June 13, 2013


Hey all, it's been foreva since I updated here.  I'm sorry!  Been depressed, overwhelmed, and frazzled, but behind the scenes I've been accruing a stellar cast of Kool New Komix­™ just for you.  I'll try to get some up tonight, but in any case, they'll be going up over the next week in dribs and drabs, so check back often!

Meanwhile, I'll be at the CAKE festival in Chicago this weekend, at Table #82 alongside my pals Joseph Remnant and Noah Van Sciver.  I'll be bringing boxfulls of distro stuff including new work from Alabaster, Michael Fiffe, Chihoi, Kelly Froh, KUŠ, Mineshaft, Katie Skelly, and more!  Please drop by!

John P.

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