February 1, 2013


As has been reported on Facebook and across social media this last week™, I'm moving my workspace due to an unexpected influx of rain coming through the ceiling.  Don't worry-- no artwork or books were damaged (miraculously).  I'll have everything moved by the end of the weekend.

What this means is if you place an order between now and then, please expect a slight delay in processing.  I should be settled in again within a few days.

And don't forget:  The next batch of orders over $50 that I receive will get a FREE copy of Stripburger's GREETINGS FROM CARTOONIA International Comics collection thrown in (while supplies last).  If you want to make sure I still have these in stock before you order, drop me a line.  (I'll also update here if/when I'm out of them...)

Thanks brozillas and gazillas,
John P.

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