January 21, 2013


Hi all, I've been kind of laying low with distro stuff as I try to carve out some time to work on my own comics for a bit.  Never fear, though, I'm still collecting new titles for you and will be posting them soon.

Meanwhile, two things:

1.  SPIT AND A HALF may be the only place in the US to find a nice selection of comics from Sweden's HUUDA HUUDA...  Please check out this great interview with Huuda co-publisher Jelle Hugaerts for a look at the ins and outs of the Swedish Alternative Comics scene.  All the Huuda Huuda books are in English, or include English subtitles, and they're gorgeous!  View in stock items here.

2.  WHILE SUPPLIES LAST:  The next batch of orders over $50 that I receive will get a FREE copy of Stripburger's GREETINGS FROM CARTOONIA International Comics collection thrown in.  If you want to make sure I still have these in stock before you order, drop me a line.  (I'll also update here if/when I'm out of them...)

Thanks homies,
John P.

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