May 28, 2014


OK, everybody, Mr. Stinky here with apologies to all for neglecting the distro so bad.  The reason?  I was working like crazy on my new book for D+Q, The Hospital Suite, which is now at the printers...  (to debut at SPX this fall).  SO, now I just have enough time to get this quick hit list up here before heading to Chicago for CAKE, and then my 5-Day Workshop at CHI*PRC.  No time to put up descriptions/images, but at least here are the titles and prices.  Savvy comix buyers probably know what they want off this list already, but if not please Google for details.  I'll get images/descriptions up as soon as I get back June 7.

Thanks for your patience everybody!
John P.

Available 5/28/14:

AS YOU WERE #1 Punk Comics Anthology! - $6
AS YOU WERE #2 - $5
 (Double-sized!) - $10
Jimmy BEAULIEU: My Neighbor's Bikini (Conundrum) - $15
Olive BOOGER: Crash Trash (Oily) - $1
Gabrielle BELL: Lucky Vol. 2 #1 (D+Q) - $4
Aaron COCKLE: Word and Voice #11 (Oily) - $1
Jo DERY/CAKE: CAKE 2013 Silkscreened Poster - $30
Michael DeForge: A Body Beneath (Koyama) - $15
Oliver EAST: The Homesick Truant's Cumbrian Yarn - $5
Madéleine FLORES: Bird, Bear and Stag (Retrofit) - $6
Charles FORSMAN: Luv Sucker #1 (Oily) - $5
Pascal GIRARD: Petty Theft (D+Q) - $20
Réal GODBOUT: Amerika (Conundrum) - $20
Jesse JACOBS: Safari Honeymoon (Koyama) - $15
Seo KIM: Cat Person (Koyama) - $20
KU(Š) #17 - "Sweet Romance" (Various Artists) - $12
Jeff LOK: Ox and Co. #1 (Oily) - $1
Carrie McNINCH: You Don't Get There... #29 - $2
Melissa MENDES: A Very Special Lou (Oily) - $1
PRESIDENTIAL LOSERS (Various Artists) - $30
Grant REYNOLDS: The Fold and the Creator - $3
Dash SHAW: Cosplayers (Fantagraphics) - $5
Conor STECHSCHULTE: The Amateurs (Fantagraphics) - $15
Chris TAYLOR: Les Belles (Floating World Comics) - $10
Noah VAN SCIVER: A City of Whiskey & Fire (with D. Landes) - $5
Noah VAN SCIVER: The Lizard Laughed (Oily) - $5
Dan ZETTWOCH: Cut-Away Comics #2 (Oily) - $1

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