November 2, 2013


Hi everyone,

I'm looking to expand the comic shops/bookstores/galleries/alt-spaces that I work with through Spit and a Half.  Does your town have a cool spot run by good people that's friendly to small-press/art-comix?  If so, please let me know the details in the comments section.  Thanks!

These are some of the shops I already work with on a more or less consistent basis:

Ada Books - Providence
Bergen Street - Brooklyn
Big Brain - Minneapolis
Big Planet - Suburban DC
Boneshaker Books - Minneapolis
Boxcar Books - Bloomington, IN
Comix Revolution - Evanston, IL
Copacetic - Pittsburgh
Desert Island - Brooklyn
Fantagraphics Shop - Seattle
Farewell Books- Austin
Floating World - Portland
Gosh! - London UK
Impossible Books - London UK
Kafe Kerouac - Columbus, OH
Kilgore Books - Denver
Lobo Comics - Albuquerque
Lucky's - Vancouver, BC
Mungo's Comics - Melbourne, VIC
Alternative Library - Bellingham, WA
Page 45 - Nottingham UK
Quimby's - Chicago
Reading Frenzy - Portland
Seite Books - Los Angeles
Star Clipper - St. Louis

Thanks again,
John P.

Illustration by Cara Bean

1 comment:

  1. Hey John,
    Even though I order through you as Neoglyphic Media and payments come from that account, the books I get from you are actually going into the tiny book store at the Alternative Library.
    Just for the future sake of clarity.