March 30, 2014


OK Kids, I've been working like a madman on The Hospital Suite, my new book for D+Q, so sadly my attention to the distro has lapsed.  Here are the new items I have in stock, they're up on the site now, feel free to order!  I'll also be adding all the books from last month in bits and pieces each day.  The list of them is here -- they're all available to order, I just don't have the images/descriptions up yet.

Thanks for your patience during this busy time for me!

John P.

Added 3/30/14:

Sam ALDEN: The Man That Dances In the Meadow (Space Face) - $5
CAKE 2014 Fundraiser Anthology - $12
(KU)Š! #15 - The CATS Issue (KUŠ) - $12
Brendan LEACH: Iron Bound (Secret Acres) -$22
MINESHAFT #30 - $9
Noah VAN SCIVER: More Mundane - Diary Comics (Spit and a Half) - $5

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