March 14, 2013


All right, Rico!  After a long delay working on my own stuff, I'm back witsome screamin' hot comix 4-U!

I've got over 20 new titles recently listed, including some real standouts like Box Brown's Sock, Benjamin Urkowitz's Real Rap, Josh Simmons' Flayed Corpse, Sally Madden's Gray Is Not a Color, the two CAKE Anthologies, and Domino Books' brilliant new tabloid Tusen Hjärtan Stark.

(Look in the catalog under the ALL-CAPS name)

Added 3/21/13:

Sally MADDEN: Gray Is Not a Color (Retrofit)
John PORCELLINO: A Guide to Gainesville Wildlife (SAW)
Melissa MENDES: Lou #8, 9
L. NICHOLS: Flocks #1 (Retrofit)
Benjamin URKOWITZ: Real Rap #1 (Oily)
Josh SIMMONS: Flayed Corpse (Oily)
Zach WORTON: Blood Visions #1 (Oily)

Added 3/18/13:

Box BROWN: Sock (Retrofit)
CAKE Anthology Book (Various)
CAKE Anthology Zine (Various)
Jessica CAMPBELL: The Public Life of Bees (Oily)
Mark CAMPOS: Wow, They're Playing My Songs On The Radio, I Must Be Dead (Lucky Rabbit)
Gabriel CORBERA:  Monday Suicide (Space Face)
Max DeRADIGUES: Moose #13, 14 (Oily)
Charles FORSMAN: End of the Fucking World #13, 14 (Oily)
Tim HENSLEY: Ticket Stub (Yam Books)
Alex KIM: Dumpling King #1 (Oily)

Added 3/16/13:

Simon HANSELMANN: Arrête, C'est Icî L'Empire de la Mort (Space Face)
KUŠ Special - 3x3 (restock)
Mini KUŠ #10: Otso by Mari Ahokoivu
Mini KUŠ #11: All You Need Is Love by Emmi Valve
Mini KUŠ #12: Historyjki by Maciej Sienczyk
Mini KUŠ #13: Our Library by Amanda Baeza
John F. MALTA: Nightcrawlers (Space Face)
Rand RENFROW: If You Got It, You Got It (Space Face Books)
Nathan SCHREIBER: 4090 (restock) (Retrofit)

Added 3/14/13:

Nathan BULMER: Eat More Bikes Comic Book (Koyama)
Michael DeFORGE: Lose #2 and 3 (reprints!!!) (Koyama)
Pascal GIRARD w/ Yves Pelletier: Fanny & Romeo (Conundrum)
Jane MAI: Sunday in the Park with Boys (Koyama)
Carrie McNINCH: You Don't Get There From Here #24, and 25
Aron Nels STEINKE:  Big Plans Collection (Bridge City) and Mr. Wolf mini.
Sherman TJIA: You Are A Cat! (restock) (Conundrum)
Steve WOLFHARD:  Turtie Needs Work (Koyama)

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