April 9, 2013


Please note, gals and gents, I'll be away from the Spit and a Half order desk for a brief Midwestern Tour, Friday April 12-23, with stops in Columbus at SPACE, Pittsburgh at the Carnegie Library, and Oberlin College.  Feel free to order during that time, but please be aware I won't be able to ship until I return.  Thanks for your patience!

And meanwhile, I've got loads of new goodies for you.  I mean, some really great stuff this time around: Keiler Roberts' beautiful Powdered Milk, Kevin Huizenga's new zine The Half Men, great new Fantagraphics titles from longtime Spit and a Half friends Lille Carré, Noah Van Sciver and Ron Regé, plus SQUA TRONT! And restocks on modern-day classics like Pascal Girard's Des Adolescents, Tim Lane's Happy Hour #3, and Noah's 1999 (copies of which include an exclusive hand-drawn sketch!).  Oh, and the new silkscreened comic from Mille Putois.  And more!  The hits just keep on comin'.

Added April 9, 2013:
(Look in the catalog under the ALL-CAPS name)

Ariel BORDEAUX: The Complete Deep Girl
Lilli CARRÉ: Heads or Tails (Fantagraphics)
Marnie GALLOWAY: In the Sounds and the Seas
Pascal GIRARD: Des Adolescents (Bestseller, back in stock!)
Kevin HUIZENGA: The Half Men + Ganges restocks
Tim LANE: Happy Hour in America #3 (restock)
MILLE PUTOIS: Sale Temps by Laureline Mattiusi
Ron REGÉ Jr: The Cartoon Utopia (Fantagraphics)
Keiler ROBERTS: Powdered Milk Collection + Vol 6, 7
SQUA TRONT #13: EC fanzine from Fantagraphics!
Noah VAN SCIVER: The Hypo (Fanta), + 1999 (Second edition, with original drawing)
Joelle VAUDREUIL: La Vie Magnifique Sous les Eau (restock)

Au Revoir!
John P.

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