July 1, 2014


My God, I'm really sorry for neglecting the distro so long.  Been preoccupied with finishing my new book for D+Q, and then catching up on everything that got backburnered while I was finishing up my new book for D+Q.  So now, here goes.  Starting with some recent arrivals, I'll be adding images and descriptions in short batches over the next week or so, so check back often!  I've got a shitload to post, so bear with me.  (Or bare with me, if it's as hot where you are as it is where I am.)

John P.

Look in Catalog under the ALL -CAPS name!

Added July 10, 2014:

Antony HUCHETTE: Brookyln Quesadillas (Conundrum) -$15
INSECT BATH #1 (Various Artists, Profanity Hill) -$4
Jesse JACOBS: Safari Honeymoon (Koyama) -$15
KU(Š) #16 - "Villages" (Various Artists) -$12
KU(Š) #17 - "Sweet Romance" (Various Artists) -$12
Mini-KUŠ #18: Michael Jordan "No Place To Stay" -- $5
Mini-KUŠ #19: Berliac "Inverso" -- $5
Mini-KUŠ #20: Jean De Wet "Crater Lake" -- $5
Mini-KUŠ #21: Renata Gasiorowska "Jungle Night" -- $5

Added July 9, 2014:

Jimmy BEAULIEU: My Neighbour's Bikini (Conundrum) -$15
Geneviève CASTRÉE: Susceptible (D+Q) -$20
Madéleine FLORES: Bear, Bird and Stag (Retrofit) -$6
John and Luke HOLDEN: Detrimental Information (2D Cloud) -$20
Seo KIM: Cat Person (Koyama) -$20
The Portable NOT MY SMALL DIARY (Ed. Delaine Derry Green) -$8
PRESIDENTIAL LOSERS (Various Artists) -$30

Added July 3, 2014:

Dash SHAW: Cosplayers #1 (Fantagraphics) -$5
Katie SKELLY: Operation Margarine (Adhouse) -$13
Jordan SPEER: QCHQ (Space Face) -$12
Conor STECHSCHULTE: The Amateurs (Fantagraphics) -$15
Tom VAN DEUSEN: Scorched Earth #1 + 2 (Poochie Press) -$5 each
Noah VAN SCIVER: Youth Is Wasted (Adhouse) -$15
Noah VAN SCIVER: A City of Whiskey and Fire (w/ Daniel Landes) -$5
Noah VAN SCIVER: The Lizard Laughed (Oily) -$5

Added July 2, 2014:

Mark CONNERY: Rudy (2D Cloud) -$22
Nick MAANDAG: Facility Integrity (Pigeon Press) -$10
Corinne MUCHA: Get Over It (Secret Acres) -$15
Jason MURPHY: Me Nut Nut Nut #2 (Space Face) -$6
Jonny NEGRON: Loose Joints #1 (Space Face) -$12

Added July 1, 2014:

Gabrielle BELL:
Cecil and Jordan (D+Q) -$20
Gabrielle BELL: Lucky Volume Two #1 (D+Q) -$4
Mike DAWSON: Angie Bongiolatti (Secret Acres) -$20
Oliver EAST: Homesick Truant's Cambrian Yarn 1-3 -$5 each
Austin ENGLISH: The Life Problem (Drippy Bone) -$9
Brian EVENSON: Ed Vs Yummy Fur (Uncivilized) -$13
Edie FAKE: Memory Palaces (Secret Acres) -$20
Sam GASKIN: 2012 (Secret Acres) -$7
Pascal GIRARD: Petty Theft (D+Q) -$20
Michael JORDAN: The Case Inside (Space Face) -$6

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