June 22, 2012


Yam Books' Rina Ayuyang and John P. get all surly on your ass;
CAKE 2012.

- - -

Whoa, Okay.  Back from CAKE, and it was delicious.  I'm pretty backed up on getting new stuff up here, but I managed to get a buncha new titles added today.  Look for A LOT more soon!

Added 6/28/12:

Jessica CAMPBELL:  Sincerest Apologies
Max DeRADIGUÈS:  Moose 1-8
Charles FORSMAN:  The End of the Fucking World #8
Melissa MENDES:  Lou 1-4

Added 6/25/12:

BLACK AND RED:  On the Poverty of Student Life
Michael DEFORGE:  Kid Mafia #1 and 2
HUUDA HUUDA:  Finnish Comics Annual 2011 + 2012;  Plus great stuff from Roope Eronen, Anna Sailamaa, and Amanda Vähämäki
Drew WEING: Set to Sea

Added 6/21/12:

Lisa CARVER:  Dancing Queen + Rollerderby: The Book
Chuck FORSMAN:  End of the Fucking World 6 +7 and Snake Oil #7
Joseph REMNANT:  Blindspot #2
Kristina STIPETIC: 14 Days Volume One
Noah VAN SCIVER:  In Conversation with Charles Forsman

Full list of recent arrivals here.

COMING NEXT: New stuff from Cara Bean, Jesse Jacobs, Hic and Hoc, and Floating World Comics;  plus more!

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  1. Sorry everyone-- Kid Mafia #2 sold out basically instantly. Everything else is in stock!