Dutton (Oily)
Aaron COCKLE: Word and Voice #6 (Oily)
LINEWORK #1 Anthology Special Deal
Melissa MENDES: Lou #14-15 (Oily)
Marian RUNK: Not a Horse Girl #1 (Oily)
Josh SIMMONS: Training + Habit #1 (Oily)
Zach WORTON: Blood Visions #2 (Oily)
Dan ZETTWOCH: Cut-Away Comics #1 - Tree Swallows (Oily)

Added 9/2/13:

Josh BAYER: Raw Power #2 (Retrofit/IAMWAR)
BOULET: Darkness (Adhouse)
Box BROWN: Beach Girls (Retrofit)
Michael DeFORGE: Wet Cough (Mille Putois)
Killian ENG: Object #10 (Floating World)
Michel FIFFE: Copra Compendium #2 (Bergen Street Comics)
Simon HANSELMANN: St. Owl's Bay (Floating World)
Aidan KOCH: Field Studies + Q (Floating World)
Jason MARTIN: Driftwood City TPB
Jonny NEGRON: Adapt #1 (Floating World)
WORKBURGER (Stripburger)

Rock on everyone, and thanks so much for your support!

John P.

From top to bottom: DeForge's Wet Cough, Raw Power #2, Object 10, Driftwood City collection

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