July 1, 2012


So, July is upon us.  It took me nearly a month to get all the new stuff up here, but I have done so at last!

Please check out the gorgeous new arrivals from Hic and Hoc, Secret Acres, Koyama, Floating World and more, including a few old-fashioned SELF-PUBLISHED books for good measure.

ALSO:  For the month of July, anyone ordering more than $20 worth of stuff (before adding shipping etc) gets a FREE! copy of the new Finnish comics broadsheet KUTI #23!* courtesy Huuda Huuda (see above for image).

Spread from Kuti #23

Here's the new July arrivals, including a few books that will surely make my Best of 2012 list:

Added 7/1/12:

ALABASTER:  The Complete Talamaroo 
Lauren BARNETT:  Me Like You Very Much
Cara BEAN:  Gorilla Year #1 
Gabrielle BELL:  July Diary
Ken DAHL (Gabby Schulz):  Weather
DIY MAGIC by Anthony Alvarado
Kilian ENG: Object 5
Neil "Jam" FITZPATRICK:  Everythingness
Sam GASKIN:  Fatal Faux Pas
Jesse JACOBS:  By This Shall You Know Him
Jeremy KAI:  Rivers Forgotten
LEON BEYOND - Fact Parader (Huizenga/Zettwoch)
THREE #3: Queer anthology with McNinch, Ed Luce, many more!

For a complete list of recent arrivals, click here.

Thanks everyone!  Stay cool, like I know you are.

John P.

*While supplies last, natch.

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  1. Update 7/2/12: It was pointed out to me that the Jesse Jacobs book wasn't showing up on the site last night. This has been rectified-- look on the E-J Catalog page! Thanks, and sorry for the goof.